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487 Cambridge St
Allston, MA 02134
(617) 208-6091
Five Stars
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Root, an all vegan cafe in Allston, is the perfect choice for a light, nutritious lunch. Vegan restaurants are hard enough to find, especially those which serve quality food at reasonable prices. Root, located just 15 minutes from downtown, is a perfect stop before or after a day out in Boston.

  • Root Restaurant Preview
  • Root Restaurant Preview


Root's menu consists of an assortment of fresh, delicious choices, such as: salads, wraps, and light appetizers. Even those with strict allergies (gluten, soy) will be able to find something on the menu, which is conveniently marked according to allergens.

Root mixes eclectic menu choices with vegan variations on traditional favorites (i.e.vegan wraps and burgers, vegan sweet potato quesadillas).

So many tempting choices on the menu, although the Macro Bowl particularly stands out. The combination of kale, garbanzo beans, carrots, quinoa, and avocado really turned out to be a tasty combo. The variety of 3 different sauces (nori, gochujang aioli, and a citrus miso vinaigrette) made the meal even better.

The torta consisting of smashed black beans, avocado, pickled onions, tomato, and jalapeno on an Iggy's bun was a wise choice as well. The herbed fries are also delicious!

Fresh juiced drinks featuring powerhouses like kale, oranges, beets, and sweet potatoes are available for those looking for a liquid meal.

Root Restaurant Menu


Service was friendly and food was brought out quickly.


The one area Root is lacking is in the design department. The cafe is pretty plain with not much decor or seating space. It definitely could be spruced up a bit.

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Final Remarks

Overall, Root was a great experience. Great food, reasonable prices, and easy to get to (no need to pay for a parking garage as there is side street parking available). Take a chance, vegan or not, for a delicious lunch at Root. Either way, you are bound to walk away with a new favorite dish!

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