Mather Point at The Grand Canyon's South Rim

The Grand Canyon’s gorgeous South Rim is a must see for anyone traveling to or through beautiful Northern Arizona. There are many overlooks to take in the gorgeous views, day or night, 365 days a year. If driving to the canyon, you will park your car at the Mather Point Visitor’s Center. Although crowded (especially during the summer season), Mather Point is a great place to take in your first views of this grand natural wonder.

Gorgeous views of the Grand Canyon at Mather Point

Mather Point provides spectacular panoramic vistas of the canyon. It can be difficult to get photos of yourself with the canyon in the background during the prime tourist months, however, if you visit during the slower fall or winter seasons, you will pretty much have the views to yourself. Later in the afternoon as the crowds begin to die down is another great time to plan your visit.

A few more great views from Mather Point

Gorgeous views of the Grand Canyon at Mather Point
Scenic views of the overlook from Mather Point

The Rim trail

After taking in the gorgeous views at Mather Point, you can continue walking along the 13 mile Rim Trail, where you will come across numerous observation points, each offering a slightly different view of the canyon. If you are not afraid of heights, there are several overlooks where you can take some pretty cool photos (like the one pictured below). Always be extra careful. There are many people who die each year at the canyon trying to take pictures. Check out Over the Edge: Death at the Grand Canyon, sold at most of the gift shops. This is a highly interesting book on the various deaths which have occurred.

Walking out onto this overlook was a bit scary…

A scary overlook on the Rim Trail near Mather Point - Grand Canyon South Rim

But the views were wonderful! And it made for some great photo souvenirs to bring home!

A photo on an overlook at the Grand Canyon South Rim

Gorgeous Views surround you everywhere on The Rim Trail

A view of Mather Point from the Rim Trail
Pretty views at an observation point near Mather Point - on the Grand Canyon Rim Trail
Amazing views along the Grand Canyon South Rim Trail