The Raynham Flea Market is a year-round New England flea market that takes place in Southeast Massachusetts. It is open every Sunday from 8:00am-5:00pm (Thanksgiving-Christmas they are also open on Saturdays). Admission is $1 per person (50 cents if you arrive before 9am). We received a free ticket to come back next week, so 2 visits for $1 isn’t bad.

I wasn’t too impressed with this flea market – there are billboards and signs for it everywhere, yet it didn’t feel like there was much of a selection inside. I found a few good items but nothing spectacular. I found an old refurbished NES system including controllers and Super Mario Brothers 1 and Duck Hunt game for $60. This vendor carries a wide selection of NES games which are moderately priced ($3-10). There was also a vendor that carried a ton of bathroom supplies – all priced at a dollar or two. I stocked up on a few essentials here.

It seemed like most of the vendors were selling old junk that was overpriced. Everything seemed really expensive to me, almost like an overpriced garage sale. If you are a big collector, you can probably sort through the junk and find a few treasures. There are lots of records, movies, music, etc. if that is your interest. If you are in the area with nothing to do it might be worth browsing around since it is so cheap to get in (free parking too). All in all, I was not too impressed by the selection here; a few good finds (good selection of video games), but not sure that I will make a repeat visit to the Raynham Flea Market anytime soon.


Raynham Flea Market
1 Judson St
Raynham, MA 02767

While you are in the vicinity, I recommend checking out Myles Standish State Forest, a beautiful natural recreation area home to dozens of miles of hiking and biking trails. The park is a quick 30 min drive from Raynham and worth the drive!

Fall bike ride at Myles Standish State Forest