A beautiful sunset in Silver City, NM

Silver City, a small southwestern New Mexico community of just 10,000 residents, origins began as a mining town back in 1878. The scenic community sits at the foot of the Mogollon mountains. Today, Silver City is most popular with retirees seeking a laid-back mountain escape. Due to the proximity of a handful of natural wonders, tourists looking to explore the natural wonders of southern New Mexico also frequent the area.

A cool escape from the desert!

The mild climate has made Silver City very popular with desert dwellers seeking a cool escape from the brutal summer heat. At an altitude of 5895 feet, Silver City is an oasis in the New Mexico desert: one offering mild 85 degree summer days, lush surroundings, and easy access to outdoor recreation. Silver City is very popular with Tucson locals, and at just 3.5 hours away, is a quick escape from the spring & summer heat.

While Tucson frequently sees temps soar anywhere from 100-105 for months on end, Silver City offers a more moderate summer climate, typically hovering near the mid-upper 80’s. There is always a nice breeze in the air and plenty of shade to be found, so really it is a great escape for anyone seeking a quick change of pace from the barrenness and extreme heat of the desert.

Cliff Dwellings

Most visitors set out for the lengthy drive to the Gila Cliff Dwellings, one of the best preserved cliff dwellings in the country. Here, you can explore about 5 caves with 40 dwellings inside each. Although the national monument is just 44 miles away, it takes about 2 hours to get here due to the windy, curving mountain road known as the Trail of the Mountain Spirits Scenic Byway. As I’ve seen many cliff dwellings in Arizona (including the fantastic Walnut Canyon & Montezuma Castle), I decided to focus on other area attractions and save myself the 4 hr round-trip drive.

Montezuma Castle in Northern Arizona
Save your cliff dwelling visit for the amazing Montezuma Castle, thought to be the best preserved dwelling in the world. The 1000 year old ruins resemble a modern apartment building

Downtown Silver City

Silver City is most well known for its’ vibrant arts community. Downtown you will find a wide assortment of art galleries. Throughout the year, many renowned festivals like the Silver City Clay Festival and the Silver City Fiber art festival take place. Little touches here and there like artwork adorning the walls in local cafes and coffee shops and eclectic colorful buildings and murals give the town a unique artistic flair.

Silver City is home to a nice, albeit very small downtown. Locals shops, restaurants, art galleries, coffee shops and vintage stores dot the main street. There’s a great little used book and record shop which offers tons of classics at affordable prices. Numerous vintage shops will keep antique lovers occupied for hours. And, of course, there are plenty of touristy shops – good luck leaving without picking up at least one gorgeous handmade Southwestern style specialty!

Recommended restaurants & coffee shops

Tranquilbuzz is an eclectic coffee shop which serves delicious espresso drinks in an artsy setting. It’s a must visit for any coffee lover out there. The unique decor alone warrants a visit.

Eclectic decor at Trailbuzz Coffee house in Silver City, New Mexico
The owner of Trailbuzz is an antique collector – the space is gorgeous!
Delicious Americano at Trailbuzz Coffee house in Silver City, New Mexico

Dining options are a bit limited, however, there are a few quaint cafes, Mexican restaurants, and pizza places. In recent years, Silver City has been touted as an emerging foodie destination, although it has a long way to go. Nevertheless, there is a decent enough selection for a small town.

Shrevk’s Italian is a cute little local Italian place with the friendliest service. Sheveks offers all your traditional Italian fare like ravioli, lasagna, and pasta. Vicki’s Eatery is the best choice for vegetarian and gluten-free diners with many healthy choices. If you have the time, the historic Buckhorn Saloon about 20 minutes away in the high altitude town of Pinos Altos is a nice choice for dinner. Update: As of 2023, both these restaurants are closed.

