A Christmas Story house - Cleveland, Ohio

Ralphie’s bunny suit…the leg lamp….the red ryder bb gun…Who hasn’t seen the timeless Christmas classic which now runs 24 hours on TBS starting every Christmas Eve evening? I watch “A Christmas Story” at least once every holiday season! Who can forget all the memorable lines and narration!

Best quotes from "A Christmas Story"

“A Christmas Story” house tours in Cleveland

When we found out that the house from the movie was located in Cleveland (a stop on our road trip), we just had to make time for the tour! The tour guide will give you a brief synopsis of the filming process, and then you will be able to roam around each room of the house. The tour guide will take any pictures of your party & even suggest a few next to famous props. Make sure to take your picture with the famous BB gun! Also be sure to drive by the house at night to see the lamp lit in the window (they leave it on all night).

The house looks exactly as it appeared in the movie, which is pretty neat for fans. Check out my photo gallery below, profiling each room of the Parker House.

The living room with the famous leg lamp in the window

"A Christmas Story" living room

The “Fra-gee-lee” box with the leg lamp inside

Leg lamp box - "A Christmas Story" house - Cleveland

Family photos in the living room

Family photos in "A Christmas Story" house

The kitchen with the turkey in the oven!

The kitchen of "A Christmas Story" house in Cleveland

The sink that Randy hid under

Sink Randy hid under in "A Christmas Story"

The Little Orphan Annie secret decoder pin

Secret Society decoder pin in "A Christmas Story"

Ralphie’s bar of soap

Ralphie's bar of soap "A Christmas Story"

Ralphie & Randy’s room

Ralphie & Randy's room from "A Christmas Story"