10 Stocking Stuffers for $10

The holidays are just around the corner and it’s never too early to start looking into ideas for everyone on your holiday shopping list. Picking out cute little stocking sutffers is often the most anticipated part of the holiday season. And luckily, even if you are short on cash, there are plenty of budget friendly gift ideas that are just as great as the more expensive ones. Below are 10 great travel themed stocking stuffers for under $10!

1. Holiday travel mugs
Holiday Travel Mugs
A holiday travel coffee mug is a great gift for just about anyone, especially those hard to shop for, as well as anyone who travels frequently. This adorable snowman travel mug is just so festive and makes for the perfect Christmas gift for any coffee/tea drinker, traveler, and just about anyone else!

2. IQ game
IQ Games
At just 10 bucks, this travel sized brain teaser game with over 120 different puzzles really is a steal. There is so much fun to be had with this game, especially as the challenges get progressively harder, so it never really gets old. Fun to play while bored at home or take it with on the go to kill time in the car/airport – the compact design makes it easy to take with you wherever you go.

3. Colorful luggage tags
Colorful Luggage Tags
These colorful, playful luggage tags by Shackle are the perfect way to travel in style. Aside from the cute design, they make picking our your black suitcase in the baggage claim that much easier! One thing is for sure – you will never have to guess which bags are yours ever again!

4. Hot shotz hand warmers
Hot Shotz Hand Warmers
These reusable hot packs are fantastic for any type of cold outdoor activity in the winter. They heat up to 130 degrees and last about 30 minutes. You simply boil them in water for 5 minutes. Some people think this is a bit inconvenient, however, you won’t be saying that once you have something warm in your pocket on a cold windy winter day. I like to take them with whenever hiking in cold temps and during any type of winter activity like snowshoeing and cross country skiing – I just place them in my pocket as a handy pocket warmer. They also work great for soothing sore muscles, especially on the neck or shoulders.

5. Travel Monopoly

Travel Monopoly

This mini version of Monopoly is perfect for on the go fun. As it is such a time consuming game, it’s just perfect for wasting some time in the car and airport. Plus, all the tiny pieces are stored within the game, so you will not lose anything! Travel Scrabble is another must if you are willing to dish out an extra 5 bucks. This mini version of my favorite game includes a special tile lock design so you can start a game and pick it up later again with all the pieces still in the same place.

6. Travel Journal

Travel Journal

A gorgeous travel journal is an awesome gift to give friends or family members who have a trip coming up. They will never expect it, yet will love the thought! This gorgeous vintage style journal is an amazing way to preserve all your trip memories!

7. Burt Bees Travel Set

Burt Bees

This Burt Bees 6 piece set is perfect for those on the go. A variety of different moisturizing products are included in the set, which is just perfect for those taking a flight which tends to dry out your skin. Burt Bees is one of the best natural beauty retailers and their products are typically great for just about everyone, including those with sensitive skin. And, the products are quite affordable for the quality natural ingredients.

8. Mini foot massager

Mini Foot Massager

This targeted trigger point foot massager ball is perfect for those who are on their feet a lot. Travelers, hikers, runners, walkers, and anyone else whose feet are achy will love this massager. Basically it provides targeted relief whenever you need it. It feels so good on your feet after a long hike. It’s so small that I can easily stuff it into any suitcase for instant relief after any intense activity that I partake in during my trips.

9. Travel tea infuser

Travel Tea Infuser

For those who like to bring high quality loose leaf tea on the go rather than bagged, a tea infuser is a must. The handy design of this travel mug includes a removable infuser so you can conveniently steep your tea and then simply remove the infuser. The double wall design keeps drinks hot.

10. Pack This! Travel Pads

Pack This! Travel Organizer

These handy little organizational check off lists are just perfect for the forgetful traveler. You will never forget anything again as this list basically includes everything and anything you could possibly need for a trip! This convenient organizational gift will provide much needed stress relief and pre trip jitters!