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Merrill Farm Inn
428 White Mountain Highway
North Conway, NH 03860
(603) 447-3866
Five Stars
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Date of Visit: 11/30/-0001

Merrill Farm Inn is a New England bed and breakfast located in the scenic town of North Conway, New Hampshire. There is a big ski resort right in town called Cranmore Ski Mountain.

I found out about this inn through a Groupon deal. Ironically, I did not end up purchasing the Groupon (because it was only good on weekdays) and ended up booking online through the website.

I was looking forward to a quiet winter getaway away from the city. Unfortunately, the pictures online make it look like it is in the middle of nowhere when in actuality it is located right off the main highway!


The hotel looks a bit dumpy from the outside, sort of like an old motel. I was dissapointed because the pictures online show lots of gorgeous pines, hereby giving the impression that it is in a secluded setting, not directly on the main road. Too bad, as I was expecting a more rustic area.


Amenities provided at this inn include: breakfast, cider and cookies in the afternoon, a fitness center, a hot tub (extra $5 fee), outdoor pool (seasonal), canoe rentals (seasonal), sauna, game room, and 24 hour coffee.

I was dissapointed that there was a $5 charge to use the hot tub. We had already paid $115 for the room and was surprised that you had to pay extra - I have never heard of paying extra to use a hotel's hot tub. Plus, the hot tub was mentioned on their website as an amenity and nothing was said about an extra fee. In the end, we ended up forking over the money and were quite pleased.

The hot tub is located in a separate room which you can book for an hour max. It is a newer hot tub and it looked very clean. One negative was that the temperature was too mild and there was no way to adjust it because it was pre-set at 104 degrees. I like hot tubs to be a little warmer especially after being outside in the winter weather.

The continental breakfast was not bad, but nothing spectacular. It included a few light options such as muffins, oatmeal, orange juice, toast, milk, and fruit. I was expecting more from a bed and breakfast place. I thought there would be at least a few hot options.

The afternoon cookie time was a treat after being out in the snow. From 3:30 to 5:30 pm, homemade chocolate chip cookies and hot cider are provided.

The fitness room was atrocious and included barely any equipment, and nothing that looked like it was purchased within the last 10 years. As for the sauna, it was already so dry due to the winter weather so we skipped and used the hot tub instead.

The game room was nice. Here you will find everything including traditional favorites like Monopoly and Scrabble. Lots of cozy couches and tables are available for your convenience.

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  • Merrill Farm Inn Hotel Preview
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  • Merrill Farm Inn Hotel Preview
  • Merrill Farm Inn Hotel Preview


We paid $119 for one night in a standard inn room, and also an additional $5 to use the hot tub. Rates range from $92 during the fall value season to $128 for the fall foliage season. Check the website for rates based on your intended travel dates.

In addition to the standard 1 bedroom inn rooms, there are also loft suites and cabin rentals.


We lucked out and got the only room which has a gas burning wood stove. The room had a nice rustic feeling too it, but I was still expecting more. More mountain decor for the winter season would have been appreciated.

The walls had nice wood paneling, however, the TV was small and the bathroom was small and outdated. The shower head was very short; my boyfriend is a tall guy and he could barely take a shower. Outside the window we only had a view of the parking lot. I was hoping for a view of trees, a stream, mountains maybe...but definitely not a parking lot!

Final Remarks

Merrill Farm Inn was an okay stay for just one night. If I was going on a longer trip, I would definitely book a nicer place with better views and amenities. Driving around North Conway, I saw a lot of inns and resorts that looked a lot nicer than Merrill Farm.

There are a lot of inns and resorts around North Conway because of the large outlet mall, Cranmore Mountain Resort and the abundance of other winter activities located in the area. It is a great place to spend a weekend, however, I think you can do better than this inn for the same price.

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