Must-do's in Las Vegas

Long gone are the days where the prime activity in Vegas was gambling. Today, you can spend an entire weekend in Vegas without even a second thought of hitting the slots ever crossing your mind. With so many distractions around every corner, many people no longer consider Vegas simply a gambling destination, but rather an entertainment destination. From world-class shows & entertainment, to top notch celebrity chef restaurants, to oddball attractions lurking in & outside every single casino, there is basically something for everyone in Sin City.

Vegas is one of my favorite of the man-made vacation destinations and I prefer to spend the majority of my time away from the smoky slot machines. Away from the glitter & glamour of The Strip lies many wonderful natural attractions. If you have the time, I highly recommend exploring the beautiful mountainous surroundings, lakes, & natural wonders of Nevada. After many, many trips, I have compiled a list of my top 40+ things to do in and around the Vegas area. This list is in no particular order, although I have marked what I believe to be the “10 must-dos” with a star.

1. Brunch at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant

Nice views of The Strip from the Eiffel Tower restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada

The Eiffel Tower Restaurant is a stunning French restaurant overlooking The Strip from the 11th floor of the Paris casino resort. As you can imagine, the views from up here are nothing short of amazing. Unlike many tourist restaurants, the food here is pretty great. Service is exquisite as is the upscale setting which consists of elegant table settings, modern decor, and gigantic floor-to-ceiling windows – there is not a bad seat in the house. Request a window seat for a prime view of the Bellagio fountain show.

Tip: If you prefer to avoid crowds, visit during the less hectic brunch hours. Brunch is also a better value  for the budget conscious traveler. For a dramatic, romantic experience with all the glittering night lights of The Strip in view, plan for a dinner date. Be prepared to shell out a few bucks for a very pricey meal that is worth the splurge in exchange for the incredible views.

More info on the Eiffel Tower Restaurant

2. Bellagio fountain show*

Bellagio fountain show in Las Vegas, Nevada

As in many toursity areas, many of the best things to do in Vegas are completely free. The Bellagio Fountain show is an exhilarating artistic display, consisting of water shooting up over 400 feet in the air, accompanied by music and lights, and is by far the best free show to see on The Strip. If you have already been to Vegas, you likely will have already seen this mesmerizing choreographed dancing fountain show. If not, be sure to place it near the top of your to-do list. The show runs every 30 min during the day and every 15 minutes at night, and thus, is pretty easy to incorporate into any trip.

3. Mirage Fountain Show*

The Mirage volcano show in Las Vegas

The explosive volcano show in front of The Mirage casino is the 2nd best free show on the Strip. Of course, you most likely have seen this one already if you have ever been to Vegas. It’s impossible to miss as this thrilling spectacle features an amazing soundtrack from The Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart, accompanied by a host of dazzling special effects including shooting fireballs. Start heading over to The Mirage at least 15 min prior to 8, 9, 10, or 11pm to get a front row view.

Update: Sadly, the entire Mirage property and volcano are set for demolition in 2023. Hard Rock will take its’ place.

4. Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign*

Welcome to Las Vegas sign

Although we all have seen this iconic sign in countless media, most of us are too busy on our Vegas vacation to even bother planning a visit to the actual sign. Plus, it’s a bit inconvenient as it is located about a mile off The Strip just north of the Mandalay Bay. It’s quite unbearable to walk this far on a hot Vegas summer day. Plus, the line to get your pic is usually super long! I recommend checking it out during the cooler fall/winter season or taking the monorail over. I admit that it never even crossed my mind to take my picture by the sign until my 10th visit or so. However, if you do take the time, you will leave with a pretty awesome (and free) photo memento of your stay!

Monorail map

5. Mac King Comedy Show

Mac King Comedy show

This super entertaining magic show by comedian Mac King has been a staple at Harrah’s casino since 2000. What sets this show apart from most others is the comedian’s incorporation of both comedy and magic. While it may not be as flashy & high tech as some of the more notable shows, it nevertheless is just as entertaining, if not more so. Oh, and it’s super affordable compared to other shows with rates starting at just $45 with discounts available on sites like Groupon/Yelp and the Tix 4 Tonite booths. The shows runs Tues-Sat at 3pm, thus making it a great place to escape the heat for an hour or 2.

