Islesboro Island Lighthouse

Islesboro, a tiny island located off the coast of Maine, is only accessible via ferry from Lincolnville, Maine. I had the opportunity to live in this popular summer colony a few years back. A handful of celebrities have residences on this small island including John Travolta and Kirstie Alley. The year-round population is only around 500 while the summer population soars to over 2000 as big city dwellers seek peace and relaxation. The inaccessibility, isolated nature, friendly residents, and beautiful scenery make this island a relaxing escape and popular summer home destination.

The Ferry

A 30 minute ferry ride from Lincolnville Beach takes you over to the beautiful island.

Islesboro ferry

The most gorgeous place in Maine

There are ocean views everywhere you look on this small island. On an interesting note, this island is only 14 miles long -approximately the size of Manhattan). There is natural beauty and ocean views everywhere you turn. Dining options are limited, however, there are a few great summer only restaurants including The Dark Harbor Shop and The Snack Shack (a popular hangout while waiting for the ferry). The island recently completed a Community Center, which offers a fitness center, cafe, and ongoing events and activities.

Islesboro beach
Islesboro scenery

Seaglass – “Trash turned treasure”

One of my favorite things to do on the island was searching for Sea Glass. Sea glass arises naturally from very old glass that has been tumbling for years along the rocky shore of the ocean. The resulting glass appears more gem like as the hands of time and rough rocks have smoothed all the rough edges. Many people choose to make jewelry or various crafts with their new found treasures. I have found a lot of great pieces including an old bottle stopper. Check out a few of my pictures below!

Islesboro Sea Glass
Old bottle stopper found in Islesboro
Seaglass found in Islesboro

Islesboro Maine is a great vacation destination for anyone looking to leave the big city congestion and traffic, relax and not be bothered (if only for a few days)! Enjoying nature, relaxing, hunting for beach treasures, and taking in the spectacular natural scenery sum up a trip to the island. For more information on the town, visit the following website. Please visit the Island Property website for information on summer rentals. Note that many beaches are private. Please check signs and limit beach combing to public beaches.