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El Rincon

336 Arizona 179
Sedona, AZ 86336
(928) 282-4648
Five Stars
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El Rincon is a great Southwestern style restaurant in Sedona's beautiful Tlaquepaque Shopping & Dining village. Offering a unique menu of Mexican & Native American cuisine and a beautiful outdoor patio, El Rincon is the perfect place to enjoy a new and exciting meal in a great setting. What better way to treat yourself while on vacation than feasting on delicious, comforting Southwestern style food in a gorgeous outdoor courtyard?

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  • El Rincon Restaurant Preview
  • El Rincon Restaurant Preview


El Rincon specializes in "Arizona style Mexican" food which means that they combine influences from both Mexican and Native American cuisine. This means you will find traditional Mexican entrees such as burritos and fajitas, as well as Navajo specialties which use blue corn. Interesting Native American selections include options like Navajo pizza. For dessert, a sopaipilla served with honey is a must try!

I highly recommend testing out the Navajo Pizza, which is something you can really only order in the Southwest. For this dish, a delicious sopaipilla crust is topped with red or green chile, refried beans, cheese, and veggies. It really is an outstanding dish and I would no doubt order it again.

For an interesting twist on the basic chimichanga, El Rincon takes a sopapilla and stuffs it with your preferred topping before deep frying it. It is then served enchilada style - topped with red or green chile, cheese, and onions. All Chimichangas are served alongside delicious rice and beans.

The chips and salsa are really delicious. Tortillas chips are hot and crispy and the salsa is really flavorful. I also recommend a side of delicious homemade guacamole. I like that they give each diner their own container of salsa. They also leave a jar on the table so you can refill as needed. Thankfully, they leave a water pitcher at the table so you do not have to keep waiting around for a waiter to refill your drinks - a great idea in a Mexican restaurant serving spicy food!

Other menu selections include a variety of quesadillas, tostadas, tamales, tacos, rellenos, burritos, enchiladas, salads, as well as a variety of combination plates. For dessert, why not treat yourself to some fried ice cream or dessert chimichangas?!

Pricing is high as in most of Sedona with Fajitas coming in at $24-29 and chimichangas starting at $20. However, you have the option of signing up for their email list in which you will receive $5 off your entree.


Service was very friendly and enthusiastic here compared to many other touristy restaurants in Sedona. The staff were all happy and did not seem irritated to be working as is sometimes the case. There was just a short wait for the food. Chips were continually refilled and plates cleared in a timely manner. Our waitress was great at answering any questions we had about the menu.


The decor both inside and outside El Rincon is very attractive and colorful. You will find covered patio tables, lots of pretty landscaping, and even heaters so you can still dine outside in the winter months. Inside is bright and colorful with traditional Mexican decor. As a bonus, they offer a beautiful fireplace for Sedona's oftentimes chilly winter weather.

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Final Remarks

El Rincon is a great choice for dinner one night while staying in Sedona. It is definitely one of my top choices for Mexican cuisine in the area. Go ahead and treat yourself to some unique, authentic "Arizona style Mexican" cuisine in a wonderful setting like El Rincon.

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