Update: The Mac King show moved to the Excalibur in June of 2021.

6. Red Rock Canyon*

Scenic drive at Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, Nevada

Red Rock Canyon is one of the hidden gems of the Vegas area, and unfortunately, one most tourists will never see as it lies a half hour outside of the city. Plus, it is not easily accessible if you are flying in and would rather avoid the hassle of renting a car. If you have the extra time available and are tired of the same old Vegas attractions, I really recommend checking out this gorgeous park, which is definitely one of the most beautiful of the Southwest.

If you have ever been to the breathtaking Sedona area, you will notice the similar beautiful red rock & sandstone formations here. There are plenty of activities for a half day outing including a 13 mile scenic drive (which is also popular with cyclists), a great visitor’s center, and numerous hikes and overlooks to enjoy the fabulous views. If you can pull yourself away from the Strip for a bit, Nevada really does have some amazing natural places to enjoy and Red Rock is one of the best to escape the Vegas clutter for a bit.

More info on Red Rock Canyon

7. Brunch at Mon Ami Gabi

Mon Ami Gabi on the Las Vegas Strip

Mon Ami Gabi is a fabulous French restaurant with the added bonus of a lively patio which overlooks The Strip. I somehow passed this restaurant dozens of times before finally deciding to check it out. Located at the Paris hotel in the center of the Strip, the people watching activities are amazing here. This restaurant is really popular for that exact reason, and thus, the wait is often ridiculously long on weekends. Food & service are both wonderful.  The menu is a bit pricey, so brunch is the way to go if on a budget.

More info on Mon Ami Gabi

8. The Flamingo Habitat

Flamingos at the Wildlife Habitat in Las Vegas, Nevada

The Wildlife Habitat is a great place to take a break from the clutter, heat, & noise of The Strip, regardless of whether or not you are staying at The Flamingo. And, the best part of all, it’s completely free! The tranquil lush setting really feels like a mini tropical oasis compared to the barren desert surroundings. Tropical palm landscaping, free roaming flamingos, exotic birds, koi ponds, and waterfalls create a serene setting not found elsewhere on The Strip. Definitely plan a stroll here for a much needed break from the congestion!

More info on The Wildlife Habitat

9. The Pinball Hall of Fame

Classic pinball machines at the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, Nevada

The Pinball Hall of Fame, located just 10 minutes off The Strip, is home to the largest collection of pinball machines in the world. Games date from the 50’s-90’s, with the majority being from the 70’s & 80’s, a time referred to as “the heyday of pinball.” Stepping into this old-fashioned arcade really feels like a refreshing step back in time. As the Vegas Strip becomes more modern each year as the Neon signs come down and the LED lights take over, it’s nice to escape for a little nostalgic fun. Games are just 25-75 cents just like they were in the good old days!

Update: The Pinball Hall of Fame has moved into a new location on The Strip, across from Mandalay Bay!

More info on the Pinball Hall of Fame

10. Fremont Street Experience

Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas, Nevada

Fremont Street is basically the only place in Vegas where you can enjoy a little bit of old style Vegas fun in classic casinos which still look the same as they did decades ago. This section of town is home to many older casinos, most of which still have their classic Neon signs. The vibe is a bit grungy, but it’s worth a visit for the exciting Fremont Street Experience, a crazy music & lights spectacular displayed on the world’s largest video screen (Viva Vision). All the casinos go dark before the show so it’s a pretty exhilarating experience. If you are really daring, you can take a zip line ride right beneath the screen!

11. The Wynn Atrium

Carousel made of flowers at The Wynn in Las Vegas, Nevada

Like the Bellagio, The Wynn is also home to a nice conservatory, and although it isn’t nearly as hyped up, it’s just as lovely. The current display includes a whimsical carousel and hot air balloon constructed entirely of flowers (for a total of over 110,000!). Beautiful floral balls, composed of more than 50,000 flowers, adorn the beautiful fiscus trees. The environment is so tranquil and rejuvenating.

12. The Mirage Aquarium

The Mirage Aquarium in Las Vegas, Nevada

The iconic 20,000 gallon saltwater fish tank behind the registration desk at The Mirage is a must-see for any fish lover. The colorful tank is filled with over 400 beautiful fish including 85 species.  What really makes this tank stand out over others is the odd location. You may remember seeing this colorful tank in the classic Chevy Chase 90’s movie Vegas Vacation, one of my personal favorites. Also be sure to take a stroll through the beautiful hotel atrium, which features a soothing waterfall and beautiful tropical landscaping.

