19. Explore incredible dinosaur exhibits at The Field Museum

The Field is one of my favorite museums in Chicago. The dinosaur and mummy exhibits are both phenomenal. I enjoy visiting in the summer months over the winter because the weather is nice enough to walk around and enjoy all the other attractions that the city has to offer.

Address: 1400 S Lake Shore Dr  Chicago, IL 60605
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The Field Museum Chicago

20. Enjoy a summer picnic in the park

Enjoy the warm summer air & fresh breeze as you take in gorgeous views of Lake Michigan. Almost every stop along the Lakefront Path is ideal for a picnic.

Beautiful scenery along the Chicago Lakefront trail

21. Take a nature stroll

There are plenty of beautiful parks located throughout the city, which are perfect for both recreation and relaxation. A little trek outside of the city (but worth it for the relaxing setting and beautiful nature trails) is Little Red Schoolhouse in Willow Springs.

Address: 9800 Willow Springs Rd, Willow Springs, IL 60480

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Little Red Schoolhouse is the perfect place to escape the city congestion for a peaceful day of trails, picnics, and lake views!

Little Red Schoolhouse is the perfect place to escape the city congestion for a peaceful day of trails, picnics, and lake views!

22. Cool off at The Art Institute

What better way to cool off on a hot, humid Chicago afternoon than a trip to The Art Institute of Chicago? The collection here is stunning: one of the most impressive in the country. Another advantage: it’s easily accessible to most other attractions and activities in the city.

Address: 111 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, 60603
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The Art Institute of Chicago

23. Attend the Taste of Melrose Park

A less crowded version of the Taste of Chicago with inexpensive food and free entertainment! There are so many diverse local restaurants to try out. Chicago is a city with so many food options that it is hard to choose a restaurant. Take advantage of this opportunity to sample a bit of everything. Highly recommended!

Address: 1000 N 25th Ave Melrose Park, IL 60160
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24. Test out a local restaurant (or two)

Chicago is a city where locals are passionate about their food. Chicago is known for deep dish pizza, hot dogs, Italian beef, Polish food, and more. Portillo’s, Lou Malnati’s, and Giordano’s are a few popular tourist and local favorites. I have listed the address below for the city locations (you can also find locations spread throughout the suburbs).

Portillo’s Chicago
Address: 100 W Ontario St  Chicago, IL 60654

Lou Malnati’s
Address: 1120 N State St Chicago, IL

25. Take a scenic boat ride.

Nothing says summer quite like some time on the water. Chicago offers no shortage of touristy boat rides, from architecture photography cruises to relaxing sunset cruises. In addition, a variety of lunch and dinner cruises take off from Navy Pier. On a tight budget? The Chicago Water Taxi is a budget-friendly & scenic means of transportation which doubles as a sightseeing activity. An all day ticket will only set you back 8 bucks.

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Boat ride views on The Chicago Lakefront Path

What are some of your favorite summertime activities in Chicago?