Oriental design of the Mandarin Tea Lounge in Las Vegas, Nevada

Located on the 23rd floor of the 5 star classy, zen like Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Las Vegas is a unique tea lounge with one of a kind views of the beautiful Las Vegas Strip. Only in Vegas will you be able to sit and relax with your favorite cup of tea while taking in the amazing cityscape below. Watching the bright lights and action below from such a zen like setting is truly a unique experience.

This hidden gem known as the Waldorf Astoria Tea Lounge offers hotel guests and visitors the opportunity to take a break from all the crowds and action, all the while still feeling a part of it. While you enjoy your flavorful pot of traditional tea (try out the Organic Lychee Green – it’s delicious), you will be treated to one of the most magnificent views of The Strip that you will likely encounter at any dining/drinking establishment in the city.

Amazing views of The Strip from the Mandarin Oriental Tea Lounge in Las Vegas, Nevada

If you want to treat yourself even further, why not make a reservation for Afternoon Tea? Traditional Afternoon Tea service includes fresh brewed loose leaf tea, assorted pastries, and light snacks. Champagne can also be added to enhance the experience. Various black, green, white, and oolong blends give you a variety of flavors to choose amongst. Not a tea drinker? Cocktails, juices, coffee, and even hot chocolate can be enjoyed as well.  In addition, light snacks such as macaroons, scones, and fruit platters will please those with a light sweet tooth who are not up for the full Afternoon Tea experience.

A cup of Organic Lychee Green Tea at the Mandarin Oriental Tea Lounge in Las Vegas, Nevada

Pot of green tea at the Mandarin Oriental tea room in Las Vegas, Nevada

Looking for a caffeine free drink? There is an interesting selection of wellness boosting teas on the menu. These herbal blends contain a mixture of different herbs meant to help you restore and relax. Sipping one of these hot and soothing beverages would make for a very beneficial recovery drink after a long night out on The Strip. Dealing with traffic, crowds, long waiting lines, and pollution, not to mention walking miles and miles, takes a toll on your body. A refreshing pot of immune boosting tea might be just what you need to revive and restore yourself before exploring more of Vegas.

Whether relaxing, catching up with friends, or just taking in the breathtaking views, an afternoon at the Waldorf Astoria Tea Lounge will give you an opportunity to restore yourself and catch your breath before plunging into the crowds and excitement again.

The setting is tranquil and attractive with comfy couches and a fantastic Oriental design theme. And of course, you cannot leave until you stand up to the floor to ceiling windows and gaze down. Be sure to bring your camera – you will want to take your picture next to this spectacular view!

The beautifully decorated Mandarin OrientalTea Lounge in Las Vegas, Nevada

Service is outstanding as well, very professional and friendly. The tea is presented beautifully and your first cup is poured out for you. A few light snacks (trail mix and nuts) accompany your pot. The tea waiters seemed to know a lot about tea and were more than willing to make a suggestion for us. Don’t hesitate to ask about anything, especially if you are a tea newbie.

A tea experience like no other, any tea drinker visiting Las Vegas should take the time out to relax at this unusual, yet gorgeous tea room. On the quiet, cozy, and classy 23rd floor of the Waldorf, you will feel like you are leaving all the craziness of The Strip, yet still enjoying the beautiful architecture and bright lights.

A view of the Aria from the Mandarin Oriental Tea Lounge in Las Vegas, Nevada

Visiting the tea lounge at Waldorf is a perfect afternoon date idea. The hotel itself is very zen like and peaceful and even the trip up to the 23rd floor is a relaxing experience as you do not have to walk through a noisy, smoky casino. Whether you are looking for a unique date spot, want to avoid the crowds, are looking for a non casino related activity, or are just seeking somewhere with great views, you are sure to find what you are looking for at this fantastic tea lounge.

The Tea Lounge is open everyday from 10am-10pm. Afternoon tea service is at noon, 2pm, and 4pm. Specialty sweet treats are available from 10am-4pm. To see the full menu and pricing as well as info on making reservations, visit the Waldorf Astoria website.