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Sedona Restaurants

It's hard to believe that Sedona, one of the most breathtaking natural areas in the country, was once a sleepy hiking oasis with barely any business. However, as the area became more and more popular with nature lovers and fitness buffs, the need for more restaurants, attractions and activities eventually arose.

More and more businesses have been steadily sprouting up all over the region. In just 10 years, the area is barely recognizable from the Sedona of the past. Although this means more traffic, oftentimes hindered views, and a lost of some of the natural appeal, it also means more restaurant options after your hikes and outdoor adventures.

To accommodate hikers and outdoor lovers, many of the restaurants tend to go with the casual and laid-back theme, providing a much needed relaxed dining vibe after spending all day outdoors. These options are great as you can come in right off the trail without feeling strange or under dressed.

Aside from the numerous casual choices, there are still a handful of fancy restaurants for those who prefer to dress up and enjoy an elegant night out on the town.

As in all tourist locations, one can easily get bombarded with too many choices. Should you go with the tourist favorite or a unique local establishment? Some tourist choices tend to be overhyped, while some local restaurants just do not offer the setting you are looking for on vacation.

To help you avoid wasting your vacation time choosing a restaurant, here are 10 must try dining options to add to your Sedona itinerary. You'll find everything from casual cafes, to elegant fine dining options, along with the restaurants with the most scenic outdoor patios in the area. Enjoy the list and enjoy your time in Sedona!
  • 1. Indian Gardens
    Indian Gardens
    3951 AZ-89A, , 86336
    Indian Gardens, a casual cafe serving breakfast & lunch 7 days a week, is located on scenic Oak Creek Canyon drive, one of the most spectacular drives in the country. Aside from offering the most delicious & diverse breakfast food in the area (try the Grains and Greens Bowl & the Breakfast burrito), Indian Gardens offers a full espresso bar. The coffee drinks here are by far the best in the area, plus they offers organic and fair trade options, all of which are locally roasted.

    The highlight of a visit to Indian Gardens is relaxing in the beautifully landscaped outdoor garden patio. As you treat yourself to a delicious breakfast entree, you'll hear birds chirping and enjoy serene red rock views. It's a very natural setting which fits in just perfectly with the hiking/outdoorsy nature of the town.

    The convenient early hours (opening at 7:30am everyday) makes this cafe the perfect place to fuel up before any area hike. The relaxing vibe, filling breakfast options, and tasty espresso drinks, really will start your morning off on a high note, something you definitely need before embarking on your intense outdoor adventures! Setting out early for your Sedona hike is a must during the busy and hot summer season.

    For those traveling from Flagstaff, a recommended itinerary for a fantastic day out in Sedona is to take a scenic early morning drive down Oak Creek Canyon, enjoy a beautiful breakfast at Indian Gardens, and then check out Devil's Bridge, one of the most visually spectacular Sedona hikes.
  • 2. Cucina Rustica
    Cucina Rustica
    7000 AZ-179 #126A, , 86351
    Cucina Rustica is your best bet for quality Italian cuisine in the Sedona area. It's also one of the few fine dining choices in town. Chef Lisa Dahl, famous for her "Elixir of Life" cookbook, owns 4 Sedona restaurants, 3 of which are the main fine dining options in town.

    The best of these restaurants is Cucina Rustica, an elegant, yet friendly Italian restaurant, which comes in as a nice surprise in an area not known for authentic, quality Italian cuisine. If you have tried any Italian food in Northern Arizona, you will be in for a real treat at Cucina.

    Featuring a delicious menu of traditional Italian fare along with a few specialties (try the Fettuccine Primavera Al Pesto), amazing service, and a gorgeously decorated dining room and beautifully landscaped outdoor patio, Cucina is the place to go for a great meal, as well as a fabulous dining experience in Sedona.

    Treat yourself to a wonderful meal, whether to celebrate a special occasion, or simply reward yourself for putting your body through all those rough hikes! And be sure to try out the tasty Dessert Sampler as the ultimate reward!

    You are sure to be satisfied with the charming ambiance, service, and exquisite home-cooked foods at Cucina.
  • 3. Chocolatree
    1595 W. State Rte 89a, , 86336
    Chocolatree is the area's only 100% organic restaurant. The menu is entirely gluten and grain free, and most items are also vegan. Anyone following a gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan diet should truly be impressed with the diversity of options available. Attempting to find allergy friendly selections while on vacation is often an impossible feat, luckily this is not the case at Chocolatree!

