Sunset along the Linda Vista hiking trail in Tucson, Arizona

Hiking amongst the tall Saguaro cacti is an experience like no other. Fortunately, in Tucson, there are more than enough places to explore these magnificent desert plants native only to the Sonoran desert. The Sonoran truly is a spectacular exotic place, lush with desert scenery which you will not get to see anywhere else in the world. I highly recommend all nature lovers and hikers to visit Arizona to take in this truly one-of-a-kind ecosystem, beginning with the short & incredibly scenic Linda Vista trail.

The best part of hiking in the Tucson region is the diversity of trails. Many of these trails are short enough to be enjoyed by everyone. In a insanely hot, sunny climate, like that found within the Sonoran, keeping hiking to a minimum is crucial. When you want to explore the desert without going all out, there are still tons of options. This is what I love most about Tucson.

The Linda Vista hike is located in Oro Valley, a gorgeous suburb located just north of Tucson. The grand Santa Catalina mountains tower over the area, creating a picture-perfect backdrop for hiking. Of all the hikes in Tucson (and there are many), Linda Vista is one of the most picturesque, and fortunately, also one of the shortest.

Check out those mountain views!

Pretty views of the Catalinas via the Linda Vista trail in Oro Valley, Arizona
Beautiful views of the Catalina mountains via the Linda Vista traill in Tucson, Arizona

Linda Vista – a short trail suitable for all fitness levels

Linda Vista is a short loop trail of just under a mile, so perfect for anyone seeking an easy nature trek without sacrificing the spectacular mountain vistas. Here, you can explore the exotic desert plant life up close, take in breathtaking mountain scenery, and get in a little workout, all without risking heat exhaustion and dehydration. It’s the perfect place to soak in the desert scenery in a tranquil, tourist-free setting.

Be on the lookout for bobcats!

To date, the Linda Vista trail is one of only 2 Tucson area hikes where I have seen a bobcat upclose – literally less than 10 feet from me on the trail. Despite being located in a suburban environment, it is not unusual to see wildlife here, especially during the early morning or evening hours. While it is cool to see any wildlife in person, please keep your distance. Bobcats have on occasion attacked both people and pets. Although attacks are rare, it is always a possibility. View from afar!

Bobcat sighting in Tucson

A gorgeous place to watch a desert sunset!

Seeing a cactus silhouette is one of the more memorable and photo worthy experiences you will have in the desert. Linda Vista is the perfect place for a sunset hike. The trail is always quiet and the views are even more tremendous in the evening. Plus, evening hikes offer the added bonus of slightly cooler temperatures. Hiking minus the harsh desert sun in your face is definitely a treat! After one too many hikes with the sun blasting in my face, I always enjoy an evening hike!

There is no place like the desert – take a look at these spectacular sunset views!

A gorgeous desert sunrise along the Linda Vista trail in Tucson, Arizona
Enjoying a gorgeous sunset via the Linda Vista trail in Oro Valley, Arizona
Sunset views along the Linda Vista trail in Tucson, Arizona

Grab a delicious local coffee before your hike!

Before your hike swing by for a coffee at local roaster Savaya, located just a few minutes down the street. They serve fantastic single origin, fair trade coffees which you can sip on a beautiful patio facing the Catalinas. This is the perfect place to relax before or after your hike, all while still enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery.

Where to grab a bite after your hike

Unfortunately, most of the dining in the area consists of chains, although I will admit the Panera Bread and Chipotle in the plaza right next to the trail offer some incredible views via their patios. In terms of local restaurants nearby, Beyond Bread is a decent local Panera Bread-esque chain. Here, you can treat yourself to a sandwiches made with homemade bread, a cup of soup, and a fantastic housemade pastry.

Sandwich and soup at Beyond Bread in Tucson, Arizona
A delicious veggie hummus sandwich and cup of homemade tomato soup! Beyond Bread is a quick & casual lunch stop post-hike.

Hiking Details

Location: 730 E Linda Vista Rd, Oro Valley, AZ 85737. The lot is small although typically not overcrowded. Parking is free! The hike begins next to the Canyons at Linda Vista apartment complex.

Distance: A little under a mile, with options to extend the hike.

Difficulty: Easy

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