Beautiful Tom's Creek waterfall in Western North Carolina

Tom’s Creek Falls is a spectacular 60 foot, 2 tiered waterfall in the beautiful Pisgah National Forest. North Carolina offers no shortage of stunning waterfalls. The Western North Carolina region alone is home to 100’s of jaw dropping waterfalls, with Transylvania County being home to over 250. Tom’s Creek waterfall is easily accessible via a short trail of just over a mile round-trip. This hike is located just under 40 minutes from Asheville, so easily accessible via a short daytrip. The drive over is quite beautiful with pretty mountain vistas in every direction.

While there are so many gorgeous hikes in the area, Tom’s Creek is a bit of a hidden gem. First off, the hike is super short and easily, so extremely rewarding for such minuscule effort. Due to the easy terrain, this hike is great for families and beginning hikers. If you want to keep it even easier, you can simply view the waterfall via the observation deck. Go on just a bit further (which involves a little bit of rock skipping) and you will be treated to a one-of-a-kind front row view of this wonder of nature.

Great views from the observation deck!

Great view of Tom's creek waterfall from an observation deck

And…even better views up close!

Enjoying views of beautiful Tom's Creek waterfall in Western North Carolina

As an added bonus, this waterfall tends to see less tourists than the more popular options nearby. So, not only is it easier to take great photos here, the hiking experience is so much more peaceful with barely any crowds in sight. If you love getting lost in nature and taking in the peaceful serenity of the woods, be sure to put Tom’s Creek high up on your waterfall hikes to-do list.

Woodsy views along the Tom's Creek waterfall trail in Marion, North Carolina
Peaceful creek views along the Tom's Creek waterfall trail Marion, North Carolina

While the spectacular 60 foot beauty sure is stunning, the peaceful woodsy views along the way are just as picturesque. If you can time your hike during the peak of fall, the foliage is quite beautiful as well. Unfortunately, 2018’s fall season was pretty dismal. Despite the lack of vibrant colors, fall is the best time to plan your hike due to gorgeous cool, dry temps.

The area is also home to an old mica mine. Rocks glisten in the sun due to the presence of embedded mica. Fall is the driest season, so the best time to see the sparkling mica.

An autumn walk to Tom's Creek waterfall in Marion, North Carolina
Beautiful views of Tom's Creek waterfall in Marion, North Carolina

Winter hiking is also enjoyable due to the short distance and ease of access (you do not have to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway which is often closed for the season).

Overall, Tom’s Creek is one of the nicer waterfalls near Asheville. Considering the easy terrain and big pay off, it’s definitely one of the best bang-for-your-buck waterfall hikes in the area. The relatively quick drive over, easy nature of the hike, and spectacular scenery easily make this one a great pick for anyone vacationing in Asheville.

Tom’s Creek Additional Info

Tom’s Creek trailhead is located at:1250 Huskins Branch Rd, Marion, NC 28752. Parking is free, although the small lot often fills up quickly on weekends. Streetside parking is also available. As mentioned above, the hike is 0.5 miles out-and-back, so plan at least an hour or so for the hike.

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