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The Cabin

114 E Grove Street
Middleboro, MA 02346
(508) 947-8590
Five Stars
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The Cabin is a cozy local restaurant in Middleboro, Massachusetts. This restaurant is a great choice for those looking for a good meal served in a comfortable environment with friendly, personable service. We found out about this restaurant through family who have lived in the area for many years. We have been back here several times when visiting family members in the region.

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  • The Cabin Restaurant Preview
  • The Cabin Restaurant Preview
  • The Cabin Restaurant Preview


The Cabin has been a favorite of locals since the 1940's, and with the great menu, service, and ambiance, this really does not come as a surprise. While quality seafood is what brings most in, The Cabin actually offers a nice diversity of menu options including stone oven pizzas, pastas, appetizers, sandwiches, and more. They offer an assortment of gluten-free fare for those with allergies/intolerances to wheat.

For our appetizer we went with the Cabin Combo, a totally tasty (and unhealthy!) plate of French fries, chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks, and potato skins. I normally try to stay away from fried foods, so this was a nice treat for me!

We also tested out the Clam Chowder, which was delicious! The Fresh Haddock plate (which includes 2 sides) was fantastic as well. The real surprise here was a delicious Alfredo pizza topped with chicken, broccoli, and spinach.

They always have a number of fantastic specials on the lineup. On one occasion, we ordered the special of the day, a pesto pasta with shrimp. The serving was humongous - I had leftovers for 2 days! The pizza specials are always great as well. On another occasion, we treated ourselves to the macaroni & cheese special - sounds a bit strange, but really a winning combination!

This is now our favorite restaurant whenever we visit family in the Middleboro area. The food is great and the prices very reasonable. The cozy atmosphere and great service just makes the meal even more memorable.


Our waitress was enthusiastic and personable, which was a nice change from service we have received in restaurants in surrounding areas. Also, an older man who works there came out into the dining room and sang a song for cute!

The manager was walking around greeting all guests and ensuring that everyone enjoyed their meals. This is something that does not happen much anymore today, and thus, truly appreciated.


The dining room is very small, however, it has that cozy, woodsy type charm which you typically only find in mountainous areas. The decor is log cabin themed with a nice laid-back country vibe. I had the feeling of being in a rustic restaurant in an isolated town in New Hampshire or Vermont, which was a refreshing change from the hectic nature of downtown Boston.

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Final Remarks

I would definitely recommend dining at The Cabin for those who are visiting Plymouth County. If you are seeking a friendly, home-style restaurant serving fresh seafood and comfort fare, you will find it at The Cabin.

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