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Blue Plate Diner

665 W Main Rd
Middletown, RI 02842
(401) 848-9500
Five Stars
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Blue Plate Dinner is a fun 50's style diner with a modern twist. Located in Middletown, RI, this diner is the perfect stop for travelers on their way to/from Newport. It has been rated Newport County's Best Diner since 2009. After my visit, I am not surprised!

I was impressed with the great menu, cheerful service, and colorful indoor theme.

  • Blue Plate Diner Restaurant Preview
  • Blue Plate Diner Restaurant Preview


Blue Plate diner is the place for breakfast in the Middletown/Newport area. I love that everything at Blue Plate Diner is made from scratch - who knows what you are getting at some other diners? At Blue Plate, they use local eggs and seafood for their dishes.

Blue Plate serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I decided to order from the breakfast menu, while Mike chose a sandwich on the lunch menu. This award- winning diner offers a large menu with a little something for everyone.

The "California Omelette" was a delicious medley of sautéed mushrooms, tomato, onion, and avocado, served with sour cream and cheese. The meal also included toast. This is the first place I have seen that does not serve hash browns with their omelets, however, the omelet was more than enough to fill me up.

Mike ordered the "Grown Up Grilled Cheese," which included 3 different types of cheese (Buffalo Mozzarella, Cheddar, and Swiss) along with tomato and pesto. He was very pleased with his choice.

Fortunately, breakfast is served all day so no need to set the alarm clock! Of course, if you are craving something a bit more filling, the full menu is offered after 11am.

Prices here are very reasonable especially considering the use of healthier ingredients.


Our waitress was one of the most cheerful I have seen a long time, especially in the New England area. She seemed very happy to be working, which always puts everyone else in a good mood.


The highlight of this restaurant for me was the unique 50's diner/modern restaurant fusion look. I loved that they kept the traditional aspect of a 50's diner like the classic diner bar counter and jukebox, but also used modern design colors and architecture. I was pleased with the sharp, stylish design.

There are a few really funny slogans on the ceiling with sayings such as "Thou shall not worship golden arches" and "Thou shall not eat fast food." Blue Plate is basically the exact opposite of a standard chain, offering more healthy choices and a unique dining ambiance than you would never find at a fast food joint.

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Final Remarks

I would definitely dine at Blue Plate Diner again. I loved the old-fashioned diner theme and fresh breakfast entrees. The stellar service and food both warrant a return visit.

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