East Bay Bike Path water views - Rhode Island

The East Bay Bike Path is a scenic 14.5 mile path, spanning across 4 different cities in Rhode Island including: Bristol, Warren, Barrington, and East Providence. This path, which was completed in 1992, follows the old abandoned Providence and Bristol Railroad.

Old railroad on East Bay Bike Path in  Rhode Island

The entire path is loaded with scenic views of the Narragansett Bay, the Providence River, forests, marshes, and parks. This path connects 8 different Rhode Island Parks, running right through Haines Memorial State Park. I found this path to be much more scenic than the Cape Cod Rail Trail, which although very nice, cannot quite compare in terms of scenic beauty.

The weather was absolutely beautiful the day of our ride. Spring and summer is definitely the best time weather wise to enjoy a ride. As a bonus, the path was almost completely deserted. As a result, we were able to stop along the way and snap plenty of photographs.

Highlights along the East Bay path…

Pomham Rocks Lighthouse

Pomham Rocks Lighthouse seen from the East Bay Bike Trail in East Providence, Rhode Island

This lighthouse was established in 1871. It is located about a half acre off the coast of East Providence’s Riverside neighborhood. Self guided tours are available for a fee.

Providence Skyline

Providence, Rhode Island skyline as seen from the East Bay Bike Path

Haines Memorial State Park

Haines Memorial State Park in Rhode Island

Features picnic sites, baseball fields, and walking paths.

One of the flattest & fastest rides!

The path is almost entirely flat, except for 2 large hills near East Providence. We rode the entire 28 miles round trip in about 2 hours and 45 minutes, stopping along the way for snacks, water, and pictures. I imagine you could finish it much faster without stopping. This path is relatively easy, even for beginners, because of the flat course running along a former railway. Rail trails really are perfect for leisurely weekend exercise as most are flat, long, and feature few (if any) traffic interruptions.

Check out some of these gorgeous views along the route…

East Bay Bike Path views - Rhode Island
Heavily forested portion of the East Bay Bike Path in Rhode Island
Scenic forest views on the East Bay Bike Path in Rhode Island
Pond views along the East Bay Bike Path in Rhode Island

Gorgeous Harbor Views

Bristol, Rhode Island Harbor views
Independence Park - Bristol, Rhode Island

The views of the harbor at sunset are stunning…

Scenic sunset views in Bristol, Rhode Island
Scenic Bristol, Rhode Island at sunset
Beautiful sunset views in Bristol, Rhode Island

Tips for a great ride

*Plan for at least 3 hours if you intend on completing the entire trail, round trip, longer if you are a beginner.

*Bring with snacks and water. There are stops along the way, but they are far and few between.

*Bring with your camera – this path offers spectacular viewpoints every mile!

*Watch out for the traffic intersections, especially when biking downhill. Give yourself plenty of time to slow down.

Where to Park

Independence Park in Bristol –  Thames St Bristol, RI 02809

Veterans Memorial Parkway in East Providence – North Parking Lot, East Providence, RI, 02914

East Bay Bike Path Sign

Where to eat

Quito’s is a popular family seafood restaurant. The setting is casual with a great outdoor patio for the summer season. Convenient it is located near Independence Park.