Marinara pasta at Shevrek's Italian in downtown Silver City, New Mexico
Homemade marinara sauce is fantastic, definitely not from a can! Everything here is pretty fresh and delicious!
Pesto pasta at Shevrek's Italian in downtown Silver City, New Mexico
This pesto pasta was a delicious treat.
Shevrek's Italian in downtown Silver City, New Mexico
Shevrek’s is the place to go if you are craving some homestyle Italian food. The setting is comfy and casual, nothing too fancy, so perfect after a long, tiresome day exploring the sights around New Mexico
Guacamole salad at Vicki's Eatery in Silver City, New Mexico
Vicki’s offers the best selection of healthy salads in town. Pictured here is a wonderful Guacamole salad, packed with fresh veggies, cheddar jack cheese, and avocado.
Cozy interior of Vicki's Eatery in Silver City, NM
Vicki’s Eatery attractively combines rustic local charm with eclectic Southwestern art.
Southwestern style mac and cheese at Buckhorn Saloon in Pinos Altos, NM
Even vegetarians can find something on the diverse menu. This Southwestern style mac and cheese is sure to please even the biggest meat eaters.
Buckhorn Saloon in Pinos Altos, NM
The historic Buckhorn Saloon in Pinos Altos has been open since the 1860’s and is to this day still thriving with both locals and tourists enjoying the rustic flair. Buckhorn is about 20 minutes from Silver City. The drive over is gorgeous and secluded, thus making it worth the inconvenience.

Where to Stay: Bear Mountain Lodge

Bear Mountain Lodge in Silver City, New Mexico

The charming Bear Mountain Lodge is without a doubt the best place to stay in town. If you are looking for a quiet getaway, this is the place for you as the property sits on 178 aces amidst the beautiful Gila National forest, surrounded by pine trees and gorgeous mountains. For the nature lover, there are miles of on-site trails and the vibe is relaxing and peaceful. The surroundings are just gorgeous and perfect for relaxing vacation activities – whether it be reading a book, bird watching, hiking, relaxing with a cup of coffee/tea, stargazing etc.

Picturesque mountain vistas at the Bear Mountain Lodge in Silver City, New Mexico

The inn was built in 1928. Today, it is considered a historic property. On an interesting side note, the lodge was featured in the popular publication “1000 Places to See Before you Die.”

The lodge itself is beautiful with a big porch for enjoying breakfast or relaxing with a drink. The inside features eccentric Southwestern style decor with a gorgeous fireplace. Looking around, you will notice many beautiful & eclectic pottery and art pieces which are available for purchase. The design is uniquely New Mexican, definitely a nice change of pace from the usual bland chain hotel.

Rustic fireplace and beautiful art work at the Bear Mountain Lodge in Silver City, New Mexico
Art work at the Bear Mountain Lodge in Silver City, New Mexico

A full breakfast is available each morning in the cozy dining room. If weather permits, you can take a seat outside on the lovely patio facing the mountains. We thoroughly enjoyed the blueberry cream cheese stuffed French Toast and the Vegetable Frittata. 24/7 coffee and teas, as well as afternoon snacks (usually homemade cookies). Because the lodge is located a bit far from town (about 15 min), it’s convenient to have breakfast on-site. This way you can get an early start prior to exploring all of the wonderful natural sights around New Mexico.

Breakfast at the Bear Mountain Lodge in Silver City, New Mexico
Fruit, yogurt and granola, and delicious coffee to start the morning off right!
Breakfast at the Bear Mountain Lodge in Silver City, New Mexico
This delicious Vegetable Frittata was on the lineup one day of our stay.
Dining room at the Bear Mountain Lodge in Silver City, New Mexico
The dining room is so eclectic and colorful. Most of the displayed art is for sale too so if anything sparks your interest, just ask!

Art at the lodge

Lurking around the property are many artistic surprises

One million bones exhibit at the Bear Mountain Lodge in Silver City, New Mexico
The 1 million bones permanent exhibit
Cool art sculpture at the Bear Mountain Lodge in Silver City, New Mexico
Art display at the Bear Mountain Lodge in Silver City, New Mexico
Art display at the Bear Mountain Lodge in Silver City, New Mexico
Art display at the Bear Mountain Lodge in Silver City, New Mexico

Staying at the lodge basically forces you to relax and enjoy the natural surroundings! Refreshingly, there are no TVs on the property. Don’t worry – you will not miss the TV here! There’s plenty to do – the hiking trails are wonderful, wildlife watching is plentiful (so many deer!), there are horses & mini horses on property, the art is wonderful, and there is a well stocked library if you want to catch up on any reading.