13. Cirque du Soleil show*

The Beatles Love Cirque du Soleil show at The Mirage in Las Vegas, Nevada

At any time, you will find a number of Cirque du Soleil productions at the various casinos. I have seen The Beatles Love show at The Mirage and it was absolutely fantastic – great music, great acrobatics. This show features more music and dance numbers and a bit less acrobatics than most Cirque productions, and thus, is more geared towards Beatles lovers. Those interested solely in high end acrobatics may want to consider Mystere at Treasure Island. A number of highly regarded Cirque shows still running including Michael Jackson One at the Mandalay Bay and O at the Bellagio.

14. Eiffel Tower Experience*

Gorgeous views of The Strip from the Eiffel Tower experience in Las Vegas, Nevada

The Eiffel tower experience is the perfect choice of activity after a romantic dinner date on The Strip. This is a great accompanying activity dining to the Eiffel Tower restaurant, being that it is conveniently located at the same casino. A glass elevator will take you up 46 floors to the observing deck of the half scale Eiffel Tower replica. From here you can appreciate all the madness of The Strip from above. Such a crazy place takes on a totally different romantic vibe as you gaze out at the panoramic views of the colorful Strip lights. Plan your visit around sunset for dramatic views of the sun setting over the desert mountains.

More info on the Eiffel Tower Experience

15. Dinner at Nove

Dessert sampler at Nove Italian at the Palms casino in Las Vegas

Nove Italiano is one of my favorite restaurants in Vegas. The service is exemplary, the food is wonderful, and the views are amongst the best in the city. An elevator will take you up to the 51st floor of the Palms Fantasy Tower where you will then walk into the gorgeous contemporary dining room. Gigantic windows look out unto the Strip for one of the most romantic dining experiences in all of Vegas.

Nove is the perfect place for a romantic dinner date -and the best part of all – it is pretty quiet compared to the more popular restaurants on the Strip. A bit pricey but worth it for the great food, service, & views! Don’t leave without testing out one of the wonderful desserts!

A full review of Nove

Update: Nove is unfortunately closed. However, Vetri Cucina offers the same marvelous views and a great menu!

16. Ethel M Chocolate Factory

Ethel M Chocolate Factory in Henderson, Nevada

A tour of the Ethel M Chocolate Factory is one of many eclectic activities you can enjoy off The Strip. Any chocolate lovers and anyone else looking for something offbeat to do away from The Strip (The factory is about 30 min away in the suburb of Henderson) will want to make their way out here to take the free self-guided tour, enjoy some free candy samples, pick up a free treats for the hotel room/gifts, and perhaps sign up for a chocolate tasting. Additionally, a wonderful free on-site cactus garden displays over 300 species of desert plants, most of which are native to the desert Southwest.

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17. Gondola rides at the Venetian Grand Canal Shoppes

Gondola ride at The Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada

A quiet gondola ride at the Venetian is one of the most relaxing things to do on The Strip. As soon as you step into the gondola you feel as if you have taken a step back in time, complete with Old World charm oozing at every corner. A romantic glide down the Grand Canal in an authentic Venetian gondola takes you beneath bridges & balconies, as you gaze out unto boutique shops and quaint European style sidewalk cafes. Rides can be reserved either indoors or out, with both offering unique views.

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18. The Forum Shops at Caesars

Forum Shoppes at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada

There are lots of luxury shopping areas in Vegas, with the Caesar’s Palace Forum Shops being one of the most extravagant. The area is gigantic with over 160 shops and restaurants, although this is not the highlight of visiting the shops. The real reason you visit is to admire all the gorgeous Roman style architecture which includes beautiful sculptures and fountains.

There’s also lots of great restaurants to choose amongst. Of course, it’s one of the best casinos for high end shopping and you will find no end to the ritzy high end designer shops. Be sure to check out the animatronic Fall of Atlantis show and the gorgeous 50,000 gallon aquarium. Whether you care for shopping or not, this is a gorgeous place to take a stroll and escape the heat for a bit.

