7. Shop for unique Southwestern style decor

Country western shop along Whiskey Row in Prescott AZ

Downtown Prescott is loaded with all sorts of touristy shops, with endless Southwest themed knick knacks and Native American art and pottery to feast your eyes on. Lots of cute Southwestern/cacti themed ornaments and decor to stock up on for later use as birthday and Christmas gifts! Prescott offers the most diverse shopping scene in N. Arizona and you will find many unusual shops such as those selling western wear and random Wild West cowboy style trinkets. You can easily stroll around for an hour or 2 enjoying all these unique shops as opposed to nearby Flagstaff whose downtown offers next to nothing in terms of shopping.

8. Savor a homemade quiche & cup of Joe at Cuppers

Americano and quiche at Cupper's Coffeehouse in Prescott, Arizona

Cuppers is one of just a handful of local non-chain coffee shops in the Prescott area. Unfortunately, Prescott does not offer a sizable local coffee scene, but luckily the few available are pretty decent. Cuppers offers 2 locations – one near the mall in the Trader Joe’s plaza and another nicer location downtown which features a cozy outdoor patio and indoor seating inside a charming historic house. Offering fresh pastries and homemade quiche daily, Cuppers doubles as a great place to grab a quality espresso and delicious light breakfast before exploring downtown or hitting nearby trails.

9. Kayak Lynx Lake

Gorgeous views kayaking Lynx Lake in Prescott AZ

Lynx Lake is another gorgeous lake in the Prescott region. Surrounded by tall ponderosas within the Prescott National Forest, Lynx is one of the most beautiful places in town for summer recreation. And due to the attractive cooler summer temps at this elevation (5500 feet), Lynx is very popular with Phoenix locals looking to escape the hot desert summer heat. This means you must get here early to ensure your desired boat rental! Kayaks, canoes, paddleboats, and row boats are all available for rental, although nothing beats kayaking as you will get in a great upper body workout, in addition to enjoying the picturesque scenery. After your boating adventures, take a stroll around the beautiful Lakeshore path or refuel with a German inspired lunch at the Lynx Lake Cafe.

10. Brunch at Bistro St. Michael

Bistro St. Michael on Whiskey Row in downtown Prescott, Arizona

Bistro St. Michael inside the historic Hotel St. Michael is one of the better downtown dining choices due to the attractive location adjacent to the courthouse in the heart of downtown. If you are lucky enough to score a window seat, you will be able to enjoy some prime people watching opportunities. While you savor a great breakfast entree (try the Quiche of the Day), you can kick back and enjoy the local flavor. Or better yet, plan for a dinner during the city’s beautiful annual Christmas event, where the courthouse grounds are adorned with over a million lights.

11. Pop into an old-fashioned saloon on historic Whiskey Row

Whiskey Row in downtown Prescott AZ

Whiskey Row is a name given to a block of late 1800’s saloons in downtown Prescott. Although the block was once home to more than 40 saloons, only a few still remain including The Palace which is Arizona’s oldest saloon (opened back in 1877). Wyatt Earp, Virgil Earp and Doc Holliday all frequented The Palace. If you are interested in the history of the Wild West, you may just want to check out one of these old time saloons.

12. Take a stroll along the Granite Creek trail

Granite Creek - Creekside stroll in Prescott AZ

From several points in town,  you can access a picturesque trail which runs along Granite Creek. This multi use trail is short and easy (about 1.5 miles total) and nothing too spectacular – just a great place to work off some calories after a meal. And, if your prefer to stay off your feet, several restaurants have nice views of the creek including El Gato Azul and Dinner Bell Cafe.