Incredible vistas along the Brins Mesa trail in Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is a wonderland of red rocks – a picture-perfect destination for avid outdoor enthusiasts. Brin’s Mesa is just one of numerous awe-inspiring Sedona hiking trails to add to your must-do list. Although it is not the most scenic in town, it is still a worthy addition to any hiker’s bucket list. As the majority of Sedona hikes feature otherworldly scenery, it’s quite an overwhelming task to narrow down the list.

Therefore, the best thing to do is to narrow hikes down based on distance, difficulty, proximity to town, crowd levels, ease of finding parking, etc. Brin’s Mesa is a relatively moderate short hike of just 3 miles round-trip. Because of the lack of shade, Brin’s Mesa is a nice option for the cooler months. The wide open scenery lead to unobstructed red rock vistas.

Brin’s Mesa is most popular during the high traffic summer season. Part of this is because of the convenient location. However, if you plan your adventure during the off-season, you will enjoy more desolate peaceful surroundings.

Brin’s Mesa is not the easiest, nor hardest hike in town. There is enough of an elevation gain (about 500 ft) where you will get in a quality workout, however, not enough to completely tear you down. The hike is just 1.5 miles each way, so short enough for most beginning hikers.

In short, Brin’s Mesa is the perfect moderate fall/winter hike for those who wish to stay close to town.

Amazing red rock views!

While this hike can get really hot due to the lack of shade, you will get to enjoy some unobstructed views of the marvelous red rocks. From this trail, you can see numerous prominent red rock formations including Chimney Rock and Coffeepot Rock. There are some colorful views of Mormon Canyon and Wilson mountain as well. Each Sedona rock formation was named after the shape it resembles. Attempting to guess the name of each formation becomes a fun feat on each hike.

For big views via a relatively easy trail that is close to town, Brin’s Mesa is definitely one to consider. For a longer hike, you can combine Soldier’s Pass and Brin’s Mesa for a moderate, 800 foot elevation gain loop hike of about 5 miles. Soldier’s Pass is another gorgeous Sedona hike. This one features an active sinkhole, several arches, and a series of cascading natural pools.

Hiking Details

  • Location: From 89a in Uptown Sedona, turn onto Jordan Road (trailhead parking is at the end of the road).
  • Parking: Red Rock pass required ($5 per day, $15 per week, $20 annual).
  • Distance: 1.5 miles out-and-bcack
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Elevation Gain: 500 ft