    Highlights on Chocolatree's menu include the Sedona 2012 wrap (a tasty homemade tomato tortilla wrap stuffed with all sorts of veggies, potatoes, quinoa, vegan cashew based cheddar, guacamole, hot sauce, honey mustard, wild rice, and mushroom sauce). It really is the perfect filling entree after a long morning of hiking! Other great choices include the vegan Saag Paneer, an Indian dish consisting of a spinach based curry over basmati rice, and the rich Chocolate and Maca Smoothie.

    Chocolatree offers both raw and hot cooked foods, including appetizers and a pretty diverse selection of desserts. They are perhaps most well known for their chocolate treats, hence the name. With an on-site chocolate shop, there are always new and interesting treats to try out. It would be very difficult not to pick up at least one truffle on your way out the door!

    Although the food is terrific, the highlight of a visit to Chocolatree is relaxing outside on the garden patio. With cozy seating, hammocks, lush landscaping, relaxing fountains, and plenty of shade, this outdoor patio truly is an oasis in the desert. And, hands down, the most relaxing outdoor seating area in all of Sedona.

    For a healthy meal, in a totally relaxing, zen-like setting, look no further than Chocolatetree, Northern Arizona's premiere organic & allergy friendly establishment.
  • 4. The Hudson
    The Hudson
    671 AZ-179, , 86336
    The Hudson, one of Sedona's newest restaurant additions, is the place to go if you are seeking the best views of Sedona's amazing red rock formations. Featuring the most stunning views of any restaurant, along with quality food and service, the dining experience at The Hudson is hard to match.

    Oftentimes, if you dine somewhere for the great views, you have to be willing to sacrifice in other areas. Fortunately, this is not the case with The Hudson, as you do not have to sacrifice in the food or service department to enjoy the views. Plus, the pricing here is pretty affordable, considering the prime location.

    The menu at the Hudson is eclectic, with a little something for every taste, whether you are craving a healthy veggie loaded salad, a basic burger, or something a bit more unique like a specialty Butternut Squash Ravioli pasta.

    The Butternut Squash Ravioli, topped with lots of veggies and a homemade cream sauce, is definitely the must try here. For appetizers, the creamy Spinach artichoke dip served with crispy tortilla chips, is hard to beat.

    The Hudson offers some of the best Happy Hour deals in town, with special priced appetizers and drinks from 4-7pm daily.

    The Hudson is one of those rare restaurants which offers quality service and a trendy, elegant ambiance without feeling overly stuffy, therefore, making it a nice choice for nearly everyone.

    For a quality chef inspired meal, combined with stellar service and the best restaurant views in Sedona, head right over to the Hudson for a relaxing low-key lunch.
  • 5. Miley's Cafe
    Miley's Cafe
    7000 AZ-179 Suite 108, , 86351
    Miley's Cafe, is one of those excellent reliable comfort food cafes, which you find yourself returning to over and over again for the consistency, tasty home-cooked deliciousness, and laid-back friendly setting.

    Offering an extensive menu of both American and Mexican favorites, it truly is a unique cafe as everyone in your party can choose what they want based on their particular mood. Whether you want a basic burger or grilled cheese, or a delicious home-cooked Mexican meal, you will find it on Miley's extensive menu.

    Trying out something from the Mexican menu is a must as the Mexican food here is amongst the most delicious & authentic in Northern Arizona. The spinach and cheese enchiladas and the perfectly made chimichangas alone warrant a second visit. Both will have you licking your plate clean wishing for more!

    Staff is friendly and the owner always comes over to ensure each guest is satisfied - a rare thing in Sedona.

    The setting at Miley is simplistic, laid-back, and quiet, making it the perfect choice for a filling breakfast before your hike or a refueling lunch after your hike.

    Miley's is located in the Village of Oak Creek, nearby some top trails like Cathedral Rock and Little Horse. These trails are definite worthy of a visit and so is Miley's!
  • 6. Creekside Sedona
    Creekside Sedona
    251 Hwy 179, , 86336
    Creekside Sedona is a wonderful breakfast choice for anyone looking for a classy, relaxed, non rushed ambiance, complete with extraordinary views. A diverse breakfast menu (with plenty of vegetarian and gluten-free options), great service, and a beautiful outdoor patio, make this a great choice for anyone seeking a relaxing, leisurely weekend brunch experience.

    Chef Mohr, who has opened many restaurants including one at an Omni and Four Seasons Resort, has been the recipient of numerous awards. Creekside uses as many local and organic ingredients as possible, ensuring that your money is going towards a fresh, healthier meal.

    Breakfast is the best time to visit as the setting is a bit quieter, temps are nicer for sitting outside, and the menu is pretty spectacular. Try the Sedona Scramble! Visit during Happy Hours, offered daily from 4-6:30pm, for some excellent appetizer and drink specials!

