13. Treat yourself to an espresso at Black Dog Coffee

A delicious Americano at Black Dog Coffee in Prescott

Black Dog Coffee is your best bet for high quality espresso drinks in Prescott. This cozy local shop has a great selection of espresso drinks, along with a large menu of specialty loose leaf teas (60+ to choose from). A small selection of homemade treats is there to tempt you if you need a little pick me up snack after hiking. Attached to the coffee shop is a cute little antique/vintage shop where you can shop for all sorts of unique household knick knacks or just stroll around while you are waiting for your drink to be prepared. Love the gorgeous handmade cards!

14. Check out the annual Christmas festivities in “Arizona’s Christmas City”

Prescott, Arizona courthouse Christmas Lights

In addition to being known as “Everybody Hometown”, Prescott also bills itself as “Arizona’s Christmas City.” Although the lineup of events is nowhere near as extensive as those offered in the major cities, it’s a pretty decent lineup when compared to other small Arizona towns. A small zoo lights display, a festive electrical parade, over a million lights adorning the grounds of the courthouse, holiday plays, a fantastic drive-thru light show, and a synthetic ice rink at the Prescott Resort are some of the events you can look forward to if you plan your vacation during the month of December.

This festive lineup, along with the chance of snow and old-fashioned Victorian architecture, make Prescott a holiday oasis for Phoenix and Tucson residents looking for a more traditional holiday ambiance. Not surprisingly, Prescott draws in thousands of in-state tourists throughout the holiday season.

15. Hike the Constellation Trail System

Pretty rock formations along the Constellation Trail in Prescott Arizona

Prescott locals love to hike the Constellation Trail System, a 3.5 loop of interconnected moderate trails. Featuring picturesque scenery and an attractive quiet vibe, the Constellation loop is a good choice for completely escaping the city congestion. Take a short drive out of town (the trail is located near the Phippen Museum) and completely immerse yourself in the beauty of the barren desert.

16. Relax with an afternoon coffee break at Wild Iris

Delicious French Press coffee at Wild Iris in Prescott, Arizona

With a beautiful shady garden patio, a great menu of espresso & tea drinks, and a delicious display of pastry treats, Wild Iris is the perfect place to sit down and enjoy a leisurely coffee & snack break in between exploring Prescott’s downtown. All treats are homemade so you can enjoy a sweet treat guilt free (or at least a slightly healthier version of processed junk)! Coffee is sourced from Seattle area Rococo Coffee Roasting which specialties in fantastic single origin coffees.

17. Take a casual stroll along the Lakeshore Trail

Woodsy path along the Lakeshore Trail in Prescott, Arizona

A beautiful stroll around Lynx Lake is the perfect way to spend a summer day in Prescott. With lush surroundings including tall ponderosas and gorgeous views of the water, there really is no better summer weekend activity. Plenty of shade means that you can still enjoy a little stroll even on those hot 90 degree days. Birdwatching is particularly great here with the opportunity to see Bald Eagles nesting during the winter and osprey in the summer. Other potential wildlife sightings include javalina, deer, and black bear. The trail is just 2 miles or so, however, you can connect to other trails for a longer workout.

18. Check out Bucky’s Casino

Christmas decor at the Prescott Resort and Conference Center

While pretty small, Bucky’s is one of just a handful of casinos in the northern portion of the state. The casino is conveniently attached to the Prescott Resort. Be sure to visit over the holidays as the Prescott Resort is home to “the world’s largest gingerbread display” and a temporary ice rink.

19. Go antique shopping

Prescott is one of Arizona’s best towns for antique shopping. The downtown area is loaded with all sorts of antique shops. If browsing around lots of little vintage stores selling random trinkets sounds like your idea of fun, then downtown Prescott is sure to keep you busy for hours!

What are some of your favorite things to do in Prescott?