Gifts for Men

Shopping for a man is considered to be one of the most dreaded tasks of the holiday season. To make the holiday shopping experience go a bit smoother, it helps to get a head start and have some type of idea of what he is into. It’s not like a women where there are all types of cute & unique knick knacks to consider. Shopping for a man is a bit more complicated. Ask yourself what his hobbies and interests are – does he like sports? travel? fitness? etc. This will help narrow down the process a bit to make the gift giving a bit less complicated, not to mention more personal. There is no need to pick up those generic Totes gifts in the department stores! For the man in your life that travels frequently, whether for business or for pleasure, here are 45 wonderful holiday gift ideas sure to please travel enthusiasts!

45 Holiday Gift Ideas for Men who Travel

1. Compression Socks

Compression Socks

Compression socks are fantastic for a multitude of purposes including increasing blood flow during fitness activities, helping with injury recovery, and preventing blood clots on lengthy flights and road trips. For the man that travels frequently, these really are a life saver. Most importantly, they help to improve circulation – a must when sitting in a car or flight for a lengthy time. Medical grade compression enhances circulation during athletic activities for enhanced performance. Many also swear by them in the car and plane for keeping circulation flowing. They are a bit tricky to get on at first, however, you will get used to the procedure after your first few attempts.

2. Travel Scratch Off Map

Scratch off Travel Map

For the adventurous traveler in your life, this unique scratch off world map will be loads of fun for years to come! You simply scratch off all the places you have been with a coin. It’s a fun way to commemorate places you have been, as well as look forward to upcoming trip destinations!

3. Hiking Back pack

For the hiker, fitness enthusiast, or mountain biker always traveling around seeking new adventures, the Osprey Talon hiking backpack makes for the perfect gift. Features which make this backpack ideal for outdoor adventures include a built in space for a hydration water pack, a trekking pole attachment, a biking helmet attachment, and numerous pockets for storing hiking essentials.

4. Travel Wallet

A travel wallet is a handy & convenient way to store everything you need in the same space – your passport, credit cards, cash, etc. Other benefits include a nice zippered case to keep everything secure and RFID blocking technology to prevent identity theft.

5. NFL Coffee  Mug

Travel Mug

This NFL tumbler is really fantastic for the football loving man on the go. Perfect as it allows him to save money on overpriced coffee drinks at Starbucks, while also allowing him to show support for his favorite football team. And there is no side handle, so it easily fits in the car cup holder. I bought this for my bf last Christmas and he uses it for every road trip!

6. Weekend Tote

Travel Weekend Tote

This manly looking multi functional travel duffel bag is the perfect size for weekend trips. There is enough room to comfortably fit all your clothes and a laptop, as well as anything else you may need. It works well as a carry on bag as it can easily fit into the overhead compartment. It’s both stylish and convenient at the same time and any man on the go is sure to love it!

7. Electronics organizer

Electronics Organizer

This handy organizer is a must for those who frequently fly and need a way to keep all their electronics organized in the same place. The zippered pocket holds an Ipad Mini and several other small pockets conveniently store all your small accessories and prevent them from turning into a tangled mess.

8. Portable Sega Genesis

Sega Portal Games Unit

For anyone who loves the classic video game systems of the 90’s, the portable Sega Genesis is a must have for passing time on long flights. A collection of 80 classic games including Sonic the Hedgehog and Mortal Kombat are stored within the unit, plus there is an SD slot to download even more of your old favorites. This portable system is so small and can easily be taken with you anywhere on the go. It is an absolute blast and really makes the time fly by on the plane. It’s so much fun, you’ll probably find yourself picking it up at all the time at home.

9. Go Pro

Go Pro

This versatile action camera is a must for adrenaline junkies as you can hook it to your head via an adjustable strap and record all your high adventure activities like rafting, skiing, biking, and more. For the traveler looking for new ways to document trip memories, the Go Pro is a must.

10. Nikon D5100

Nikon D5100 Camera

This camera is the perfect starting camera for new DSLR photographers because it has settings for both auto and manual photography, thus allowing you to switch from auto to manual as you learn more about using a DSLR. I highly recommend it for high quality landscape photography. When accompanied by a nice camera backpack, this camera is the perfect traveling companion.