3. Aspen Nature Loop

Golden aspen trees on the Aspen Nature Loop in Flagstaff, Arizona

The Aspen Nature Loop is one of 4 trails at Arizona Snowbowl, the state’s premier skiing resort. This trail on the Western slope of the Peaks takes you past some truly stunning wide open mountain vistas. You will definitely want to bring you camera along for this beauty! On this trail, you will take a leisurely, short stroll through serene ponderosa pine trees and groves of quaking aspens. Not only is this trail beautiful, it is also one of the easiest of the highest altitude hikes. The hike comes in at just 1.5 miles with one minor hill near the end, making it one of the best return on your investment hikes in town. For spectacular views and a relatively easy (for the area) nature walk, there really is no better choice.

The Aspen Nature Loop is one of my favorite year-round recreation destinations. In the summer, this trail is a nice choice for escaping the heat. Even though Flagstaff sees cooler temperatures in the 70’s & 80’s, the relentless sunshine can be brutal. Thus, summer is the perfect time to explore the beautiful high altitude hiking trails when the temps will be at least 15 degrees cooler. Plus, the scenery is so much more stunning at high altitude with the gorgeous aspen trees. Lovely wildflowers of all different hues line the trail in the summer. In the fall, it is one of the best leaf peeping trails, with some of the brightest foliage you will ever see. And, winter is not to be missed either, as snowshoeing/skiing with snow capped mountains in the background really creates a picture-perfect Narnia-like winter setting not found elsewhere in Arizona.

Add. Hiking Details

  • Distance: 1.5 mile loop
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Best season: Fall

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4. Red Mountain


Red Mountain is another underrated Flagstaff area trail, also located about 30 minutes outside of town along Hwy 180, nearby the Slate Mountain trailhead. Like Slate Mountain, it is well worth the inconvenient drive to experience the peace and quiet and unique scenery of this geologic wonder. This interesting trail takes you to the inside of a volcano which erupted 740,000 years ago. Truly, it is an incredible experience to explore the amphitheater of an ancient volcano. You’ll have a great time exploring the unusual hoodoos which decorate the amphitheater.

The Red Mountain hike is mostly flat and just 1.5 miles each way, meaning almost any regular walker/gym goer should be fine with this trail. The scenery along the walk is quite beautiful, consisting of a diverse variety of plant life including pinyon pine and juniper trees. You will even catch a few nice glimpses of the San Francisco Peaks along the way. The drive to get out here is beautiful and peaceful, and overall the entire experience makes for a nice half day out. Stop by for a tasty espresso drink at Late for the Train, conveniently located on the way.

Add. Hiking Details

  • Distance: 3 miles round-trip
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Best season: Spring

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5. Bear Jaw Trail


The Bear Jaw Trail, on the north slope of The Peaks, is one of the area’s hardest, most difficult to get to, and time consuming hikes. However, do not let this stop you from exploring one of the most incredible hikes. This jaw dropping trail is absolutely spectacular in autumn, with glowing yellow aspens mixing in with the green pines to create an enchanting setting.

A hike along Bear Jaw is a quiet and peaceful nature experience. And fortunately, one that does not see much traffic due to the very rough drive to the trailhead. Because of the secluded location, there is typically no wait to get in to see the amazing fall foliage. The trail ends at Waterline Road, just like Inner Basin, where gold colors paint the entire landscape.

Bear Jaw is just 2.5 miles, however, the trail is very steep and located very high up (8500 – 9500 feet), making the trek feel that much harder. Thus, this hike is more suited for avid hikers due to the long distance, high altitude, and steep incline. For those up for a challenge, you will be rewarded with incredible views and an attractive secluded wilderness setting. For those extra motivated hikers, you can connect with the Abineau trail for a 7 mile loop. Bear Jaw is considered one of the best trails to see a black bear! I have yet to see any wildlife evidence, but who knows what you might come across?!

Advantages of hiking Bear Jaw in the summer include cool temperatures and views of colorful wildflowers. However, fall is ideal due to the attractive 50-60 degree hiking weather and incredible leaf peeping. No matter when you plan your visit, an adventure along the Bear Jaw trail is one you will never forget!

Add. Hiking Details

  • Distance: 5 miles round-trip
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Best season: Summer or fall

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6. The Kachina Trail


The Kachina Trail is another beautiful hiking option at Snowbowl. It’s a bit harder than Aspen Nature Loop, although you do not have to complete the entire 10 miles to enjoy the beauty of this trail. This relaxing hike takes you on a journey through the Southern slope of the San Francisco Peaks through the serene Kachina Peaks Wilderness. As you meander through pretty pines and aspen trees, you will get in a nice little workout, as well as get to enjoy the wonderful smells and sounds of nature.

As the entire trail would be quite challenging considering the distance, altitude (9800 feet!), and steepness, I recommend completing just the first 2 miles, which just happens to be the most scenic and well marked section of the trail. Serene views of pines and aspens keep you company the entire way. This part of the trail is also home to the most aspen groves, so you will get to experience magnificent gold scenery in the fall without completely exhausting yourself hiking 10 miles. Surprisingly, this one is often passed over by tourists. Thus, it is one of the few trails where hikers have reported seeing black bears!

Kachina Trail is one of several Flagstaff trails that is enticing year-round. In the summer, the dense forest provides plenty of shade for a cool hike. Spring is a beautiful time too as everything is so fresh. Fall is the best as the view consists of a picture-perfect autumn setting. And winter, is perfect for snowshoeing as the trail is not as difficult as the hillier options. When a storm drops a foot plus of snow, it tends to stick around much longer at this high of an altitude, meaning weeks and weeks of outdoor fun in the snow.

Add. Hiking Details

  • Distance: 10 miles round-trip
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Best season: Fall

More information and pictures from the Kachina Trail