This past weekend I found a Groupon deal for a holistic center in Providence called Dharma Healing Center. This center provides many different holistic services including: yoga classes, nutrition coaching, massage, life coaching, healthy cooking classes, and more. The Groupon deal caught my eye because it included 90 minutes of services for only $60! I received a 30 minute facial, 30 minute reflexology session, and a 30 minute massage.

The actual center does not look that fancy, however, the staff and reception are all very nice. There is a small waiting room with tea and various health magazines while you wait for your appointment. It was pretty quiet and there is also a nice relaxation fountain if you feel like meditating or reading before your appointment. On the other hand if you feel like getting some work done you can bring a laptop as there is free Wi-Fi.

Each service was performed by a different team member that was trained in their respective area. I have always wanted to try out reflexology, and I have to say I was really impressed! I almost fell asleep because it was so relaxing. And strangely my hip (that has been bothering me for a while after a running injury) has been feeling better since the treatment. The massage was also great, although a full hour session is really needed to work on the entire body. I don’t get facials that often so this was a real treat for me. I got some helpful advice on how to properly wash my face and which natural toners and products to use for my skin. I like that they use organic products at Dharma- a big plus for me as I prefer to use natural products!

If I had one minor critique, it would be that I had to switch rooms between the 1st and second treatments (it seemed like an unnecessary hassle to get dressed and move to another room). Also, after my facial treatment I had to wait outside in the waiting room for nearly 10 minutes before the therapist for my reflexology session arrived. It would have been much more relaxing to remain in the same room and not have to wait in between different treatments.

I am glad that I booked this Groupon deal. Groupon is such a great site for trying out new services without having to fork out too much money. Because I liked the sample services which I received I will likely go back for future treatments. I love Groupon because it isn’t as much of a risk because you aren’t paying full price, so even a mediocre service becomes worthwhile.  I definitely recommend trying out Dharma Healing Center if you are looking for any holistic services or bodywork.

Dharma Healing Center

154 Waterman St
Providence, RI 02906

Hours: Monday-Sunday from 8:00am to 9:00pm