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Hard Rock Cafe

22-24 Clinton St
Boston, MA 02109
Five Stars
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One of my favorite touristy type restaurants, I am always anxious to try out any new Hard Rock Cafe locations across the country. I have been collecting all the glasses for several years. I now have about 15!

After spending the afternoon walking around Boston's Faneuil Hall Markeplace, we decided to check out the Hard Rock Cafe for a light lunch. This Hard Rock is conveniently located right next to all the other restaurants and shops, so it makes for a good stop if you are shopping in Faneuil Hall Marketplace.


We usually order an entree, however, on this visit we just went with the "Jumbo Combo" and a few milkshakes. It was extremely hot outside and we didn't feel like consuming a huge meal.

The combo appetizer is well worth the 20 bucks. We get this appetizer at every Hard Rock. It includes loaded potato skins, onion rings, spring rolls, chicken tenders, and buffalo wings. Very good! The Ben and Jerry's milkshake was also a treat on a hot day!

Hard Rock Cafe Boston Menu


I thought the service was below par at this location. Our waitress was very slow and was not very friendly. It felt like we were at a Chilis or Applebees, instead of a touristy theme restaurant. The waiters didn't seem to put as much effort into the serving experience at this particular location.


This Hard Rock location is a bit smaller than some of the others we have visited. It also seems to lack the ambiance and collection of rock memorabilia. This location did not feel as touristy and upbeat as others.

The modern looking bar is cool, but the rest of the restaurant could use a bit more decor and memorabilia. As usual, music was playing in the background, which adds to the atmosphere.

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Final Remarks

Hard Rock Cafe Boston is one of the most mundane out of all the locations I have visited. I am glad that I visited once to collect another glass, but I likely will not be back at this location anytime soon.

I only recommend this Hard Rock location to die-hard fans who collect the souvenirs. To everyone else, you are better off visiting a more exciting Hard Rock with better decor and service.

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