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1945 Aloma Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32792
(407) 960-3922
Five Stars
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It's crazy how many new gluten and vegan friendly restaurants have begun to pop up in the past few years. Who would have ever imagined that gluten and dairy-free grilled cheese would be available in a restaurant?!

Toasted, a small local gem in the Orlando metro area, offers just that. This great little allergy friendly Winter Park restaurant specializes in creative grilled cheese dishes, both traditional and vegan/GF based.

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Toasted offers a variety of grilled cheese variations, including vegan specialties and the option to substitute gluten-free bread. A few vegan varieties include a truffle oil and roasted vegetable based sandwich. The grilled cheese menu is quite creative with many different combinations to choose amongst.

Besides the sandwiches, the menu at Toasted is pretty simple. You will find a few burgers, a tomato soup, French fries, and salad on the list.

The vegan/GF grilled cheese that I tested was pretty good. They use a homemade cheese as opposed to the brand name Daiya which most restaurants use. It was pretty similar in taste and texture to real cheese. For one improvement, I recommend Toasted put several slices of cheese on each sandwich, as you could taste the bread more than the cheese.

The local gluten-free bread which they use was pretty good, with slices being much larger than store bought brands. The fact that they use a separate fryer for the French fries is appreciated, as fries are usually off limits to those dining gluten-free due to cross contamination issues. The truffle oil and fresh rosemary spiced fries are a perfect addition to your lunch.

What goes better with grilled cheese than a hot delicious bowl of tomato soup? The creamy tomato soup is supposed to be great, however, it is not dairy-free so we opted to skip out. This recipe can easily be changed with a simple vegan butter substitute, opening up the doors for more business from vegan customers.

Prices are affordable, thus making this a great budget friendly choice in a pricey touristy area. It's a quick simple lunch for those on the go.

Overall, Toasted is a great budget-friendly dining choice for any Orlando/Winter Park visitors looking for a quick, affordable, & allergy friendly meal.


Service was quick despite the busy atmosphere. Both the sandwich and fries were served fresh and hot.


The restaurant is small and cramped without much personality. It's one of those specialty restaurants which focuses more on offering allergy friendly foods, rather than on the design and ambiance. There are a few nice touches like a Periodic Table of Cheese poster on the wall, however, the space is a bit boring.

Although the decor is nothing to write home about, Toasted serves delicious food. And, most importantly, it's a great option for the Orlando traveler seeking a great allergy friendly meal.

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Final Remarks

Overall, Toasted is a decent choice for anyone seeking a quick, allergy friendly lunch in Orlando. I wouldn't go out of my way, however, if you happen to be in the area craving a grilled cheese and fries, then go for it.

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