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From Scratch Restaurant

3626 The Barnyard
Carmel, CA 03626
(831) 625-2448
Five Stars
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From Scratch Restaurant is located in The Barnyard Shopping Village in Carmel, California and serves breakfast and lunch. I stopped in here on a trip up the California coast after reading multiple good reviews. It was a beautiful day outside and I wanted to dine here because they have a gorgeous outdoor patio, which would be a treat after being in the car for hours on end.


Breakfast is served all day, from 8am until 2pm. You will find a bit of everything here including omelets, skillets, benedicts, pancakes and French toast. Pancake options include Blueberry, Cinnamon roll, and Banana Walnut. The restaurant was featured on Season 21, Episode 3 of Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives. Consider ordering what Guy ate (the Triple D sampler plate).

I enjoyed a delicious veggie omelet and potatoes. I also ordered a smoothie, and it was probably the best one I have ever had. Everything tasted fresh and homemade. Mike also enjoyed his meal (a chicken omelette). The portions are very small, but the food is excellent and it filled me up until dinner time. The prices are more expensive than an ordinary family restaurant, but the homemade cooking and outdoor seating make up for the higher cost.


Service was horrendous and this is a shame considering the perfect food and atmosphere. It was the worst service I have ever experienced. The waitress never came back after she brought our food out. The waitress never brought out our jelly; I had to go in and ask behind the bar myself. Then, she never brought drink refills, and I had to go inside and ask for them myself (after at least 15 minutes).

She was extremely slow. When I walked inside, I saw her sitting around talking with other coworkers! The service was so bad that I complained to the owner. The owner apologized and said they knew who the server was and that she had many complaints against her. The owner said that they were working out the problem. I am glad that the owner had the courtesy to respond back to me.


This restaurant is nicely hid in the back of the shopping plaza. The outdoor seating area is gorgeous. What a fantastic place to enjoy a meal on a mild spring day!

Final Remarks

It is a shame that I had such a bad waitress on my visit. I can't help thinking that my experience would have been much more pleasant with a different waiter. Even though the food and setting were great, the horrible service would likely prevent me from ever returning.

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