Las Cruces, New Mexico and the beautiful Organ Mountains surrounding the city

Las Cruces, a small town in Southern New Mexico, is a nice base location for exploring attractions in the southern portion of the state. Although the population is just over 100,000, it is the 2nd largest city in New Mexico. Las Cruces is most well known for being home to New Mexico State University, although it is becoming more of a popular tourist destination due to its’ convenient access to many natural wonders and blossoming art and foodie culture.

Las Cruces and Southern New Mexico in general are home to many great space related museums and attractions including the Las Cruces Museum of Nature & Science with a special exhibit honoring Clyde Tombaugh, the discoverer of Pluto, the New Mexico Museum of Space History in Alamogordo, and Spaceport America in nearby Truth or Consequences (also home to one of the top ranked mineral spas).

The origin of the city’s unique nickname, “The City of the Crosses,” is a mystery although several theories exist. One theory suggests that multiple crosses were placed as grave markers for the victims of the Apache raids. Another theory suggests that the crosses were erected after 40 travelers from Taos were killed just as they reached the border. Or, the name could simply mean nothing more than its’ Spanish translation of “the crosses.”

An outdoor lover’s oasis

The city is close to 3 natural wonders (Organ Mountain Desert Peaks, White Sands National Monument, and the Prehistoric Trackways National Monument). Silver City is also a hotspot for golf due to the mild climate most of the year. Perhaps, most notable is the city’s gorgeous location. The city is surrounded by the beautiful Organ mountains which offer plenty in the way of hiking and outdoor recreation. As the elevation of Las Cruces is just under 4000 ft and the towering Organ Mountains rise up to 9000, they create a pretty visually stunning backdrop wherever you go. All these factors make Las Cruces a nice vacation choice for outdoor lovers. However, it is best to plan your trip outside of the summer season as temps typically hover in the 100+ degree range for months on end.

Las Cruces is an easy road trip from Albuquerque (3 hrs), Santa Fe (4 hrs), El Paso (1.5 hrs), and Tucson (4hrs). If you are interested in hiking, exploring national parks, or simply enjoy Southwestern culture and food, do add Las Cruces to your Southwest vacation destinations bucket list.

Things to do in Las Cruces

Stroll around Old Mesilla Village

Historic Old Mesilia near Las Cruces NM

Mesilla is a historic community located just minutes from Las Cruces. Founded in 1848, Old Mesilla Plaza is now a National Historic Landmark. The traditional adobe style buildings remain and many are also on the National Historic register. It’s an interesting step back in time for anyone interested in Southwestern culture and architecture. At the plaza, you can browse through local boutique shops, browse art galleries, dine at local restaurants, grab a cup of coffee, or visit a historic museum. Numerous cultural events take place throughout the year including farmer’s markets, art fairs, and a popular lighting of the luminaries festival every December.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend setting aside a big block of time out for Mesilla, however, an hour or 2 should do. There is a cute little Christmas shop and a great local coffee shop/bakery known as The Bean. There are a few interesting antique shops and lots of places to pick up little gifts, souvenirs, and knick knacks for the house. The restaurants we tried were all overrated, however, La Posta de Mesilla, although just average in the food dept.,offers a nice touristy ambiance with parrots, fish tanks, and a colorful design.

Burritos at La Posta in Las Cruces NM
A Chicken Burrito at La Posta
Fish tanks at La Posta in Las Cruces NM
Colorful fish tanks and parrots at La Posta De Mesillia
The Bean coffee shop in historic Mesilia, New Mexico
The Bean is your best bet for a quality cup of joe.

Old Mesilla village address: Calle De Principal Mesilla, NM

Hike at Dripping Springs Natural Area 

Beautiful views along the Dripping Springs trail in NM

The beautiful Organ Mountains surround the city of Las Cruces, making this small Southwestern city a nice vacation destination for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. The unique mountain name comes from the fact that the steep needle like spires resemble the pipes of an organ. Although there are numerous hikes around Las Cruces, you will definitely want to plan first and foremost for a hike at Dripping Springs. There are 4 miles of easy trails including the most popular & most scenic, the Dripping Springs trail. This is without question the most beautiful hike in the area. Plus, the drive over is gorgeous in and of itself. As an added bonus, the hike is pretty short and not all that difficult. Really, who wants to go all out on a vacation?!

Pretty mountain views on the Dripping Springs trail in Las Cruces, New Mexico
Peaceful scenery on the Dripping Springs trail in Las Cruces, NM
Mountain scenery along the Dripping Springs trail near Las Cruces, NM
Waterfall on the Dripping Springs trail near Las Cruces, New Mexico
A small waterfall at the end of the trail. Quite small, yet impressive for the desert nonetheless!
Hiking the Dripping Springs trail near Las Cruces, NM
Taking a break to enjoy the quiet views at sunset. We were one of just a handful of people enjoying this gorgeous trail!
Old menstal hosptial on the Dripping Springs trail in Las Cruces, NM
Creepy Boyd’s Sanitorium marks the end of the trail. Once used as a hospital for TB patients and later a mental institution, it’s no surprise that this place is supposedly haunted!

The mountain views are terrific the entire trek and the scenery is quite green for the desert with lots of lush desert plant life in every direction. The trail is very secluded in nature, and thus, you will experience a true out in the wilderness experience. You may even see some wildlife along the route! We saw several mule deer near the end. If you get lucky you may see a coyote or even a mountain lion. Set out early in the morning, both for the cooler temperatures and increased odds of seeing wildlife. Note: set out early in summer – it gets really hot! Bring with extra water to account for the higher elevation.

Dripping Springs hike address: 15000 Dripping Springs Rd Las Cruces, NM 88011