Battleship Cove - Fall River, MABattleship Cove is home to the largest collection of US naval ships in the world. This attraction is located in Fall River, Massachusetts, along the Taunton River.

Fall River established in 1803If you have ever wanted to explore a historic ship, then here is your chance. You walk both inside and outside the ships at your own pace. Last week, we decided to head out and explore the ships. At first we were hesitant to go with the rainy weather, but then decided it would be less crowded and also a bit more exciting. The dark, cloudy, rainy weather really added to the atmosphere. We had a great time exploring the ships with the rain thundering down.

The largest ship, the USS Massachusetts (the crew called her “Big Mamie”) is one of the 8 remaining battleships in the US. The ship is so large that it is difficult to fit the entire length in a picture. This picture was taken at Fall River Heritage State Park.

USS Massachusetts - Battleship Cove in Fall RiverUSS Massachusetts - Battleship Cove - Fall River, MAView from USS Massachusetts - Battleship Cove - Fall River, MAViews of Fall River, MA from Battleship CoveUSS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr.

USS Joseph Kennedy Jr. - Battleship Cove - Fall River, MAUSS Joseph Kennedy Jr - Battleship Cove - Fall River, MAShamrocks on USS Joseph Kennedy Jr - Battleship Cove