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Unique Gluten-free Restaurant Dishes

As the need for gluten-free meals is becoming more and more popular, restaurants are beginning to incorporate plenty of allergy friendly options into their menus in order to keep the business of diners now choosing to follow the gluten-free diet. Whether out of necessity, or simply because they believe it makes them feel healthier, more & more people claim to see advantages by following this particular diet.

Some restaurants today are even offering 100% gluten-free kitchens, so that there is no risk of cross contamination. Although this is not the norm, many businesses still go out of their way to train their employees on proper handling and maintaining of gluten-free kitchen areas.

In the past, Celiacs and gluten sensitive individuals were pretty much out of luck when it came to dining out, however, today this is far from the case as big cities and small towns across the country continue to roll out more options for this growing group of diners.
  • 1. Nut Butter "Squash" Ravioli at Organic Garden Cafe
    Nut Butter "Squash" Ravioli at Organic Garden Cafe
    294 Cabot St, , 01915
    For the most scrumptious gluten-free ravioli ever, head straight to the wonderful 100% vegan & gluten-free Organic Garden Cafe, located just outside of Boston in the downtown neighborhood of Beverly.

    This excellent allergy friendly restaurant's menu is completely plant-based and organic, and foods are cooked using the lowest heat possible. Appetizers, wraps, healthy bowls, fresh salads, and tasty soups are the basics of the menu. However, the shining star is the Nut Butter "Squash" Ravioli.

    This beautiful dish consists of red beet shells stuffed with squash and then topped with the most creamy, decadent dairy-free walnut and rosemary cashew Alfredo. It's so good that I would recommend it to anyone.

    As gluten-free ravioli is difficult to come by in any restaurant, and Beverly's version is so
    unique and delicious, a visit to the Organic Garden Cafe is worth the trek for anyone living in or visiting the Boston area.
  • 2. Fish & Chips with a side of Onion Rings at Raglan Road
    Fish & Chips with a side of Onion Rings at Raglan Road
    1640 E Buena Vista Drive, , 32830
    Raglan Road is an amazing authentic Irish pub, located in Orlando's Disney Springs entertainment district. Featuring authentic decor built & shipped directly from Ireland, a top Irish chef, and live step dancing performances, it tops the list of top US Irish pubs to visit. And come St. Patrick' Day, they have the best parties & live entertainment around!

    Raglan Road also happens to be one of Orlando's top allergy friendly restaurants. With a large gluten-free menu (items that can be made gluten-free are conveniently marked), a dedicated fryer, staff trained in proper handling of gluten-free foods, it's one of the go-to choices for anyone looking for an excellent gluten-free meal in Orlando, with the added bonus of wonderful service, entertainment, and decor. At Raglan Road, you do not have to sacrifice the fun to dine gluten-free!

    There are lots of great gluten-free dishes to choose amongst, however, you cannot go wrong with some classic fish and chips, along with a side of the most delicious onion rings ever! As it is not too often that gluten-free guests can order fried foods due to cross contamination concerns, it really is a treat to be able to enjoy these tasty foods in public every now and again.

    Anyone vacationing in Orlando, whether or not gluten-free choices are needed, must visit Raglan Road. As Raglan combines fun & delicious Irish cuisine, excellent service, and the best atmosphere in town all rolled into one, you really will not leave dissapointed.
  • 3. Pizza & Garlic Knots at Ozona Pizza
    Pizza & Garlic Knots at Ozona Pizza
    404 Orange St N, , 34683
    Ozona Pizza is a local, allergy friendly pizza place in historic downtown Palm Harbor, a small community just a half hour or so from Tampa. Ozona offers the largest selection of specialty gluten-free pizza, pasta, and appetizers (they even offer gluten-free cheese sticks!) in the area.

