The benefits of Infrared sauna

The Whitinsville Wellness Center and Spa in Whitinsville Massachusetts is a wellness center and spa which offers many different services including: massage, yoga classes, infrared sauna sessions and more. I was looking for an infrared sauna in the area and surprisingly could not find many options. Most of the spas and holistic centers which offered the service wanted as much as $40 per session, which I think is crazy overpriced!

I found a great deal at this spa which included 10 sauna sessions for only $99. This is a fantastic deal compared to other spas in the area. $10 a session is about as cheap as you are going to find an infrared sauna session. Another benefit of the Whitinsville Wellness Center is that they use the Vital Saunas brand. This brand of sauna only emits 2.4 Mg. EMF at the bench (this number should be under 3 and many infrared emit as much as 60).

Health benefits of infrared sauna

I highly recommend treating your body to a FAR infrared sauna session if you haven’t ever tried this healing technology. The difference between a regular sauna and an infrared is the infrared’s ability to heat the body directly, instead of just the air outside the body. Thus, the infrared provides many more health benefits.

Infrared saunas provide many health benefits including: pain relief, detoxification of toxins, relaxation, lowered blood pressure, better circulation, improvement in cardiovascular health and more. The infrared rays have the ability to penetrate deep into the body’s muscles to relieve achy muscles and joints, sprains and general pain.

The infrared experience

The spa is very small, but comfortable and nicely decorated with a zen-like theme. The infrared sauna is in its own room. You will receive a robe and a pair of slippers for your session. Usually you wear a bathing suit or towel during your session, whatever you are more comfortable wearing.

The sauna itself is a bit smaller than others I have used, but you can still sit 2 people comfortably. Mike and I both sat in on the same session. I like that they have an ionizer so it keeps everything germ free and smelling fresh. They also have a CD player (you can either bring your own or listen to their meditation CD).

After an infrared session, I always feel more energized. I had a back and neck ache from computer overuse and had absolutely no pain after stepping out of the sauna. I highly recommend trying a session out for yourself. Whitinsville Wellness Center is a great place to try your first session because they offer a free session for new clients. Please visit their website for details on the free session and also to find out more information about the benefits of infrared saunas.