The Wildlife Habitat at The Flamingo in Las Vegas, Nevada

One of the most relaxing things to do while in Vegas, which many visitors unfortunately are unaware of, is to take a stroll through the Wildlife Habitat at The Flamingo Resort. The grounds of the Strip’s oldest resort are elaborately landscaped with all sorts of lush tropical plants, making you feel as if you have escaped The Strip for a little relaxing journey into a tropical oasis. Because it does not get overly crowded, it’s a wonderful place for a relaxing nature stroll.

Tropical plants and flamingos at The Wildlife Habitat on the Las Vegas Strip

Koi ponds, waterfalls, exotic birds, and flamingos comprise the resort’s 15 acres. If you are looking for an escape from all the crazy Strip action for just a bit, you will want to head over to The Flamingo. It’s worth visiting even if you are not staying at the resort. The best part of all is that this attraction is completely free! It would be a shame to miss out on one of Vegas’s best free attractions while in town. There are lots of great photo opps here, so be sure to bring your camera! You can even have your picture taken with a parrot!

Koi pond at the Flamingo Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada

Duck at the Wildlife Habitat at The Flamingo in Las Vegas, Nevada

Waterfall at the Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo in Las Vegas, Nevada

The highlight here is the beautiful colorful flock of Chilean flamingos. Aside from flamingos, you will also see pelicans, ducks, parrots, Ibis, swans, and turtles. These beautiful animals free roam around waterfalls and springs, creating a picture perfect setting. For a while, you forget that you are in Vegas!

Beautiful flamingos at the Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada

Although the Wildlife Habitat is located just steps from the hustle and bustle of The Strip, you truly feel as if you are world’s away. While all the glamour and excitement of The Strip is great, at times it can get overwhelming. On really crowded weekends, some times you just need a place to max out for a while – and you will definitely find that at the Flamingo’s Wildlife Habitat. As soon as you begin your peaceful stroll, you will literally feel all your stress from the day melt away. Whether you are upset that you lost too much money, starting to get irritated by the hefty crowds, or tiring of smoky casinos, you will find a much needed R&R break here.

In a city lacking many nature related entertainment offerings, The Wildlife Habitat should be tops on the list for any nature and outdoors lovers. There are many free attractions on The Strip, however, none as relaxing and beautiful as the Wildlife Habitat!

The Wildlife Habitat is open every day, free of charge from 8am to dusk. Pelican feedings take place at 8:30am and 2pm daily.