    And unlike some gluten-free businesses which are just out to cash in on the growing trend, the food here is actually pretty darn good. The gluten-free pizza crust is so tasty, and nothing like the cardboard tasting frozen options you find at the grocery store. There are numerous specialty creations to choose amongst or you can simply design your own. And for those also dining dairy-free, they carry Daiya cheese, which is as close as you can get in taste and texture to regular cheese.

    However, above all, the real reason for coming here is to indulge in the homemade garlic knots, a delicious buttery, soft, and savory treat to go along with your pizza.

    Whether or not you need to dine gluten-free, Ozona Pizza offers a tasty selection of pizza and fun snacks, making it the go-to place in the area for a fun Friday night out!
  • 4. Eggplant Lasagna at Vetoris Pizza House
    Eggplant Lasagna at Vetoris Pizza House
    6830 14th Street West, , 34207
    Vetoris Pizza House really is the gem of gluten-free dining in the Sarasota, Florida area. This delicious local gem offers an extensive gluten-free menu with almost anything you can imagine. Appetizers include mozzarella sticks, chicken tenders, toasted cheese ravioli, and so much more. Pizza, pasta dishes, and a selection of tempting entrees like Baked Ziti, Fish and Chips, and Stuffed Cheese shells are all available gluten-free!

    For a real tasty treat, go with the Eggplant Lasagna. This homemade entree will remind you of the classic Italian cooking you enjoyed as a kid (when everyone used to cook at home more), only without the long day in the kitchen and a big mess to clean up afterwards.

    As you can see, Vetoris really goes all out by offering such a diverse range of gluten-free dishes that you would not typically find in an Italian restaurant as most just offer the standard gluten-free noodles as a substitute.

    For those also dining, dairy-free, they have plenty of options thanks to the use of the excellent Daiya cheese, which resembles regular cheese in terms of texture and taste.

    Food is homemade fresh on-site with marinara made from real tomatoes and pizza rolled out by hand. They use fresh ingredients and real Mozzarella Cheese from Wisconsin.

    For a gluten-free meal like no other, plan for dinner one night at Vetoris during your Sarasota vacation. If you happen to be staying in the Tampa area, it's still worth the hour drive for all the delicious gluten-free specialties!
  • 5. Sunday Brunch Buffet at Wild Wood Bakehouse
    Sunday Brunch Buffet at Wild Wood Bakehouse
    3016 Guadalupe St #200, , 78705
    Austin, TX is a mecca for allergy friendly dining. While most restaurants in the area offer numerous options for gluten-free and vegan guests, Wild Wood is one step ahead of the
    game with a 100% gluten-free kitchen.

    Wild Wood is most famous for their extraordinary gluten-free bakery in which they produce the most delicious gluten-free treats including cupcakes, muffins, pies, cheesecakes, cookies, and more. The cafe features an extensive menu of gluten-free goodies and entrees including fried appetizers, filling salads, soups, pizza, burgers and sandwiches, and even Italian and Mexican dishes.

    Sunday brunch is absolutely amazing with 20+ different entrees and sides to choose amongst include fluffy French toast, waffles, biscuits and gravy, pizza, chicken tenders, fresh veggies, chille relleno, and even a selection of tempting mini desserts! All-you-can- eat with a mimosa or juice is just 20 bucks - not bad considering everything is gluten-free and there is absolutely no risk of cross contamination.

    If you also need dairy-free, there are a handful of selections, plus the staff will be happy to specifically make something to your request. The service is outstanding and the entire staff is more than willing to make sure you leave satisfied.

    If you find yourself visiting Austin, you must check out Wild Wood BakeHouse. Whether you simply want to treat yourself to a pastry that you normally cannot eat or take advantage of a full Sunday Brunch, your visit to Wild Wood will surely be a dream come true.
  • 6. Sweet Potato Ravioli at Picazzo's Organic Italian Kitchen
    Sweet Potato Ravioli at Picazzo's Organic Italian Kitchen
    1855 W Hwy 89A, , 86336
    Picazzo's is one of the most unique restaurants in the country as their menu is 100% gluten-free. This is most surprising due to the fact that it is an Italian restaurant and typically dishes like ravioli, pizza, and homemade bread are quite hard to make free of gluten. They offer such an extensive menu. Here you can order ravioli, cheesesticks, pasta, pizza, and all sorts of appetizers, all of which are house made using a gluten-free brown rice flour blend.