19.  Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens*

Polar bear at the Bellagio's festive holiday display in Las Vegas, Nevada

The Bellagio Conservatory is home to a gorgeous 14,000 square foot floral display which changes along with the seasons. By far, the most spectacular time to visit is during the Christmas season when the garden is decked out in the most elegant & festive way possible with themed holiday displays, adorable polar bears made out of carnations, a giant 40+ foot Christmas tree with over 2500 ornaments, as well as thousands of gorgeous traditional red poinsettias. It’s gorgeous – do not miss out!

20. Silverton Aquarium

Mermaid show at the Silverton Aquarium in Las Vegas, Nevada

The Silverton, an old-school casino a bit off The Strip, is most famous for being home to a massive 117,000 gallon aquarium. The tank is really colorful with tons of tropical fish which you could just gaze at all day. If you visit at the right time, the interactive mermaid show is a fun bonus. Stop for a bite to eat at The Mermaid Lounge where you can treat yourself to some tasty appetizers and seafood all while enjoying the adjacent tank. Other unique decor includes 2 jellyfish tanks near the bar. Also, check out the on-site Bass Pro Shops, one of the biggest & nicest I’ve come across.

21. Resort pools

Mirage resort pool in Las Vegas, Nevada

Vegas resorts are known for being home to some of the most amazing pools in the country. You have probably seen a few of these lavish resort pools spotlighted on various reality TV programs. One of the best is the tropical inspired oasis at The Mirage. A lush green setting with lots of palm trees and relaxing waterfalls creates the perfect ambiance for a relaxing afternoon basking in the desert sun. It’s shady with lots of greenery and really feels like a mini tropical resort smack dab in the middle of the desert.

I would stay at the Mirage for the pool alone, not to mention the great restaurants and convenient location mid-Strip!

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22. Shark tank slide at the Golden Nugget

Shark tank waterslide at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas

The classic Golden Nugget on Fremont Street is home to one of the most unusual swimming pools in all of Vegas. If you choose to stay at this hotel, you will get the unique opportunity to slide through a 200,000 gallon shark tank. A pretty cool experience and definitely a unique activity to add to your Vegas bucket list! Those not staying at the hotel can still sign up for a guided tour. Chart House is an attractive seafood restaurant where you can gaze out at a giant fish tank while you feast on seafood.

23. The Neon Museum*

Stardust casino sign at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada

The Neon Museum, more commonly referred to as the Neon Graveyard, is one of the most interesting places to visit in Vegas, even more so for Vegas history buffs. Here, a tour guide will take you past a “boneyard” of preserved classic Neon signs of day’s past. Tours are offered both day and night, with a handful of signs lit up in the evening. Some of the more memorable vintage signs you will see include the Stardust, the Sahara, Binion’s Horseshoe, and the Aladdin.

It’s really cool that these signs have been preserved so long time Vegas visitors can take a nostalgic walk down memory lane and new visitors can all imagine what The Strip used to look like before all the new technology took over. Tip: Try to avoid a summer afternoon visit – it’s really hot with absolutely no shade in sight – they provide umbrellas, however, it’s still brutal!

More info on the Neon Museum

24. Brunch at Bouchon

Delicious quiche at Bouchon in Las Vegas, Nevada

Bouchon is a classy, yet relaxed little French bistro in The Venetian Venezia tower. Bouchon Chef Thomas Keller has won numerous awards including “America’s Best Chef” by Time Magazine. Relaxing on the beautiful poolside patio for brunch is one of the best dining experiences in Vegas. All sorts of goodies like Quiche, Crepes, Brioche French Toast, and much more comprise the menu.

The Assortiment de Pâtisserie, which includes 4 delicious classic French treats like Pan au Chocolat, Croissants, and Cheese danishes, is the must try here! And do try the espresso – its’ amongst the best on The Strip! If you do not have time for a full sit down, you can pick up a few treats in the Bouchon Bakery, also located in The Venetian.

A full review of Bouchon

25. Lake Mead

Lake Mead is a picturesque lake on the Colorado River just 30 minutes outside of Las Vegas. This reservoir (the largest in the US in terms of water capacity) was formed by the Hoover Dam and provides the drinking water for residents of Nevada, California, and Arizona. The lake is a great place to enjoy some of the natural scenery of Nevada without a super lengthy drive required. Fishing, boating, and hiking are the most popular past times here. You can also sign up for a Hoover Dam sightseeing cruise, which really is a great value at just 40 bucks a person.

