Stocking Stuffers

The best part of Christmas morning is running over to your stocking and finding all sorts of unique little knick knacks. Asides from candy, a few little trinkets are always fun. For the traveler in your life, here are 50 fantastic stocking stuffers, all of which are perfect mini gifts (some fun, some practical) that can be conveniently taken on the go!

50 Great Stocking Stuffers for Travelers

1. Travel + Leisure magazine subscription – The perfect stocking stuffer; the gift that gives all year long! A subscription to Travel and Leisure is a great gift idea for those who are planning (or dreaming) of taking a vacation to all the top destinations. Gorgeous photos and getaway ideas are included in every issue. What a perfect gift to break up the monotony of winter!

2.  Apple iPod shuffle – The perfect stocking stuffer for music lovers on the go. Bring this tiny Ipod with you anywhere – great for road travel, air travel, hiking, jogging, etc. The built in clip holds securely in place, even during intense exercise. The best thing about this Ipod is the minuscule size; you can easily attach it to any piece of clothing without any added weight. Bonus – it lasts super long on a single charge. I use mine all week for running before another charge.

3.  Hasbro Travel games – Hasbro has a fantastic selection of fun miniature versions of their classic games like Yahtzee!, Clue, Trouble, Guess Who?, and Connect 4. My favorite is Yahtzee! as you can play it either solo or with a big group. These games are small enough to bring with on the go and provide hours of fun on long road trips and help to pass time at the airport/during long flights.

4. Insulated winter travel mug – This cute snowflake themed travel mug is the perfect festive stocking stuffer. The mug is double walled, which means it will keep coffee, tea, and cocoa hot for up to 8 hours. Go out in style all winter long with this unique find. Bonus – it’s BPA free. I also absolutely love this Christmas Vacation mug set, which includes both a travel mug and one for the house! For anyone who loves this holiday classic (like me) it’s a must!

5. Portable pop-up travel pet bowls – These pop up pet bowls are ideal for road travelers who travel with pets, especially those who are limited on space. As a bonus, these collapsible bowls reduce down to a size small enough to fit in your handbag or pocket. Travelers and pet owners will both appreciate this thoughtful stocking stuffer.

6. Travel Scrabble game – This adorable, miniature version of everyone’s favorite classic game, Scrabble, is small enough to take on any road or air trip. It provides hours of fun in the car or on the plane, while also coming in handy to fill up dead hotel time. Comes with a handy travel case and snap in tiles for convenience. Love it!

7. Fuzzy winter socks – What better Christmas gift then cozy, fuzzy socks? Great gift idea for anyone especially during the winter season! A super great value as you get 6 pairs for 15 bucks. I bought 2 packs – some for myself and some as gifts! These comfy socks are just perfect for long road trips, especially during the cold winter season. Also great for lounging around the hotel room after a long day out exploring on your feet. They come in a number of creative color combinations.

8. A2S Paracord Bracelet K2-Peak Series – This bracelet set is the perfect stocking stuffer for the outdoor enthusiast in your family. The bracelet contains everything you need for outdoor adventure – a compass, fire starter, emergency knife and is made of a rope you can use if the situation calls for it. They are great to have on you if you are hiking long distances or on as an extra safety precaution during an overnight camping trip.

9. Burt’s Bees Essentials Minis Travel Kit– Burt Bees is one of my favorite natural skin care lines. All their products are effective, gentle on your skin, and affordable. This fantastic set includes a range of products including a moisturizing milk and honey body lotion, a rich coconut foot cream, lip balm, and a deep cleansing face wash. As your skin tells to dry out after a flight, this kit really comes in handy for the hotel room.

10. Travel Fanny Pack – This convenient travel pouch can be worn around your waist or attached to a bag, allowing you to conveniently hide valuables. Features multiple zippered pockets and 3 card slots for storing money, headphones, and any small items. It comes in a variety of fun colors and features adjustable straps. Also comes in handy for hiking, amusement parks, jogging, and festivals.

Stocking stuffer ideas for travelers

11. Vinturi Travel Wine Aerator – This portable version of the full size wine aerator allows you to instantly aerate your wine on the go. I notice a smoother, more delicate taste to any glass of wine when using this handy product. It’s really the ideal gift for traveling wine drinkers. I always carry mine with me so I can have great tasting wine anywhere. It comes with a handy travel carrying case that can be easily stored in a purse or bag.

12. Lifestraw Water Bottle – The handy Lifestraw water bottle features a built in filter which removes 99.9+% of parasites and microplastics, and improves the taste. You can ensure that you will be able to access clean, filtered water anywhere. This comes in handy while hiking, on long road trips, and in emergency situations. The bottle holds 20oz of water and the filter lasts up to 1000 gallons. Fill with tap before you head out or safely drink water from a steam in an emergency situation.