    The sweet potato ravioli topped with a creamy Alfredo sauce (can be made DF using a roasted cauliflower and garlic sauce) is exquisite: a dream for anyone who has been avoiding pasta in restaurants due to cross contamination risks or because the texture/taste just isn't quite the same. And just wait until you end your meal with a rich tiramisu or hot chocolate brownie topped with ice cream: pure heaven.

    You can rest assured indulging yourself at Picazzo's as they source non-GMO, local produce and ingredients for all dishes for a healthier take on traditional Italian food - what a novel idea!

    Picazzo's has several locations throughout Phoenix and Northern Arizona. It's a great healthy stop if you happen to be vacationing in beautiful Sedona or Flagstaff, the gateway to the Grand Canyon.
  • 7. Grilled Cheese, French Fries, & Tomato Soup at Toasted
    Grilled Cheese, French Fries, & Tomato Soup at Toasted
    1945 Aloma Avenue, , 32792
    Winter Park is a great little town just outside of Orlando, and is known for its' numerous parks, beautiful gardens and lakes. Like many upper class communities, you will find lots of allergy friendly dining establishments. One of the best casual choices for gluten-free diners is Toasted, a simple cafe serving grilled cheese, French fries, and creamy tomato soup.

    Toasted offers a large lineup of interesting grilled cheese creations including roasted vegetable, pesto chicken, & smoked gouda & pulled chicken. A side of the rosemary & truffle fries, along with a steaming bowl of roasted tomato soup is also a must! Vegans can order their sandwiches with their delicious housemade coconut based, dairy-free cheese!

    Toasted has dedicated kitchen space to make their gluten-free sandwiches and also only uses GF bread which was produced in dedicated GF facilities, so there really is not a risk of any cross contamination.

    Toasted really is a cool concept, offering a variety of grilled cheese creations to suit just about anyone. As grilled cheese and tomato soup is the ultimate comfort food, it really is a great choice on any Orlando vacation where you feel like indulging a bit.

    Toasted is an affordable, quick, and tasty gluten-free lunch option for any Orlando travelers looking for a unique dining option outside of the theme park area.
  • 8. Indian Bread Service at Sanaa
    Indian Bread Service at Sanaa
    2901 Osceola Parkway Blvd., , 32821
    Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge is the most unique of the 4 on-site Walt Disney World themed lodging options. The resort restaurants, like most in Orlando, are very accommodating to guests with special dietary needs. Sanaa is a really unique Indian and African inspired restaurant with an amazing nature themed dining room which looks out onto the savanna.

    Like all Disney restaurants, they are great at accommodating special requests. The staff is more than willing to make any substitutions (if possible) to make your meal gluten-free. Sanaa has numerous options available for gluten-free diners. The best item on the menu (GF or not) is the fabulous Indian Bread Service.

    The Indian Bread service includes your choice of 5 different Naan Breads (staff will bring out delicious crispy garbanzo bean chips for gluten-free guests) along with your choice of 3 different dips. You can also pay a little extra to experience all the dips, which is highly recommended. Some of the great options include garlic pickle, mango chutney, and tamarind chutney. This fantastic appetizer sure is a great way to start a great meal! The Chana Tikki and salad samplers are also must trys during your visit!

    The best part of all is while you dine you can watch the zebras and giraffes strolling the savanna. If you are lucky, you can get a window seat and watch all the action right in front of you. Inside the decor is stunning as well with indigenous art and a gorgeous nature inspired design theme.

