Aspen Nature Loop trail in Flagstaff, Arizona

The Aspen Nature Loop is one of 3 hiking trails, all varying in intensity and scenery, located at the Flagstaff Arizona Snowbowl, a popular winter skiing and summertime hiking destination. Each year, around mid to late October, the trails at Snowbowl liven up with the vibrant yellow hues of the Northern Arizona fall season.

Amazing fall aspens on the Aspen Nature Loop in Flagstaff, Arizona

The Aspen Nature Loop, in particular, is the perfect hiking choice due to the many groves of aspens lining the trail. Because the trail is so short (approximately 1.8 miles round-trip) and easy in intensity (just one tiny steep section and the rest is completely flat), you can easily plan several hikes here over the course of the season, experiencing the dramatic change in color as the aspens transform from bright green to a beautiful golden hue.

Beautiful aspens lining the Aspen Nature Loop in Flagstaff
Leaf peeping along the Aspen Nature Loop in Flagstaff, Arizona

Hiking the Aspen Nature Loop in autumn

The beginning and end of the trail features the best fall color due to the dense aspen groves. In addition to the spectacular fall foliage, the mountain and meadow views are also mesmerizing. The aspens surrounding the mountains makes for some really great fall photos – so be sure to bring your camera!

Gorgeous views of a yellow apsen along the scenic Aspen Nature Loop in Flagstaff, Arizona
Beautiful views of the golden aspens during the fall season along the scenic Aspen Nature Loop in Flagstaff, Arizona
Gorgeous views of the fall aspens and mountains along a fall walk on the Aspen Nature Loop in Flagstaff, Arizona

The middle of the trail takes you through ponderosa pines, and while the scenery is not as exciting as the vibrant fall colors, the views are still beautiful. Flagstaff is located within the largest contiguous ponderosa pine forest in the world. Ponderosa pines grow at elevations of 6000-8000 feet, making Flagstaff the ideal setting for these pretty trees. The Coconino County National Forest, which surrounds Flagstaff and Sedona, is home to many wonderful trails.

Beautiful mountain scenery…

A beautiful mix of pines and aspens on the scenic Aspen Nature Loop in Flagstaff, Arizona
Beautiful views of the pines from the Aspen Nature Loop in Flagstaff, Arizona

What are aspen trees?

Aspen trees are known for their characteristic white bark, the beautiful golden hue that their leaves turn during the fall season, and the soft fluttering “quaking” sound that they make in the wind. You can find these beautiful trees throughout the country, although in the West they typically reside in high altitude areas ranging from 5000-10,000 feet.

Beautiful aspens on a cloudy fall day along the Aspen Nature Loop in Flagstaff, Arizona

Fall in Flagstaff

The amazing fall season in Northern Arizona - beautiful golden aspens along the Aspen Nature Loop in Flagstaff

This time of the year in Flagstaff, you can expect cooler temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s. The temperature is usually at least 10 degrees cooler at Snowbowl than in town, due to the high elevation (over 8000 ft). Be sure to dress in layers (it can feel cold at the start – although you might warm up quickly as you get moving). Also take it easy due to the high elevation.

Flagstaff is the best place to be during the fall season in Arizona. Attractive combing factors include cool and dry temperatures, plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities, and the most beautiful fall colors found in the state (which can be found both throughout town and on the various mountain trails). For Arizona residents, Flagstaff is about as good as it gets in terms of fantastic fall getaways, and the Aspen Nature Loop trail is definitely a hike to add to your fall itinerary.

The drive up Snowbowl Road is quite scenic in and of itself. You will enjoy a lovely mix of both pines and aspens, and the contrast between the green and yellow colors is quite dramatic. It’s a slow drive uphill, but the picturesque views make the drive almost as exciting as the hike itself!

Best time to hike

Generally the Aspen Loop does not see too many crowds. You will see a good number of people here on fall weekends due to the beautiful fall foliage (a real rarity in Arizona), however, it is never too crowded that you miss out on a peaceful hiking experience. Even better, if you visit on a weekday, you will feel as if you have the entire trail to yourself. For a truly peaceful nature experience, get out here on a weekday morning! Also avoid holiday weekends at all costs!

Directions and Information

The Aspen Nature Loop is located north of Flagstaff on US 180 seven miles and seven miles up Snowbowl Road. There is a large parking lot with no fee to park. Portable toilets are available. Picnic tables are also on site. Dog friendly (leased).

Best time for leaf peeping: Typically mid-late October. Check the Flagstaff Leaf O Meter for seasonal updates.