Mini horses at the Bear Mountain Lodge in Silver City, New Mexico
Gorgeous horses on-site

Best time to visit

Spring and fall are the best months to visit due to the cool 60-70 degree days which are just ideal for relaxing and recreation, although the winter is a great time to enjoy a good book by the roaring fireplace and relax in nearby Faywood Hot Springs.

Rooms are quiet and comfortable with little artistic touches throughout. Shaded outdoor patios with Adirondack chairs are perfect for relaxing in the mild New Mexico climate. Coming from Tucson or any other low desert area, just being able to sit outside will be a real treat during the summer season!

Room at the Bear Mountain Lodge in Silver City, New Mexico
Eclectic bathroom art at the Bear Mountain Lodge in Silver City, New Mexico
Artistic bathroom decor at the Bear Mountain Lodge in Silver City, New Mexico
Pretty art at the Bear Mountain Lodge in Silver City, New Mexico
Cozy shared common area of Myra's retreat at the Bear Mountain Lodge in Silver City, New Mexico
The shared common room at Myra’s retreat included a well stocked library, board games, and morning coffee/tea service at 7am daily. The design is beautiful with a unique Southwestern flair.
Adirondeck chairs at the Bear Mountain Lodge in Silver City, New Mexico
Relaxing adirondeck chairs at Myra’s retreat – the setting and weather are both perfect for relaxation!
Myra's retreat at the Bear Mountain Lodge in Silver City, New Mexico
You have the option of reserving a room in the main lodge or in Myra’s Retreat. Myra’s is a 4 room property with a shared common area and outdoor patio.

The gorgeous trails of Bear Mountain Lodge

The best part about staying here are the wonderful on-site trails, of which there are 3. Terrific mountain scenery everywhere you look and wildlife sightings are not uncommon. Be on the lookout for artistic surprises along the way including a special cat art sculpture and a labyrinth.

Cat art sculpture at the Bear Mountain Lodge in Silver City, New Mexico
Labrynth art on a trail at the Bear Mountain Lodge in Silver City, New Mexico

On one of the trails, you will come across a unique art installation known as the 1 million bones exhibit. This public art display, dedicated to lives lost through genocide, has been installed in numerous cities across the country. It is now a permanent display at Bear Mountain Lodge.

1 million bones exhibit at the Bear Mountain Lodge in Silver City, New Mexico

A wonderful daytrip base

Asides from relaxation and enjoying the serene natural surroundings, most tourists choose to enjoy convenient daytrip access to numerous natural wonders. Besides the Gila Cliff Dwellings mentioned above, here are a few recommended sights to check out while in town.

City of Rocks

City of Rocks in New Mexico

City of Rocks is a really interesting place where oddly shaped rock formations rise up in striking contrast to the surrounding flat desert. These odd formations resulted from a volcanic eruption 34.9 million years ago. The erosion led to some truly unique formations, some of which stand a whopping 40 feet tall. The rocks are separated via paths, thus resembling a city layout, hence the unique name.

City of Rocks really is an oddball roadside attraction as the rocks seem to pop up suddenly in the middle of a really desolate area. This really is a weird, fascinating place to check out if you are in the area – if anything for the strangeness factor alone. The drive is just 40 min or so from Silver City, with no traffic and quite nice scenery. Combine a trip here with a visit to nearby Faywood Hot Springs to justify the drive.

City of Rocks in New Mexico
City of Rocks in New Mexico
Unique rock formations at the City of Rocks in New Mexico

Distance from Silver City: 40 minutes

Price: $5 per vehicle

Faywood Hot Springs

Faywood Hot Springs in New Mexico

Soaking in the natural mineral infused waters at Faywood Hot Springs is a must pre/post visiting City of the Rocks. This relaxing oasis in the desert is home to several natural mineral pools. Each varies in temperature between 100 to 105 degrees. Hot springs have long been sought by various peoples as a means to heal various illness and soothe joint and muscle aches. They were once cherished by the ancients for their healing powers. If you have never soaked in a hot springs before, you are in for a real treat!

