Scenic views of the red rock formation along the Marg's Draw trail in Sedona AZ

Marg’s Draw is one of Sedona’s easiest & shortest trails, and it also happens to be located super close to town, so the combined hike & drive over will not take up too much of your day. The Marg’s Draw Trail is the perfect starting point for just about anyone, as it is both easy and picturesque at the same time. While new hikers will appreciate the easy terrain, regular hikers will still appreciate the gorgeous scenery and relaxing setting, despite not getting a massive workout in. While Sedona’s more challenging hikes provide a great fitness workout, short, easy nature hikes like Marg’s Draw are great for anyone seeking a more relaxing experience. A combination of both types of trails is the best option on any trip to the area, and luckily Sedona offers an assortment of trails for all levels.

Colorful red rock views along the Marg's Draw trail in Sedona AZ

Beautiful red rock views and plentiful plant life along the Marg’s Draw trail.

The Marg’s Draw trail is just over 2 miles in total and will not take up more than an hour and a half of your time. While it is long enough to get a refreshing little workout in, it is not too long that you will be burnt out for the rest of the day, therefore enabling you to explore more of gorgeous Red Rock Country. Marg’s Draw is well-marked and never really over crowded, despite the scenic nature and close proximity to town.

There is not much shade along the trail, although many pretty views of green prickly pear cactus as well as juniper, Arizona cypress, and pinyon pines line the route. You’ll notice a few of Sedona’s most prominent rock formations along the way, including the popular Snoopy formation, named after the Peanuts character (all rocks in Sedona are creatively named).

Lush greenery along the Marg's Draw trail in Sedona AZ

Lots of greenery along the Marg’s Draw trail make it a relaxing choice.

Strolling the Marg's Draw trail in Sedona AZ

Beautiful desert plant life lines the Marg’s Draw trail.

Gorgeous red rocks views along the Marg's Draw trail in Sedona AZ

Can you make out the Snoopy red rock formation to the right?

If you are seeking an easy trail which still packs in a bunch of dramatic red rock views, then Marg’s Draw is the trail for you. I recommend all Sedona visitors, whether regular hikers or not, to check out this picturesque trail.

On an interesting side note, this trail was reportedly named after a stubborn mule who often wandered the trail instead of working.

This trail can be accessed via several points, including the Sombart Lane trail-head, which is the shortest and easiest to get to.

Marg’s Draw trail details

Location: Sombart Lane Sedona, AZ
Distance: 1.3 miles out-and-back
Difficulty: Easy