Lake Mead cruise info

26. Mandarin Oriental Tea House*

now Waldorf Astoria

The gorgeous Mandarin Oriental Tea House in Las Vegas, Nevada

The Mandarin Tea House, located on the 23rd floor of the stunning Mandarin Oriental hotel, is home to an elegant tea room with amazing views of the Strip. While enjoying a traditional afternoon tea service, a simple pot of tea, or even a glass of wine or champagne, you will be treated to the most breathtaking views of the Strip via the massive floor-to-ceiling windows.

This is truly an amazing place with fantastic views, an amazing loose leaf tea selection, and exquisite service. It’s the perfect place to relax after a long day on your feet! They have all the traditional teas (white, green, black) available plus a great selection of healing wellness teas!

More info on the Mandarin Oriental Tea House

27. The Buffet at The Wynn

Gorgeous decor at The Buffet at the Wynn in Las Vegas, Nevada

Vegas has plenty in the way of buffets with options to suit every visitor, from the budget conscious to the fine dining connoisseur. The best-of-the-best in my opinion is The Buffet at The Wynn due to the amazing selection of food, cleanliness of the buffet line, and the gorgeous decor. The dining area here is probably the fanciest I’ve seen at a buffet – the theme is really lavish & appealing. The menu includes just about everything with more health conscious choices than traditional buffets and plenty of vegan and gluten-free selections.

28. Night pics of The Strip

Pretty views of The Strip at night

The best free night views of The Strip can be enjoyed by simply going up the escalator near the Planet Hollywood casino. If you are trying to keep your trip budget friendly, this is one of the most easily accessible photo spots with the best views!

29. Run the Strip at Night

Avid runners will definitely want to place the Rock N’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon near the top of your bucket list. First off, it’s one of only 2 times a year when The Strip is closed to vehicles (the other being New Year’s Eve). How motivating is it to run a half completely down The Strip surrounded by all the lights, action, and cheering crowds?!  I finished my half to The Mirage volcano eruption – how’s that for an exciting rewarding finish!

This is known to be one of the flattest & fastest courses around so you have a good chance of setting a PR! The half course is more scenic than the full due to the fact that 90% of the course run directly on The Strip! The 10k is great for those looking for a shorter course, as it is also run almost completely on The Strip. Unfortunately, the 5k follows a route just off The Stip, although it’s still quite fun!

Info on the Rock N’Roll Marathon

30. Canal Shoppes at The Venetian

Canal shoppes at The Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada

The Venetian shopping area is the most elegant on The Strip. Strolling along the cobblestone streets while making your way around the quaint boutique shops & sidewalk cafes, all while admiring the lovely architecture and painted ceilings feels like a step back in time to Old World Venice. You will feel as if you have left the desert for a mini vacation to Venice. Asides from window shopping luxury high end designer stores, there are a number of restaurants with pretty outdoor patios, coffee shops where you can linger over an espresso (check out the wonderful Espressamente Illy), and a number of attractions.

31. CBS Television Research Center

CBS Television Research Center inside the MGM casino in Las Vegas, Nevada

If you are trying to kill and extra hour or so before a show at the MGM, you may want to watch a pilot for a (possible) new TV show at the CBS Television Research Center. I did this a few years ago and it’s a decent enough way to spend an hour or so, if anything better than walking around in the scorching summer heat. It’s pretty simple-you will watch a TV sitcom pilot and give your feedback. Pretty cool experience if your show makes it on the air (the pilot we saw was pretty dismal and thus no surprise that it never made it). For your time, you will receive a booklet of coupons.

32. Le Boulevard at Paris

Le Boulevard at the Paris casino in Las Vegas, Nevada

Paris is another casino with a great dining & shopping area that is attractively reminiscent of the streets of Old World Paris. The ambiance is a bit more charming than the more commercialized shopping areas of other casinos. Quaint French eateries, cobblestone walkways, boutique shops, and brass lamp posts make you feel like you have escaped the desert temporarily for a walk in Paris. JJ Boulangerie is a great place for a light sandwich or pastry – and their pizza is really amazing! Trying out a crepe, sweet or savory, at La Creperie is also a must (I recommend the Spinach artichoke).

