Fort De Soto recreation path in St. Petersburg, Florida

Pinellas County, Florida’s largest and most beautiful park is gorgeous Fort De Soto Park, a St. Petersburg treasure consisting of 1136 beautiful acres of beaches, mangroves, hardwoods, and wetlands. The beautiful beaches found here are frequently rated amongst the best in the country.

Florida’s beautiful Gulf Coast park features a number of attractive amenities, including: a 6.8 mile recreation trail, 3 miles of gorgeous beaches, dozens of serene wooded picnic areas, fishing piers, a dog park, nature trails, and kayak rentals.

A view of Fort De Soto's North Beach

A leisurely bike ride along the flat, paved 6.8 mile trail is one of the best ways to get around the different beaches while also taking in the gorgeous views and getting in some healthy exercise for the day.

The bike trail is one of the best in the area, much better than the highly praised Pinellas Trail. Unlike the Pinellas Trail, there are no busy roads to cross, no views of strip malls, and the absence of heavy traffic noise. In addition, although much shorter (only 12 miles round trip vs. 38), the views are much more natural and relaxing.

Biking the Fort De Soto Park recreation trail in St. Petersburg, Florida

Palm trees lining the Fort De Soto Park recreation trail

The trail was surprisingly secluded with only a handful of other riders out enjoying the day. Although a road runs alongside the trail, traffic was very light. I was surprised that the park was so desolate on a weekend, especially after visiting other tremendously crowded weekend hotspots like St. Pete Beach and Honeymoon Island. It was definitely a nice change of pace!

Palm trees lining the Fort De Soto Park recreation trail

The bike ride was smooth, scenic, and peaceful. Because the trail was so flat and fast, the 12 miles flew by. Beautiful palm trees and grassy areas line the path, giving you plenty of natural views to make your ride a more picturesque experience. The Fort De Soto trail is a great option for everyone, even beginners. It’s enough of a workout, yet not too draining. It is not a loop trail, so you can turn around whenever you like. One thing’s for sure – I will definitely be back for another ride!

Beautiful day on Fort De Soto Park's Recreation Trail - St. Petersburg, Florida

Water views along the Fort De Soto Park recreation trail in St. Petersburg, Florida

You will pass both North and East beach on the trail. The beaches of Fort De Soto are beautiful: clean, smooth white sand, warm waters, not overly crowded. Here are a very photos of North Beach, frequently rated as one of the top beaches. This is the perfect beach to spend a weekend afternoon sunbathing, swimming, and reading. I am definitely considering a return visit just to check out the beaches for the day.

North Beach at Fort De Soto Park - St. Petersburg, Florida

North Beach - a white, sandy smooth beach at Fort De Soto Park - St. Petersburg, Florida


*Bring a water bottle with for the ride. You want to be properly hydrated, especially in the hot Florida weather.

*Plan your ride for the early morning hours when the temperatures are coolest.

*Apply plenty of sunscreen to exposed parts of your body. Most of the trail is not shaded.

*Bring with a camera. There are plenty of photo opportunities, especially at scenic North Beach.

*Bring with a swimsuit to change into in case you decide to cool off with a swim after your ride.

*Pack a picnic lunch. There are plenty of scenic areas to picnic at within the park.

*Bike rentals are available if you do not have your own. The Pedaling Pelican offers a variety of styles, from single speed beach cruisers to double surreys. Rates vary based on type of bike/number of hours purchased. Second hour is 1/2 price with free helmet rentals included.

Location & Parking Information

Fort De Soto Park is located at: 3500 Pinellas Bayway S, St Petersburg, FL 33715.

Admission is $5 (includes parking)

Palms on the Fort De Soto park recreation trail in St. Petersburg, Florida