A few beautiful pics from the Pine Creek Trail







Climbing over big boulders on the Pine Creek trail at Tonto Natural Bridge State Park

A view o some of the big rocks you will have to maneuver across along the Pine Creek trail.

For all your effort climbing over these slippery, slightly treacherous rocks, you will be rewarded with some of the most outstanding views in all of Arizona. From the Pine Trail, you will have access to the most picture perfect view of the bridge, waterfall, and creek.



The journey along Pine Creek is rustic and peaceful, and the ending scenery like a scene out of The Goonies movie. If you are up for a time consuming hike with lots of climbing, sliding town rocks, skipping stones across the creek, then the adventurous Pine Creek trail will be lots of fun. For any adventure lovers and outdoor buffs out there, the Pine Creek trail is an absolute blast – so much more exciting than an ordinary trail! It makes the pricey entrance fee well worth it in the end.

After making it across the creek, relax and take in more gorgeous views from the observing area. Instead of going all the way back the way you came, you can simply connect to the 1/2 mile Gowan trail. It’s a steep climb up, however, much faster and less of a hassle then going back the way you came.

All in all, the Pine Creek trail is the highlight within this park, and well worth it for the up close view of this geologic wonder – pics really do no justice. Getting to the bridge via the Pine Creek trail is a really memorable experience that will lead you with a lifetime of memories and wonderful pictures!