11. Take in a gorgeous sunset at Airport Mesa

A beautiful Sedona sunset from the Airport Mesa overlook

The Airport Mesa overlook is Sedona’s hotspot for sunset photography. Few experiences are quite as memorable as watching a breathtaking sunset over the red rocks. Beautiful Bell & Cathedral Rock provide a stunning backdrop. A perfect date night in Sedona includes watching a romantic red rock sunset, followed by dinner at one of Sedona’s fine dining establishments (check out Cucina Rustica). Taking in an amazing Sedona sunset – it’s one of the simplest and cheapest experiences you will have during your time here, yet also one of the most memorable. For a less crowded alternative, visit at sunrise.

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12. Enjoy an easy stroll along Wilson or Fay Canyon

Breathtaking views from Wilson Canyon trail in Sedona AZ

One of the great aspects about Sedona is that you will find a trail for every fitness level. There are just as many easy picturesque hikes as there are rough & tough all day adventures. Basically, if you want to explore the great outdoors, there will be some type of trail to fit your current fitness level. 2 of the easiest trails in town offer no shortage of great views, so there is no need to push yourself above your current fitness level. Both Fay and Wilson Canyon are under 3 miles, almost totally flat, and shady enough to hike during the heat of summer. Neither will take more than an hour and a half. These hikes are the closest you can get to nature strolls in this area. Other great short, flat hikes to consider include Templeton at Cathedral Rock and Marg’s Draw.

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13. Enjoy patio dining facing the red rocks

Pretty patio seating at The Hudson in Sedona AZ

Not surprisingly, there are many places to dine outside in Sedona while enjoying overlooks of the red rocks. Spring and fall are the best times weather wise (and crowd wise) for patio dining in Sedona. Some of the best restaurants with the best views include Hideaway House (a casual Italian style restaurant with great home-cooked food), Wildflower (a Panera knock off with a similar “You Pick Two” deal), and The Hudson (a casual upscale restaurant with a creative menu – try the Butternut Squash ravioli!). Any of these restaurants are great casual choices with a relaxed vibe, so you can come in straight from the trails.

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14. Take in the stunning vistas at Midgley Bridge

Beautiful Midgley Bridge on the Wilson Canyon hike in Sedona AZ

As one of the most photo worthy stops along scenic Oak Creek Canyon drive, you will have no problem finding this site of interest as the parking lot will be loaded almost anytime of day, so much in fact that if you arrive too late you will be out of luck in terms of finding a spot. Asides from spectacular scenery, you can also access a number of scenic trails here including Wilson Canyon, Wilson Mountain, and the Huckaby. Like the West Fork, Midgley is a very popular destination, so you must set off super early in order to secure parking (the lot is very small!). Stop for an early morning espresso at Indian Gardens (opens at 7:30am!) located just down the road.

15. Escape the crowds at Red Rock State Park*

Pretty red rock scenery at Red Rock State Park in Sedona, Arizona

As it is located quite aways outside of town, Red Rock State Park does not attract nearly as much traffic. It’s actually a pretty quiet little nature oasis, and thus, the perfect place for birdwatchers and photographers. The trail system here is short (just 5 miles total), and all trails are all easy-moderate in difficulty. Like all Sedona trails, the views are outstanding no matter which trail you choose, although Eagle’s Nest provides the most awe inspiring scenery. Check out one of the free ranger led nature walks held daily and/or one of the birdwatching walks held on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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