The Cape Cod canal biking path

Yesterday morning, we took a 14 mile long bike ride along the Cape Cod Canal Bike Trail in Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts. This scenic path runs along the Cape Cod Canal through the towns of Bourne and Sagamore. The beautiful mid-80s temperature made for a great late summer exercise opportunity. This trail is a fantastic choice for a free, fun, and scenic day out on your trip to Cape Cod.

Cape Cod Canal bike path water views

Last time we did this path (about 9 months ago), we weren’t that impressed. However, this could have been due to the cold weather, barren trees, and inactivity on the path. A summer ride on the path was much more lively and scenic. The trees were green, lots of people were exercising, and the weather was perfect.

Sagamore Bridge

There are great views the entire length of the path, especially of the Sagamore Bridge. Sagamore Bridge carries US Route 6 across the canal, connecting Cape Cod with the mainland.

View of the Sagamore Bridge from the Cape Cod Canal Path
The Sagamore bridge in Cape Cod

Along the way we also saw a few tugboats, which was pretty neat. There are plenty of great spots for taking photographs. In addition, you will find plenty of benches for taking a break and/or taking in this scenic water views.

Tugboat seen on Cape Cod Canal bike path

A smooth & scenic ride

The path is paved, well maintained, and pretty quiet (we couldn’t hear any traffic noise). The bike traffic along the path was pretty spaced out, making for a smooth ride.

Completing the first 10 miles was relatively easy – flat, with not much wind resistance. The last 4 miles were incredibly windy- we really got in our leg workout for the day!

Biking the Cape Cod canal path

The path is 7 miles each way. To me, 14 miles is the perfect distance – long enough for a decent workout, but not exhausting like some of the other 30-50 mile paths we have completed. The views at the end of the path are quite scenic. In the picture below you can see the tugboat arriving.

Scenic views at the end of the Cape Cod Canal Path

For those who prefer to relax

For those who prefer to relax, there are plenty of picnic tables and shady spots to take in the beautiful scenery. Many people were just sitting out relaxing with their beach chairs, coolers, and reading material. You can either sit down by the bike path in the grassy area between the path and water, or on top by the picnic tables. Lots of wildlife inhabit the canal including seals which occasionally make an appearance. Also, it’s a great bird watching destination with ospreys sighted frequently during the summer months.

I would definitely add the Cape Cod Canal Path to your list of Cape Cod vacation activities. Whether you feel like taking a bike ride, jog, walk, or just relaxing, you are bound to have a great afternoon.

Scusset Beach

This beautiful beach is located at the end of the trail. Highlights include 1.5 mile long of shoreline (great for a walk) and plenty of seaglass. A great place to take a break after all that riding!

Scusset Beach in Cape Cod

Biking path/Beach Parking Info

There is a large, free lot located at Scenic Highway in Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts. This is at the 3.5 mile marker along the trail. We started at this marker and biked 3.5 miles to one end, 6.5 miles to the other end, and then turned around and completed the last windy 3.5 miles back to our car. You will have to carry you bike down a small flight of stairs. There are other parking lots, however, this lot is the largest with the closest access to the path.

Beautiful scenery at the end of the Cape Cod Canal bike path

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