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Glen Junction Family Restaurant

U.S. 302
Glen, NH 03838
Five Stars
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Glen Junction Family Restaurant is a good stop to take in a hearty breakfast in between winter activities in the North Conway or Jackson New Hampshire areas.

My boyfriend and I had a reservation for a sleigh ride at Nestlenook Farms in Jackson and had an extra 2 hours to spare. We found this restaurant on the GPS and decided to try it out.


We both ordered from the breakfast menu. I had a veggie omelet and my boyfriend had a burrito with a blueberry muffin. The muffin was enormous as were the rest of the portions. I could not finish my omelet, but it sure was delicious. I recommend looking the brochures at your hotel if you are staying in the area. We found a coupon for 10% off on the back of one of the flyers. Price Menu


The waitress was just alright. She seemed really busy (the restaurant was packed) and I think she was juggling too many tables at once. This meant we didn't receive as much personalized service as we would have had it not been busy.


I didn't like the cramped dining area - I felt like we were sitting right on top of the next table. I hate those restaurants where you feel like you can't talk because everyone can hear your conversation. On a positive note, the train that goes around the tracks near the ceiling is cute.

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Final Remarks

Glen Junction Family Restaurant is a good stop if you are in the area and need a quick meal to pass up some times. If you like trains, you will love the atmosphere inside.

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