33. Day trip to Zion National Park*

The Emerald Pools trail at Zion National Park in Utah

Although Zion is a bit of a trek -2.5 hours from Vegas – it is definitely worth the drive to see one of the country’s most gorgeous national parks. It would be a shame to pass up this breathtaking natural wonder while in such close proximity. The entry fee ($35 per vehicle for a 7 day pass) really isn’t that bad considering the park is home to some of the most stunning rock formations out West. The word Zion translates to “a place of peace and relaxation” in Hebrew and this is exactly how I would describe this national park.

This underrated gem features an incredibly picturesque drive, miles & miles of gorgeous hiking trails including a moderately easy trail to the beautiful Emerald Pools waterfalls, and the most gorgeous paved bike trail known as the Pa’Rus trail which follows the serene Virgin river and is lined with towering red rock formations. No matter what trail you pick you will be surrounded by colorful ancient (estimated to have been formed 250 million years ago) towering sandstone formations.

More info on Zion National Park

34. Holiday Lights at the Ethel M Cactus Garden

Cactus light display at Ethel M Chocolate Factory in Henderson, Nevada

Vegas isn’t exactly the best city when it comes to grand traditional holiday celebrations. However, there are a few hidden gems here and there. One of these is the outstanding holiday light display at the Cactus Garden at Ethel M Chocolate Factory in Henderson. Over half a million colorful lights are draped over the cacti for a truly unique holiday display in the desert. Best part of all, it’s completely free unlike many other overpriced light shows! If your Vegas visit falls during the month of December, you will definitely want to escape the craziness for a bit for a relaxing stroll through this gorgeous garden.

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35. Poker room at Binions

Binion's Casino on Fremont Street in Las Vegas, Nevada

Binion’s Gambling Hall, formerly Binion’s Horseshoe, was location to the first ever World Series of Poker. This is where it all started in 1970, with the tournament becoming more & more popular every year until eventually running its’ course at Binions in 2004. Any poker fans will definitely want to make their way to Fremont Street sometime during their trip to check out the place which made the WSOP tournament so popular for so many years. You can also take your pic next to a poker table which has been signed by all the greats. Also be sure to check out the classic neon Binion’s Horseshoe sign at the Neon Museum!

36. Hershey’s Chocolate World

Hershey's Chocolate World in Vegas

An 800 pound replica of the Statue of Liberty, comprised of chocolate twizzlers, stands in front of the popular Hershey’s Store in the NY, NY casino. There are lots of really cool gifts for chocolate lovers here and I almost always find myself picking up a birthday or Christmas gift here.  The store itself is beautifully organized and appealing to stroll through with 2 floors worth of treats, souvenirs, and gifts.

They even have a cool interactive feature where you can make your own candy bar, choosing your own ingredients and designing your own wrapper. And of course, there are all sorts of decadent treats like cookies, brownies, and shakes to enjoy. Similar to the Hershey’s Store is an M&M’s World which is super popular with tourists – just follow the trademark yellow bags.

37. Spa Day at Drift at the Palms

The spa at Palms Place in Las Vegas, Nevada

Vegas has no shortage of spas, from high end luxury options at the more upscale casinos like Caesars Palace & The Venetian, to budget friendly alternatives at the more affordable resorts. The best deals are offered during the week.

One of the best mid-range spas is the Drift Spa at the Palms. Not only do they offer super affordable pricing (starting at $100 for a 1 hr Swedish), but they have a beautiful facility which includes a very large steam room, sauna, a Hammam (a Turkish style steam room), whirlpool, and cold plunge pool. They offer great monthly specials, the massage themselves are fantastic, & the facility super relaxing.

38. Hard Rock Cafe

The Hard Rock hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada

Hard Rock Cafe is always a fun place for a vacation dinner. The atmosphere is lively, the food (though unhealthy and mostly fried) is tasty, and the music and rock memorabilia just put you in a good mood. Plus, they sell all sorts of fun souvenirs and you can even order your drink in a fun souvenir glass. I love the twisted mac and cheese, the flatbreads, the onion rings, and the jumbo appetizer – it’s worth the splurge and extra calories. After all, you are in Sin City!

