Travel Tripod

A miniature tripod is a must have for any traveling photographer who wants to continue taking great photography no matter the situation, including during outdoor activities like hiking where you do not want a heavy tripod weighing your down. This handy compact tripod weights just 2.5 pounds and folds to just 12 inches, so you can easily store it in a hiking backpack.

12. Bose headphones

Bose Headphones

Anyone who flies frequently needs a quality pair of headphones. Although noise blocking headphones are quite pricey, they really are the only way to completely block all the noises on the plane. Without a good pair, you might end up having to sit there the entire time without any music or movies! Although Beats are more popular, I prefer the higher end Bose brand, which I feel is more targeted for adults rather than teenagers.

13. Travel Pillow & Eye Mask

Travel Pillow and Eye Mask

This soft comfy memory foam travel pillow and sleep mask set is perfect for lengthy flights. It also comes with ear plugs, meaning you basically have everything for blocking out sleep distracting sights and sounds. This set will help you get some quality rest despite the bright sunlight and noisy passengers.

14. Sirius XM

Sirius XM

With over 100 commercial free stations, including music, sports, variety, and comedy channels, Sirius really is a lifesaver for the man who spends a lot of time on the road. No more searching for a quality station or attempting to find at least one in a remote area. Sirius even has a 24/7 Christmas station called Holly which starts in early November for those who cannot help getting into the seasonal spirit right after Halloween.

15. Travel Grooming Kit

Travel Grooming Kit

This handy 9 piece men’s grooming kit comes with just about everything a man needs for travel all in a handy little compact case. Asides from the standard grooming items like a nail clipper and comb, you also receive a bottle opener. It’s a handy little kit for any man who travels, whether for business or personal reasons.

16. Mini foot massager

Mini Foot Massager

This spiky deep pressure foot massager is my absolute favorite. It’s affordable, convenient for travel, and feels so good after a long day on your feet. For anyone who travels or exercises frequently, it really is an amazing treat! Just rubbing it against your sore feet for a few minutes gets rid of all the aches and pains. It’s much more effective than a foam roller as you can target smaller muscles. And it is so small, so you can easily take it just about anywhere.

17. Electric foot massager

Electronic Foot Massager

If you have ever visited a Brookstone store, you have probably see and possibly even tried out the foot massagers they have on display. After a long day walking around the mall, it is easy to sit back for a few minutes and let the machine do all the work to ease your sore muscles. Anyone that is on their feet exploring a new city, hiking, or participating in any type of recreational activity where they are on their feet a lot will appreciate coming home to a great foot massager. My bf and I received this as a Christmas gift last year and we use it all the time. I love this model because it is much more affordable than Brookstone, yet still does a fantastic job massaging feet and legs. Let’s just say it is a real treat for any fitness buffs.

18. Life Straw

Life Straw

Life Straw is the perfect gift for adventurous people who spend a lot of times on the trails. This handy survival tool removes 99% of bacteria and parasites, thus allowing you to have access to clean water anywhere. It’s a nice tool to have on hand during any lengthy hike just in case of the rare emergency where you run out of water. It weights just 2 ounces and takes up barely any space in a hiking backpack.

19. Destinations of a Lifetime Travel Book

Destinations of a Lifetime

This National Geographic book features an overview of 225 amazing destinations in the US. It’s a beautiful coffee table book that you and your guests will both enjoy flipping through. There are lots of gorgeous inspiring photos to keep you motivating to travel to new destinations all over the world. It’s a fun gift to give anyone with a love of traveling. It is impossible not to add a few of these marvelous featured destinations to your travel bucket list.

20. Travel steamer

Travel Steamer

This mini compact steamer is the perfect gift for any business traveler that needs to de wrinkle clothes fast. Steaming is faster and more efficient than ironing. This efficient steamer heats in just 90 seconds and is safer than a regular iron, making it perfect for the busy business professional with limited time. For the business man who needs to look crisp and tidy, this affordable travel sized steamer makes for a great little gift.

21. Travel necessities kit

Travel Accessories Kit

This handy men’s 16 piece travel set features all the basic grooming and oral products like a toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream, deodorant, and more. It’s the perfect little carry on kit and even comes with a bag and handle. For anyone who travels frequently and tends to forget that one item, this kit is a lifesaver.

22. Thermos Coffee Mug

Travel Thermos

For super hot coffee and tea on the go, the Thermos travel mug is absolutely the best. My bf has been using his for years. This mug keeps drinks super hot for a few hours and then warm for a few hours after that. We have came back to our mug after a full day hiking and the coffee is still warm! For any frequent traveler who wants to save money on pricey Starbucks drinks as well as anyone who cannot stand the thought of tepid coffee, this vacuum sealed mug is a must!

23. Kindle Paperwhite