13 Top Travel Accessories

I have compiled a list of my must have everyday travel essentials. I never leave the house without these products, whether it’s a weekend getaway or a 2 week vacation.  Have you used any of these items yourself? What are some of your favorite travel accessories that you can’t leave home without?

13 Favorite Travel Products

I love being able to take my loose leaf tea on the go with this Teavana Insulated Travel Tumbler. It keeps my tea hot for hours – seriously, I have come back up to 2 hours later and my tea is still warm! Also works well for coffee.

I love the stylish design of this freezer bag from Trader Joe’s. I keep it in my car at all times; it works great for transporting leftovers. This insulated bag is affordable and does not take up much space, making it a great value for keeping your perishable foods from going bad.

This Brita travel water bottle with a built in filter is great for taking with on the go. I like knowing that I can filter my water instead of buying an overpriced water bottle at every gas station.

I love the Brookstone Nap travel blanket and eye pillow. The material is so soft and comfortable. Both are lightweight and can be taken on a road trip or on a plane. The eye pillow is great for getting quality sleep at a hotel.

Earth Therapeutics Dream Zone set, which includes a lavender scented pillow spray and a lightly pad eye mask is ideal for traveling. Using both of these items together helps me drift off to sleep faster. The scent is so relaxing!  I use these products both at home and when I travel!

I always bring my Google Nexus 7 Tablet with me wherever I travel. It is much smaller than a laptop and I can use all my apps to look up activities, restaurant reviews, and more. I also like to use the Relax and Sleep app with soothing ocean sounds to help me sleep.

I love my Air O Swiss travel humidifier. It is small and comes with a handy carrying case. It can easily fit into any suitcase. All you need to do is fill up a water bottle and you can humidify your hotel room – comes in handy when traveling to dry locations or during the less humid summer months.

I am a big fan of Kate Sommervlle products, however, I do not like taking large containers with me when I travel.  I like to condense my beauty products in the smallest bag possible.

I have a mini 0.5oz size of Exfolikate which is the perfect size for traveling. I also have the mini 1 oz size of the Total Antioxidant Serum. Both of these products work really well; I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my skin tone! I don’t leave home without these 2 favorites!

This Totes mini umbrella, which I purchased at Macy’s, has a really cute color pattern and can fit anywhere due to it’s small size. You never know when the weather might change – always nice to have this on hand and as a bonus it doesn’t weigh you down!

The Kodak Playsport is an awesome mini camcorder, which is ideal for recreational activities because of its’ pocket size. The video quality is pretty good! This versatile cameria is also waterproof!

I love my Nikon Cool Pix camera – it is slim and lightweight, making it easy to throw in my purse or pocket. The fact that it is not bulky makes it much easier to carry around for the day.

The Nikon D5100 is frequently rated one of the best starter cameras. A perfect choice for starting photographers – easy to use and takes beautiful pictures!