WaterFire - Providence, Rhode Island

Waterfire is a popular artistic event taking place in Providence, Rhode Island during the summer and early fall months. This event takes place in downtown Providence at WaterPlace Park. Over 80 bonfires are lit on the river on an award-winning sculpture created by artist Barnaby Evans. Now going strong for over 25 years, Waterfire is one of the city’s most popular festivals.

The event starts with people carrying torches down into the water to light the fires. Attending Waterfire is the perfect romantic night out for those interested in art and music. In addition, there is a restaurant called WaterPlace Restaurant, where you can dine outside as you watch the show. You could also walk over to the Providence Place Mall beforehand to get dinner.

Enjoy a few photos from the 2013 event

WaterFire - Providence, Rhode Island
Summer WaterFire event - Providence, Rhode Island
WaterFire summer event - Providence, Rhode Island
WaterFire summer night event - Providence, Rhode Island

Waterfire Parking info

Parking in the area is expensive and hard to find. I usually try to find a spot by one of the parking meters (free after 6:00pm). I advise getting to the show early to try to find a good parking spot!

Best place to watch the show

WaterFire starts around sunset and ends around Midnight. The best place to watch the show is by the river downtown (Memorial Blvd and Exchange St in Providence).

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