4. Sachuset Beach

Second Beach in Middletown, Rhode Island

Sachuest Beach in Newport’s next door neighbor Middletown, is an amazing beach with the primary advantage of being less crowded than Newport’s more popular Easton Beach (First Beach). Easton is more popular with tourists due to the close proximity to the Newport Mansions.

Sachuest aka Second Beach is located just down the road from Sachuest Point Wildlife Refuge. These 2 activities, when combined, create the perfect relaxing afternoon itinerary.

A cloudy day on Middletown's Second Beach

Most summer afternoons at Second Beach are idyllic: temps in the lower to mid 80’s, not overly crowded, and of course, gorgeous views. The perfect beach conditions, in my opinion! The water here is quite warm for a New England beach. On a hot day, you may even be able to enjoy a swim.

I love New England beaches, summer or winter. They tend to be more peaceful and cleaner than other beaches across the country. I like the laid-back atmosphere of Sachuest. Being able to bring a book and relax for the day without overheating and dealing with swarms of crowds around me is a real vacation!

Wintertime offers a different, yet equally stunning vibe. If you can brave the cold temps, you benefit by having pretty much the whole beach to yourself. A winter walk along Second Beach is truly a peaceful experience. Add in: no parking fees, less traffic, and dramatic overcast skies and you have a completely different, yet equally striking setting.

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5. Ten Mile Drive

Ten Mile Drive - Newport, Rhode Island

While you are in the Newport Mansions area, you might as well take a quick detour along Newport’s popular Ocean Drive aka Ten Mile Drive.

This peaceful drive, perfect on cool summer evenings, winds through beautiful landscaped mansions and coastal sections of Newport. There are many spectacular places to get out and take a photograph, or just sit and relax while taking in the view.

Ten Mile Drive in Newport, Rhode Island

Taking a cruise along Ten Mile Drive is a great opportunity to take a break after all the walking you will do around CliffWalk and the mansions. Give your feet a much needed break, and take one more opportunity to experience Newport in a different setting.

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6. Scarsborough Town Beach

Scarsborough Town Beach in Narragansett, Rhode Island

Narragansett is a beautiful coastal town with 3 gorgeous beaches. I only wish I would have found out about Scarsbourgh Town Beach sooner! This beach, although hectic during the summer months, is completely different during the off-season.

The fall and spring months are the ideal time to get out there and enjoy the peaceful, desolate atmosphere. A quiet walk along the water, a jog surrounded by amazing views, and long hours hunting for SeaGlass are just a few of the activities you can engage in during the off season.

This long, wide sandy beach is perfect for recreational activities due to the smooth texture of the sand. If you are lucky enough to visit during the off-season, you will basically have the entire beach to yourself, especially on weekday mornings. This means you can enjoy your leisure activities sans noisy tourists.

A beautiful spring day at Scarsborough Town Beach in Narragansett, Rhode Island

The sand here is smooth, soft, and without a trace of any litter – one of the cleanest beaches I have experienced. Half of the beach consists of a more rocky landscape, which is great for photography and beach combing. The other half of the beach is perfect for: walking, jogging, and relaxing.

Gorgeous views at Scarsborough Town Beach in Narragansett, Rhode Island

Scarsborough is a great all-around beach: photographic opportunities at every angle, endless opportunities for relaxation, and plenty of clean, smooth sand.

7. Jamestown Island

Jamestown Island bridge

Jamestown Island, located on Conanicut island and accessible by bridge, is a simple 40 minute drive from Newport. Or, you have the option of taking the Jamestown Newport Ferry. Jamestown is a great day trip escape. Here, you will find a range of fun activities, including: state parks, beaches, restaurants, shops, and cruises.

Being an avid SeaGlass collector, Jamestown was high on my list of places to explore. Seaglass is a term given to ocean trash (glass) that has transformed into “gems” via the hands of time. Jamestown is known as one of the top East coast beaches for collecting rare and unique pieces. Let’s just say I didn’t leave dissapointed! While the glass here can’t compare in quality to the gems I found while living on the Main Coast, nevertheless I still discovered plenty of beautiful cobalt blue pieces.

Jamestown Island in Rhode Island