Relief comes forth from a combination of intense soothing heat and a natural infusion of desirable minerals. Most notably, magnesium, silica, sodium, and potassium. Whether or not any of your ailments go away, it sure is relaxing to soak here especially on a cool New Mexico fall/winter day. Surprisingly, a summer visit is still comfortable due to the dry air and the ample shade coverage.

It’s usually pretty peaceful here as it is located in the middle of a desolate desert area. However, you have the option of renting a private pool if you would like more privacy.

Distance from Silver City: 40 minutes

Pricing: Varies. Check the website for individual pool pricing.

Catwalk National Recreation Site

Catwalk National Recreational site near Glenwood, New Mexico

The discovery of gold and silver in the Mogollon mountains near Glenwood, New Mexico led to the formation of the Catwalk. The name was given to the wooden plankway which was built to transport water to the ore processing plant. The Catwalk National Recreation area is a bit out of the way at just under an hour and a half from Silver City. That being said, it’s still well worth a visit to see this gorgeous whitewater creek in the middle of the desert. The drive over is beautiful and totally deserted as well, not to mention much closer than the all day time commitment required to see the cliff dwellings.

Due to a fire and flooding, the rebuilt trail (which used to be several miles) is now only open for 1/2 mile. Don’t worry – it’s still beautiful as you stroll past tall canyons and look down below at the flowing creek and small waterfalls. To make the trail longer, you can continue on at your own risk along a scenic, non maintained trail.

There are a number of nice shady picnicking areas around so pack your own lunch! Bear Mountain Lodge offers pre-made lunches to take on the go. There are not many dining options around here as the area is pretty remote. To make your lengthy drive more worthwhile, add on a side trip to the ghost town of Mogollon.

Catwalk National Recreation area in New Mexico
Views of the stream at the Catwalk National Recreation site in New Mexico
Scenic vistas at the Catwalk National Recreational site in New Mexico
Scenic views at the Catwalk National Recreation site in New Mexico

Distance from Silver City: 1 hour, 20 min

Price: $3 per car

Chiricahua National Monument

Chiricahua National Monument in Southern Arizona

Chiricahua is one of the hidden gems of Arizona. This gorgeous monument is home to the most stunning hoodoos and balancing rocks (a unique geologic feature in which massive rocks balance atop other rocks). The landscapes are so unique and interesting, really out-of-this-world. Although quite a day trip at almost 2.5 hours from Silver City, it’s a stunning place that is well worth the drive and by far the best of the listed day trips.

Chiricahua is appropriately nicknamed “the wonderland of rocks.” After a quick drive along the incredibly picturesque 8 mile paved drive, you will have no question as to the nickname. There are miles of gorgeous hikes, some easy, others intense half day adventures. The Masai Point Nature Trail and Echo Canyon Grottos are nice easy choices (no more than a mile) that still allow you to take in tremendous scenery. If you are not up for hiking, the scenic drive and numerous overlooks still make Chiricahua worthy of a visit.

It’s also a beautiful place to picnic and simply enjoy nature and wildlife. Birdwatching is very popular here as Southern Arizona is one of the top spots in the country to do so. You may have the rare opportunity to see black bear, javelina, or the rare coatimundi, a member of the raccoon family which is native to the Southwestern US states. Be sure to stop by the visitor’s center for more info on the plants and animals that call Chiricahua home.

Scenic drive at Chiricahua National Monument in Southern Arizona
The 8 mile long paved drive is lined with gorgeous views of the hoodoos
Gorgeous views along the Grottos trail at Chiricahua National Monument in Southern Arizona
Views of the hoodoos at Chiricahua National Monument
Hoodoos along the Masai Nature trail
Balancing rocks at Chiricahua National Monument in Southern Arizona
Balancing rocks

Distance from Silver City: 2.5 hour (or a 1 hour detour if driving to/from Tucson)

Admission is free!

Why you should visit Silver City

Overall, Silver City is a great weekend roadtrip from any of the hot Sonoran desert cities. Also, it’s a quick weekend escape from Albuquerque and Santa Fe. While I would not necessarily plan a flight out this way, it does make for cool & quiet escape for desert dwellers seeking a reasonably quick roadtrip.