Hippo at the ABQ Zoo

The Albuquerque Zoo is part of the ABQ Biopark, one of the city’s best attractions for new tourists. This great city attraction includes 3 great parks for 1 price (before 1pm). For just $22 you can check out the zoo, aquarium, and botanical gardens, which makes for a perfect little relaxing morning out. Be sure to take advantage of this great deal because you could end up forking over $30+ separately for each attraction.

Although the zoo is quite tiny (just 64 acres), it packs in some nice exhibits despite its’ small size. Must see exhibits include a fantastic indoor reptile house, an underwater polar bear viewing area, and the Australian Outback featuring an adorable koala bear.

Sleeping koala bear at the ABQ Zoo

The zoo is easily walkable, with no more than 2 hours or so needed to stroll the 2 miles of paths. While it is clean and well-maintained, it could use a little more landscaping and signage. Most of the exhibits were lacking the interesting plaques to read more about the animals as you typically see at other zoos. On the bright side, the zoo is not overly congested with crowds and you can easily get a great view of any animal without pushing through people. This was one of the least crowded zoos I have ever visited. It was a nice change of pace to stroll the zoo leisurely without dealing with intense tourist traffic.

Waterfall at the ABQ Zoo

While it is not as great as some of the country’s top zoos like San Diego or Chicago’s Brookfield, it happens to be much more affordable (just $15 compared to San Diego’s $69). Plus strolling the grounds will not take up all your time, therefore, giving you more time to enjoy other fun activities during your Albuquerque vacation.

A photo tour through the zoo

Below are a few pics of some of the animals you will see during your visit. Unfortunately, we arrived a bit too late to see the cats in action. If you want to see the cats walking out and about, especially during the hot summer season, be sure to visit right at opening when the temps are cooler. This also happens to be the best time for you to stroll the zoo comfortably without overheating in the desert.

Group of zebras at the ABQ Zoo
Great view of a polar bear at the ABQ Zoo
Polar bear getting ready to dive into the water at the ABQ Zoo
Polar bear at the ABQ Zoo
Underwater sea lion viewing at the ABQ Zoo
Lion relaxing at the ABQ Zoo
Lion sleeping at the ABQ Zoo

Overall, a trip to the Albuquerque Zoo is a great addition to any vacation. I recommend visiting before noon in order to take advantage of the discounted pass to all 3 attractions, not to mention the cooler weather. Visiting the ABQ Biopark is a fun filled and relaxing activity to add to your trip itinerary. Based on the affordability, low crowds, and attractive laid-back atmosphere, The Albuquerque Zoo is one of the area’s best values in terms of tourist attractions.

Address, Pricing, & Parking Info

Location: The zoo is located at: 903 10th St SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102. Parking is free.

Pricing is $23 for all 3 parks before 1pm (includes unlimited train rides). After noon it is $15 for the zoo or botanic garden & aquarium admission.

Hours are 9am-5pm daily. From June-August, the park is open until 6pm on weekends and holidays.