Palm trees on Tampa's Bayshore Blvd. path

Tampa is most known its’ top notch tourist attractions including Busch Gardens, Lowry Park Zoo, and The Florida Aquarium. In addition to these well known entertainment options, the Tampa Bay area is home to several popular sports teams: the Tampa Buccaneers, the Tampa Bay Rays, and the Tampa Bay Lighting. Aside from culture, entertainment, and sports, the city is also home to many beautiful recreational areas, including beautiful parks, gardens, and biking paths.

Biking with views of the bay - Tampa's Bayshore Blvd. path

Did you know that Tampa is home to the world’s largest continuous sidewalk? Starting in downtown Tampa and passing through the beautiful historic Hyde Park neighborhood, this 9 mile round trip ride provides a perfect picturesque setting for a weekend morning ride.

Bayshore Blvd 

Near the start of the trail, you will pass the Gasparilla pirate boat (each year Tampa hosts the Gasparilla Pirate Festival).

Gasparilla pirate ship - Tampa, Florida

Along the path, you will pass many beautiful sights including the Tampa skyline.

Tampa skyline from the Bayshore Blvd. path

Although unshaded, pretty palm trees line the path, giving you a nice summery Florida feel. Beautiful views of the Hillsborough Bay on one side and historic waterfront mansions on the other provide a most attractive setting. It’s so much more motivating to workout on the weekends in company of gorgeous scenery.

Biker on Tampa's Bayshore Blvd. path
Palm tree and water views on the Bayshore Blvd. path in Tampa

For those looking for a more intense workout, you can check out the various fitness stations located along the trail. Test out your strength on the pull up bars or give your abs a workout on the sit up bench.

Bayshore Fitness Trail on Bayshore Blvd. in Tampa
Fitness station along Tampa's Bayshore Blvd.
Fitness station on Tampa's Bayshore Blvd.

Biking or walking Bayshore Blvd. is one of the best ways to take in all that Tampa has to offer. Here, you can experience everything from grand views of the skyline to gorgeous views of the bay to possible dolphin and manatee sightings!

A view of Tampa's downtown from the Bayshore Blvd.
Views of the Tampa skyline from the Bayshore Blvd. path

The most beautiful place in Tampa for a workout

Bayshore Blvd. is a beautiful urban path with a surprisingly low amount of traffic, even on a weekend morning/afternoons. Escape the hefty beach crowds and enjoy a leisurely ride or walk with great views.

Whether you are a tourist or local, be sure to check out this wonderful path. Grab your bike, skates, or running shoes and enjoy a sunny day in Tampa. It’s fun. It’s free. And, most importantly, it’s beautiful. And even better, it’s a scenic, invigorating workout! What better way to start you weekend?!

For those needing a break, there are various benches scattered about to relax and enjoy the view before continuing on the path.

Bench on Tampa's Bayshore Blvd. path
Trees and benches to relax on Tampa's Bayshore Blvd.


Bayshore Blvd. begins at 312 Bayshore Blvd. Tampa, FL 33606. There is a parking lot with the Gasparilla pirate boat in front of it. Meters run 50 cents per hour and are in effect weekdays until 6:00pm. Weekend parking in downtown Tampa is free!

Tips for a great workout

*Bring with a reusable water bottle. There are fountains located throughout the path to refill it up. You will need it, especially for hot summer rides!

*Plan your ride for a weekend morning. Crowd levels will be low and parking will be free! As an added bonus, the temperatures will be a little bit cooler.

*Make sure your bike is properly tuned before heading out.

*If running or walking, bring with a GPS watch so you can plan how far you want to go and when you want to turn around (unless you plan on completing the full 9 miles there and back).

*Bring with a camera to take some great pictures of the Tampa skyline!