Saving money on a spring getaway

While in the stages of planning transportation for your spring trip, why not consider driving instead of flying? While it may take longer to drive, you will save money on gas and will also be able to bring with as much luggage as you want without paying crazy extra fees.
Here are a few money saving travel tips to consider:

Book through Southwest Airlines

When searching for flights, I have found that Southwest usually always offers the cheapest fares. They also have no baggage fees (up to 2 checked bags), which is great if you are bringing a lot of luggage.

Know when to book

Flights and hotels are both cheaper when booked far in advance (usually at least 14 days). According to an article by USA Today, travel experts say that Wednesday has been found to be the cheapest day to fly, followed by Tuesday and Saturday. Friday and Sunday are the most expensive days. So, try to book your trips around the cheaper days.

Take advantage of last minute deals

Airlines often give discounts when you book at the last minute. They often have empty seats which they need to fill. Last Minute Travel is a great site for finding deals on hotels, flights, and packages.

Don’t pick a popular destination

Spring break hotspots like Myrtle Beach and Daytona beach are going to be more pricey. Pick an offbeat spring destination like a ski resort. You will be sure to find some great deals. Skiing areas typically offer lots of year-round recreation activities including hiking and biking trails.

Take advantage of the nice weather

Book a getaway to a natural area with lots of free recreational opportunities such as biking, hiking, or nature trails. Spring is the best time to comfortably participate in all different types of fun, affordable outdoor activities.

Take a scenic drive

Skip the pricey airfares and take a road trip instead of driving. Spring is a beautiful time of the year with the leaves starting to come back on the trees and cool, refreshing temperatures. So take a drive and enjoy the weather and views!

Here are 15 budget friendly spring destinations to add to your bucket list!