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Mamma Luisa Ristorante Italiano

673 Thames Street
Newport, RI 02840
(401) 848-5257
Five Stars
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Mamma Luisa's is a fantastic local Italian restaurant on historic Thames Street in Newport, Rhode Island. Our stop here for dinner was the perfect choice for a romantic night out. I recommend Mamma Luisa for date nights, celebrations, and other special events.


The food at Mamma Luisa was wonderful. I was so excited to find Butternut Squash Ravlioli on the menu as it is one of my favorite dishes and very hard to find! It did not disappoint! I can't wait to try a similar recipe myself at home.

My boyfriend ordered a specialty pasta dish, which consisted of pasta tossed with olive oil, garlic, mushroom, black olives, and some crushed red pepper to add a little spice. We both tried each others dished and decided they were both equally fantastic! Prices are reasonable for the quality of the home-cooked entrees. To view the full menu, including prices, click here
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Service was friendly and professional. Our service was knowledgeable about the menu and quick to offer suggestions. Service definitely makes a huge difference in your restaurant experience!


The atmosphere inside is perfect with a casual, comfortable, dining at home feeling. The decor has a serene, garden like elegance. This is a small, quiet, restaurant which is perfect for dates and special occasions. I prefer to dine at the cozier, more personal Italian restaurants.

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Final Remarks

I would highly recommend visiting Mamma Luisa Italian Ristorante. You will be treated with impeccable service while enjoying an authentic, homecooked meal alongside a cozy dining room.

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