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What is your favorite travel app?

There are plenty of fantastic travel apps available to choose from today. Luckily, most of them are also free! These apps are great for finding information about hotels, attractions, restaurants, and even gas prices. I love having all this information handy no matter where I go. I have compiled a list of a few of my favorite travel apps. Feel free to share some of your favorites!

 Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor app logo

Trip Advisor is one of my favorite apps for finding the best attractions and restaurants in a new city. You can browse through hundreds of honest reviews of restaurants, hotels, and attractions. It is very easy to use – you just type in the name of the city you are visiting, then click on what you are looking for (i.e. restaurants) and you will be presented with a list of all the reviewed restaurants, conveniently ranked based on highest-lowest average review. This is a great way to narrow down your search for restaurants and attractions.

Trip Advisor app


kayak app logo

Kayak is one of my favorite apps for finding the best deals on hotels and flights. The best part of Kayak is that it takes out the hassle of having to search multiple sites for deals. You just get the best price without having to do all the work. Kayak also allows you to compare hotel, airfare, and car rental prices with other similar sites like Expedia, Orbit, and I have been using Kayak for a long time – I almost always end up booking through Kayak.

Kayak app


groupon app logo

Groupon is one of the best apps for finding fantastic deals on local restaurants, attractions, hotels. I frequently use it to try out new spas as there is not as much of a risk involved if I pay half the price. I usually sign up for Groupon in the area I will be vacationing before my trip. I can conveniently check for my new deals each day of my trip and purchase one if any suit my interest. You can conveniently redeem the deal from your phone, so you don’t have to worry about finding a printer. Most of the deals on Groupons are offered at least 50% discount so if you find one you are interested in grab it right away before it sells out!

Groupon app

Gas Buddy

gas buddy app logo

Gas Buddy is a fantastic app for finding the cheapest gas either in your area or along your travel route. Just click in your city, state and you will be presented with a list of the cheapest places to get gas. This app is so convenient – you may know all the gas prices in your own area but it is nice to know what the cheapest stations are away from home as well. Gas prices can vary dramatically so anything you can do to save will really add up!

Gas Buddy app


urbanspoon app logo

Urbanspoon is a great app for browsing through reviews of local restaurants. Restaurants are sorted highest-lowest by the percentage of recommended votes. Dining at a bad restaurant can really ruin your vacation experience – choosing a restaurant where the majority of people recommended dining at  could make the difference between a mediocre and great trip. Another feature which I love about Urbanspoon is that they often have a restaurant menu available. Sometimes, it is hard to find a menu with prices – Urbanspoon usually has one available. Address and phone numbers for each restaurant are also conveniently available. This is a great, convenient app to pull anytime.

Urbanspoon app

Weather Underground

Weather Underground app logo

If you are addicting to checking the weather forecast like me, then you will love Weather Underground. It is very easy to input your zip code and check the forecast for both your current area and the surrounding zips. You can also view a 10 day forecast. This app is very helpful when planning outdoor activities during a trip! It is nice to be able to pull up all this information quickly.

Weather Underground app


yelp app logo

Yelp is a great travel app because of the advanced search features. You can conveniently sort restaurants based on what attributes you are looking for (type of cuisine, price, and distance). You can also search results based on highest-lowest ratings which is almost always beneficial. This is a great app for those who need to make a quick decision regarding where to dine, stay, or play. Various photos are often available to help you with your decision.

Yelp app

Open Table

Open Table app logo

The Open Table app is great for making restaurant reservations on the go. This really is more convenient than looking up a phone number and calling to make a reservation. I like that you can easily make changes to your reservation yourself without going through the hassle of calling the restaurant.

Open Table app


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    • ZombieGirl
    • March 29, 2013  at  11:14 PM

    I love a few of the apps you have listed, but if I had to choose a favorite it would definitely be Weather Underground. Both my husband and myself are addicted to knowing what the weather is or will be (when the forecast is correct, that is) in any given situation. It has been very useful when on trips!

    • vida_llevares
    • March 25, 2013  at  12:09 PM

    Yelp and TripAdvisor are on top of my list. Still have to check the others mentioned in the list.

  1. Everyone always has good things to say about Google Translate. I am sure it will come in handy when traveling internationally 🙂

    • SkinTight
    • March 22, 2013  at  1:04 AM

    Google map for android now let you cache larger area for offline use using a convenient zoom and pan selection window. you cannot access your custom maps offline but gives you basic map up to street names level. I load upcoming destination maps while connected to hotel wifi.

    And a few more.
    Currency converter
    Google Translate

    and add two more…

    iTreni (for Italian trains only)
    DB (Deutsch Bahn) Navigator (for trains in most of Europe)

    Both are great a looking up train schedules. They also keep track of the trains letting you know if they are late or on time. The Deutsch Bahn app even has a tracker that lets you know graphically where you are relative to the stops ahead as well as how long the stops are.

    By the way, the TripAdvisor restaurant finder…with recommendations…has never let us down.

    • mudrock
    • March 22, 2013  at  12:16 AM

    Gas Buddy is an amazing app. The big problem with Gas Buddy is that the lack of gas station updates that are in my area. I have a friend who introduced the app to me about 3 years ago. Yelp is amazing to because I can read reviews and it will sync with my phone gps.

    • dogbert784
    • March 21, 2013  at  5:38 PM

    Gas Buddy, hands down my favorite.

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