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Hot Chocolate Sparrow

26 Main Street
Orleans, MA 02653
(508) 240-2230
Five Stars
Main Photo

Everything looks delicious was the first thing Mike and I thought walking into the Hot Chocolate Sparrow. After a long 22 mile bike ride on the Cape Cod Rail Trail, we were looking forward to something sweet...and boy were we in luck with this place as it was loaded with all kinds of treats!


We both ordered an ice cream cone - I had the chocolate chip and Mike ordered the cookie dough. They were fantastic, in fact, probably the best ice cream I have ever tasted! I would probably drive back again just to get the ice cream.

I am usually not the biggest fan of sweets, but even my mouth was watering at all the candy, fudge, pastries, and other treats available at the counter and in the shop. Also, there is a coffee and candy bar. Smoothies, sandwiches, and other treats are available.

There is a small gift shop with souvenirs and pre-packaged candies available for purchase. We were definitely tempted to buy some candy, but couldn't take any with us on the bike - maybe next time!


At Hot Chocolate Sparrow, you just place your order at the counter and wait to pick it up. We were provided with pretty quick service considering the busy atmosphere.


Hot Chocolate Sparrow is a local dessert shop/coffeehouse. It looks like a comfortable place to hang out for a while with a drink or snack, however, since it was a nice day out we ate our ice cream outside.

Final Remarks

I would definitely make another visit to Hot Chocolate Sparrow. On my next visit, I will definitely get another ice cream and perhaps try out a coffee or sandwich. If you are in the mood for some delicious treats in Cape Cod, then this is the place to go!

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