    Sanaa really is an exciting restaurant to try on your Orlando vacation. It's always great to explore new exotic cuisine on vacation as opposed to the boring regular standard chains that you can eat at back home. For one of the most unique restaurant themes in all of Disney, outstanding service, and a variety of tasty gluten-free cuisine, be sure to make reservations for lunch or dinner at Sanaa.

  • 9. Sedona 2012 Burrito at Chocolatree
    Sedona 2012 Burrito at Chocolatree
    1595 W. State Rte 89a, , 86336
    Chocolatree is a unique 100% gluten and grain-free cafe in gorgeous Sedona, Arizona. The diverse menu includes a bit of everything: waffles, hearty stews, quiche, raw and cooked appetizers, Indian dishes, fresh salads, and burritos. And their amazing chocolate treats are what draws customers back and back again. They have an on-site chocolate shop where they prepare all sorts of tempting truffles and desserts each day, all fair trade and organic.

    Basically, it's the place to go if you are gluten-free and visiting Sedona. Vegan guests will also be pleased to know that the majority of the menu is dairy-free with the exception of quiche and a few dishes which include the use of ghee.

    The Sedona 2012 Burrito is the highlight here. This live tomato wrap (made grain-free with veggies, seeds, and spices) is stuffed to the brim with almost everything - quinoa, potatoes, wild rice, mushroom sauce, veggies, vegan cheese, guacamole, pico de gallo,. It's absolutely delicious, not to mention filling after a full morning explore Sedona's breathtaking red rock scenery via the trails.

    Aside from the great allergy friendly menu, one of the best aspects of Chocolatree is the tranquil garden setting. The outdoor patio is a true oasis in the desert with lots of plants, soothing fountains, hammocks to relax on, and the coziest seating. In a crowded & noisy tourist town like Sedona, Chocolatree really is an ideal escape from the congestion.

    Chocolatree is 100% GMO-free and organic, making it the healthiest choice in town. For a fresh, healthy and totally gluten-free meal in Sedona, be sure to check out Northern Arizona's number 1 allergy friendly establishment: Chocolatree.
  • 10. Cheeseless Vegan Pizza, Breadsticks, & Flourless Chocolate Cake at Gourmet Pizza Company
    Cheeseless Vegan Pizza, Breadsticks, & Flourless Chocolate Cake at Gourmet Pizza Company
    610 S Armenia Avenue, , 33609
    Gourmet Pizza Company is a fantastic allergy friendly pizza place in South Tampa. Because Gourmet uses local, fresh ingredients, it's a much healthier option than
    ordering from your local chain (not to mention much more allergy friendly!). They have plenty of gluten-free and vegan options available. The cheeseless, veggie loaded option, which is topped with sundried tomatoes, spinach, caramelized red onions, Portobello mushrooms, garlic and red cabbage, is the most amazing pizza.

    The tasty pizza breadsticks, topped with a house cheese blend, Parmesan, and a garlic butter sauce are absolutely delicious - as close to a real gluten based breadstick as you can get. A variety of GF flatbread and veggie filled salads are also available to get your started as you wait for your pizza (the wait can be a while due to the popularity of take out orders).

    Almost all of the pizzas can be made gluten-free. Their crust comes from local company Senza Glutine, a gluten-free bakery. The crust is a bit thicker than the usual gluten-free option, and therefore, feels like a much better value. Gourmet uses rice flour to stretch all pizzas, so the chance of cross contamination is slim.

    For dessert, be sure to treat yourself to a slice of Flourless Chocolate Cake, a decadent treat that is naturally gluten-free. The base is made from ground almonds and hazelnuts, and then filled with rich chocolate and nutella. It's a real winner!

    Gourmet Pizza Company has great hours (11am-10pm) daily, so it is super convenient to stop by any day of the week. There is lots to do after your meal as Gourmet is located in Tampa's beautiful Hyde Park neighborhood, home to numerous shops, restaurants, bars, and the great dine-in movie theater Cinebistro.