39. World’s largest chocolate fountain

World's largest chocolate fountain at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada

The world’s largest chocolate fountain is located inside the Bellagio hotel at Jean Philippe Patisserie, a delicious European style pastry shop. The 27 foot tall glass enclosed multi tier fountain is a mesmerizing sight and will definitely have your taste buds craving something sweet. Fortunately, you will not have to look very hard as the indulgent pastry shop offers a tantalizing display of every treat imaginable. Most of the treats are mini sized so you can mix and match a few to share amongst your party.

40. Paris Buffet

The Paris buffet in Las Vegas, Nevada

The Paris Buffet is another one of my favorites, mostly due to the quaint French style cottage setting. The food selection is not as diverse or as extravagant as The Wynn or Bellagio buffets, however, the setting is just as nice and you really cannot beat the amazing dessert selection if you love macaroons! Food offerings include various options inspired by the 5 provinces of France. I love anything potato, and thus, this buffet was a real treat with the potato leek soup, roasted potatoes, mashed potatoes, etc. Classic comfort food at its’ best!

Update: The Paris buffet recently closed.

41. Big Apple Coaster

Big Apple Coaster at the NY, NY casino in Las Vegas, Nevada

The rollercoaster ride at the NY, NY casino really stands out due to the central Strip location and unique ambiance of all the famous New York replicas. This coaster is the best value in terms of thrill rides in Vegas. The coaster is fast with lots of drops, twists, and turns and uniquely travels both inside and outside of the casino with fun views of The Strip. A bit bumpy due to the rough nature of the tracks but worth a visit if you like coasters.

42. Greenwich Village at New York, New York

Il Fornaio Italian restaurant in the New York, New York casino

In the NY, NY hotel there is a great little dining area reminiscent of Greenwich Village in Manhattan. Here you will find all sorts of cute sidewalk cafes. The trees and brownstone give the area true New York style charm. From NY style thin crust pizza, to deli sandwiches, to fresh pastries, you can find something to remind you of New York City in Vegas. Il Fornaio is a wonderful Italian restaurant – try the butternut squash ravioli!

43. Venetian painted ceilings

Colorful paintings at the Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada

The gorgeous hand painted ceilings in the Venice inspired Venetian resort are definitely worth a quick look even if you are not staying on-site. To authentically recreate the look of Venice, artists and architects did extensive research in Venice and also commissioned talented & dedicated artists. The Sistine Chapel recreation is amongst the most impressive murals. Just walking around this gorgeous casino is a feast for the eyes.

44. The Wynn Fountain show

Mesmerizing water fountain show at the Wynn in Las Vegas, Nevada

The Wynn fountain show is easily missed as it is not located near the central portion of The Strip where most tourists tend to congregate. While not as dramatic as The Bellagio show, this dazzling illuminated show is definitely worthy of a visit. Plus, you can combine the show with a visit to one of the Wynn’s great restaurants and a stroll around the beautiful conservatory. The show includes music and lights like the Bellagio. And although it’s much simpler than the grand Bellagio production, it’s still an elegant and classy production which fits in perfectly with the overall ambiance of the resort.

45. Ri Ra Irish Pub

Delicious fish and chips at Ri Ra Irish Pub in Las Vegas, Nevada

I love a great Irish Pub (even if it is not St. Patrick’s Day) and Vegas has a few decent options. Nine Fine Irishmen in the NY, NY is one great option. Another great choice which combines terrific food with a terrific authentic ambiance is the Ri Ra Irish Pub in the Mandalay Bay Casino. The gorgeous bar was constructed with authentic materials from Ireland in an attractive 19th century Dublin style. Ri Ra serves the best fish and chips in town. For appetizers, you must try the traditional potato cakes – so good!

Also in the Mandalay is the wonderful Guinness Store, home to the largest collection of Guinness merchandise outside of Ireland. Here you can learn about the brewing process and even learn the techniques to pour the perfect Guinness!

46. The Wynn Conservatory Holiday Display


The beautiful Wynn Gardens are worthy of a visit anytime of the year. However, the holiday season is even more spectacular with an elaborate display which includes more than 30 Christmas trees, gold & silver themed gingerbread houses, and the most gorgeous gold & ivory poinsettias. This enchanting display creates the perfect elegant holiday ambiance and fits in perfectly with the overall theme of the luxurious Wynn resort.