13. Victorinox Travel Organizer – This handy organizer is a convenient, stress free way to keep all your crucial identification items, money, and other important documents safe and readily available while traveling.

14. Earth Therapeutics Sleep Mask – The most comfortable eye mask ever; I bring it with me to any hotel! It completely blocks out all light, smells nice, and has the perfect silky feel. It also comes in handy on afternoon flights to block out the bright lights. And for those of you with sinus issues/frequent headaches, the Earth Therapeutics Cooling Beads mask is one of the best. Just pop it in the freezer for instant sinus relief. Comes in handy after flying when your sinuses tend to dry out, or when traveling to dry desert areas.

15. Travel Manicure Set – Great quality manicure set with a handy carrying case. It is lightweight and easily fits into any purse or travel bag. Contains 12 essential grooming pieces. The case measures 3 by 6 inches – the perfect compact size for travel.

16. Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Travel Size – I love all Kate Sommerville products. This line uses a combination of natural and effective treatments, with lots of specialty options for sensitive skin. The ExfoliKate works great even for my sensitive skin. I can’t use the majority of typical drug store exfoliators, however, this one doesn’t bother my skin. This travel size makes it great for bringing with on the go. A bit pricey, but worth it in my opinion for the great results.

17. Violight Sonic Toothbrush – The perfect travel toothbrush! It’s attractive, powerful, and most importantly – not bulky! Great alternative to bringing with your full electric toothbrush set.

18. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter – Great pocket sized gift for travelers, hikers, backpackers, and for use in emergency situations. The Lifesaver removes bacteria from any water source, and thus is a great backup in the case of long hiking trips and any other outdoor adventure where the rare circumstance where you have no access to clean water may arise.

19. Whale Design Tea Infuser – This eclectic travel sized tea infuser is the perfect gift for traveling tea drinkers. Now you can take the loose leaf tea with you on the go when staying in hotels as opposed to tea bags. It also works great for road travel. Just place your loose leaf tea into the cute whale design infuser for fresh tea anywhere. The infuser conveniently hooks onto the side of your mug. I love that I can still have access to my loose leaf tea when away from home. BPA free and heat resistant.

20. Homedics Sound Machine – The perfect gift for travelers who have a hard time sleeping away from home. Over 6 peaceful sounds are included to help you get a good night’s sleep anywhere. It is small enough to easily be taken anywhere. I love this sound machine so much that I use it at home too! For anyone who has tinnitus, it really is a life saver! I particularly love the Summer Night (crickets) sound. Option to play continuously or use one of 3 auto timers.

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21. LED Clip on Mini Book Reading Light – This is the ideal stocking stuffer for any traveler who likes to read real books as opposed to e-books. This book light is perfect for reading at night in the car, making it handy for a long road trip. Also, perfect for those who tend to stay up later than their significant others – now you can stay up and read as late as you want without lights disturbing the other person! Features 3 light colors and 3 brightness levels. Charge lasts 60 hours.

22. MP3 Speaker for iPod, iPhone, iPad and Android Smartphones – These colorful speakers can be conveniently inserted into the earphone jack of your iPod, iPad, and iPhones. So great for travel! 4 times louder than a cell phone. Battery lasts for 8 hours.

23. IQ Fit– This compact travel size game includes more than 100 fun brain teaser games. Challenges are increasingly difficult, making it great for all ages. Provides hours of fun for long car rides and flights! The game board comes with a handy lid so you will not lose any pieces during your travels.

24. PurSteam Travel steamer – This convenient travel sized steamer comes with a handy travel bag. It’s perfect for travel due to the tiny size. Who wants to spend all day ironing clothes at the hotel? Steaming is a quick fun way to remove wrinkles without the risk of burning clothes as is the case all too often with ironing.

25. Belkin 3-Outlet Mini Travel Charger – This portable charger is ideal for travel. It easily fits into your laptop bag, purse, or carry-on. Convenient for charging multiple electronic devices while on the go.

26. Bose IE2 Audio Headphones – Great sound, stays put in your ears, and comes with a handy travel carrying case. And they are small enough to bring with you wherever you go. Bose are the absolute best headphones I have ever tried. Perfect for air or road travel!

27. Marc Jacobs mini perfume set – Treat the women in your life to this 4 piece Marc Jacobs perfume set.The small sizes make them ideal for travel. Also check out this mini Eternity for Men set.

28.Garmin Nuvi 2589LMT North America – This is one outstanding GPS! I have used it with no problems on dozens and dozens of road trips. The lifetime maps is a fantastic bonus!

29. Inland Pro Foldable Keyboard – This convenient, roll up keyboard can be taken with you anywhere. It’s lightweight and be easily packed into any bag. I also recommend the Verbatim Mini Travel Mouse, a handy travel mouse which works on any computer with a USB port. The small size makes it ideal for travel – and it is tiny enough to fit into a purse or backpack.