    Service is classy and prompt, without being too intrusive. You can relax on the outdoor patio as long as you like without being bothered. During the cooler spring and fall months, the weather is just perfect for patio dining, while in the warmer summer months, you can basically have the entire area to yourself if you are willing to put up with the heat.
  • 7. Bella Vita Ristorante
    Bella Vita Ristorante
    6701 AZ-89A, , 86336
    Bella Vita is another excellent fine dining option in Sedona. Like Cucina Rustica, Bella Vita offers a wonderful menu of authentic Italian fare and the chef makes fresh homemade pasta daily. Pappardelle Funghi, a pasta dished topped with lots and lots of wild mushrooms and a delicate creamy truffle based sauce, really is the standout here. For dessert, the Flourless Chocolate Cake is the perfect ending to a great meal. And the homemade focaccia, served with a tasty olive oil dip, definitely starts the meal off on a high note.

    Although not as outlandish in decor as Cucina, Bella offers a cozier, more local ambiance, thanks in part to being located far away from the hustle and bustle of Uptown. This restaurant is located in the low key Sedona Pines Resort, just outside town.

    For an elegant Italian dining experience, minus the insane tourist crowds, head over to Bella Vita where you will be treated to Italian classics and exceptional service in an attractive old-fashioned & classy setting.

  • 8. El Rincon
    El Rincon
    336 Arizona 179, , 86336
    El Rincon is a terrific Southwestern restaurant located in Sedona's beautiful Tlaquepaque Village, home to shops, galleries, restaurants, and beautiful landscaped gardens. The unique menu at El Rincon, featuring Native American and Southwestern specialties, makes it a really nice choice for anyone who wants to try something a bit different than the standard Mexican offerings.

    The Najavo Pizza, a delicious sopaipilla based crust topped with refried beans, cheese, veggies, and red or green chile is a must try.

    El Rincon specializes in Arizona style Mexican cuisine so you will find special variations on traditional Mexican cuisine, such as sopaipilla based chimichangas topped with red or green chile, and served enchilada style. In addition, many of the dishes use blue corn as a base. The menu is very extensive, with a little something for everyone.

    For dessert, the dessert style chimichanga is a nice unique selection.

    Although pricing is quite high for Mexican style cuisine, you really receive a good value for your money, which is not the case in all pricey Sedona restaurants. For one, the cuisine is authentic as opposed to American style Tex Mex food. Also, the service is much better than many area restaurants. And most importantly, the charming ambiance including a beautiful dining area and a relaxing, heavily landscaped garden patio, make dinner at El Rincon an experience, rather than just a simple meal.

    For a truly unique Southwestern style meal in a beautiful setting, plan on making reservation for dinner at El Rincon one night.

  • 9. Hideaway House
    Hideaway House
    231 AZ-179, , 86336
    Hideaway House is one of those rare touristy restaurants in which the food is actually pretty decent. This restaurants is pretty popular with visitors due to the fabulous views from the attractive 2 floor patio and convenient location along 179.

    Hideaway specializes in "Curious Country Italian," and offers lots of comforting Italian favorites like pizza, pasta, and various appetizers. Everything is made from scratch and delicious. A few great choices include the Garlic Blossom Bread and the minestrone soup served with mini grilled cheese. The pizza here is also a real hit, definitely amongst the best in Northern Arizona.

    Hideaway is comfort food at its' best in Sedona. A meal here really hits the spot after a hard morning hike. Offering a bit healthier, homemade version of your favorite tasty Italian treats, Hideaway is a great place to splurge on some carbs (without feeling too guilty) after a hard Sedona workout on the trails.

    So relax, soak in the tremendous views, and enjoy some treats, all while recovering from a beautiful, yet exhausting walk through one of the country's most gorgeous and unusual landscapes.

  • 10. Pisa Lisa
    Pisa Lisa
    2245 AZ-89A, , 86336
    Pisa Lisa is the best place to go for pizza in Sedona. This is another one of Lisa Dahl's creations, although the casual ambiance makes it an even better choice for hikers and tourists who want to enjoy a no-fuss, laid-back lunch.

    A variety of Neapolitan style wood-fired pizzas encompass the menu with numerous veggie packed options for those desiring a lunch that is a bit healthier. The Primo Portobello is one particularly delicious choice. For any vegans out there, you must try the wonderful Deluxe Semplice. This dairy-free pie includes olive tapenade, grilled eggplant, artichoke hearts, along with arugula and pine-nuts. It's the best vegan pizza I've ever tried.

    Salads, paninis, and authentic homemade gelato also available.

    The decor is simple, yet aesthetically attractive. This is the perfect place to relax and enjoy some carbs following a hard hike. Treat yourself to a scoop of gelato after your meal!